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    Is distance education a good option?

    Confused of choosing between Master's degree in Distant education Mode vs Regular? Check this ISC page to know about this from our experts.

    I have just completed my Bachelor's degree in graphics and animation this year. Because of some family problems I can't attend college and internship or training for about 1 year as I am busy all weekdays except weekends. I have to do MBA in future as I planned. Is it a good idea to get admission in a distance education colleges course. If yes, then which course will be good for me to do Master's in Psychology or English? As I have planned not to make career in Animation.
    Please suggest.
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  • From your query it is not clear whether you have some strength in Psychology or English or not and whether you had these subjects somewhere during your education till your Bachelors. I assume that at some stage you have read these subjects and you have an aptitude for them.

    Anyway, this is only my guess and what I will suggest is if you have interest and aptitude for these two subjects then select one of them for your Masters and start preparing for it with full zeal and vigor.

    Coming to the option of regular or correspondence mode, frankly it does not make much difference except completing your practicals, group discussions or such activities which will require attending the class either online or attending it in the designated campus.

    There are many good correspondence educational institutions for these subjects and some of them are -

    (A) For Psychology -
    Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Andhra University, Bangalore University, Bharathiar University, Nagarjuna University, Annamalai University, University of Mumbai, Andhra University, Madras university, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Osmania University, Tamil Nadu Open University, Karnataka State Open University and Nalanda Open University.

    (B) For English -
    Alagappa University, Andhra University, Annamalai University, Bangalore University, Bharathiar University, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Calicut University, Dr BR Ambedkar Open University, Guru Nanak Dev University, Himachal Pradesh University, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Karnataka State Open University, Kerala University, Kurukshetra University, Madras University, Madurai Kamaraj University, Manipal University, Mumbai University, Osmania University, Pondicherry University and Panjab University.

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  • Prior to taking up a final decision regarding your admission in the post - graduate courses in either of the subjects ( Psycology or English) through the distance education mode, it would be very much essential for you to have taken these subjects at least in your graduation - level so you may persue either of the two. This is applicable in both the modes - regular or the distance mode one.
    You would be required to produce the photo- copies of the marks - sheet with which you have completed your graduation.
    Regarding the selection of the open universities, you may try any one of the following reputed open universities-
    1) Indira Gandhi National Open University
    2) Karnataka State Open University.
    3) Kalicut University.
    4) Annamalai Univesity
    5) Jamia Milia Islamia
    6) Utkal University
    7) Guru Nanak Dev open University etc.
    Of all the universities mentioned above, you may opt for IGNOU since this open university follows a programme of doubt removal session where in your doubt would be addressed by the eminent professors.

  • Distance education is a gift for real aspirants of education and those who are not able to continue their studies due to family circumstances etc., but with real interest to study further. Even graduation become hardship to many due to many reasons. As soon as I finished my graduation (B.Com) and interested to continue for PG but my father refused to admit in PG as he asked to me to search a job for the obtained graduation first. Accordingly I joined in a company at Chennai as an Accountant and immediately I joined in M.Com through Correspondence course in Madurai Kamaraj University with my father's permission and got succeeded my wish.
    Many people cannot even joined in evening colleges but the correspondence course is a gift to such persons.

  • No is my answer. Its of no use doing MBA from distance learning college. If you have a job and doing MBA then it gives you more chances of your promotion at work place hence its better to it in that case otherwise not.

    Why you don't want to pursue your career in animations I did not get from your question. After doing an animation course one has good options of getting jobs. As the animation industry is really flourishing in India you should go on with this. Various options where you may get a job in this are : Films and television, advertising, education, cartoon production, print media, e learning.

    Psycology and English are both good course. It depends on you what you want to select from these.

    It you want to do any one of these course from distance learning then there are lots of universities from where you may do, few of them are:

    IGNOU its the best university to do any correspondence course. Their MBA course is also very good. They give very good study material to study.

    Apart from this others universities who have this facility are:

    Acharya Nagarjun University, Andhra University, Anamalai University, Barkattulah University, Nalanda open University, osmania University and many more.

    You may join any one of them as they offer distance courses so you don't have to go there. I will suggest you to join either IGNOU or Anamalai University as these are good among others.


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    – Mark Twain

  • Since you have not specified what exactly is your interest, it becomes a little difficult to fathom what might be the best course of action for you.

    Well, you do say that you are free on weekends. If you are based in a metro city like Bangalore or Chennai or Mumbai or Pune or Ahmedabad, It is still possible to find some college offering the PGDM course which is recognized by the AICTE and Govt of India. Please do note that NONE, repeat NONE, of the Distance education courses are recognized by most industries. It is also true that only the MBA course is the best for you,given your family circumstances.

    Please do note that there are many institutes that offer Services Marketing as a specialization.This is the best course for you, given your background. You can start working even now with any one of the event management companies. There are thematic wedding companies now making a big mark in the metros. If you learn the nuances of such wonderful specializations and gather the required experience, you will have learned all the tricks of the trade. An experience of five years will help your career take off.

    The MSc Applied Psycology course through Distance Education from the Annamalai University is quite good. However, Please note that you need a doctorate to even think of a career, In say, psychological counselling. The technicalities are so tough. You need to even do advanced courses from institutions such as NIMHANS Bangalore.

    You need to note that the road is never smooth. The competition here is huge.

    Another alternative is to pursue courses through an institution such as the Indian Institute of Materials Management, Baroda. They run courses in Supply Chain Management. These are recognized by Govt of India and the industry. You should gather a huge amount of experience. Only practical experience is the best. Go and join a simple lorry organization operating in your State. You are likely to get a job. Once you gather all the experience, you can grow so fast.

    The options are clear. However, event management is the best. Please do note that only in the big cities as mentioned above, you can find the jobs. Please do note this very important point.

    All the very best.

  • Is distance education a good option: Yes, if you are not able to pursue academic courses for some valid reason. It is also suitable and convenient for those who have taken up job and want to obtain further qualifications either for career enhancement or just a passion or knowledge enhancing.

    In case your need for MBA is career enhancing then it is preferable to align the same with the field of job you are having. If it is just for academic passion or degree adding, then it is better to take up English , unless you have some previous education in Psychology.

  • Distance education is a good option. But MBA from a university which is not very famous for distance education will not help you in having a better career. But distant node education for other courses is ok. There will not be any problem and they will be considered equivalent to normal degrees.
    When I see your write up, I understood that you wanted to continue your career in the animation field. I don't think the PGs what you are thinking is helpful to you in your career progress. You should try to get a diploma course or certification course in the line you are planning as your career. You should think in that line. But for the purpose of having a PG, you can opt for MA English which will help you in improving your knowledge in the language and will help you in having a grip on that particular language.

    always confident

  • If you wish to pursue MBA(Master of Business Administration) as distance learning then you are good to go with. In distance MBA, students have the flexibility to study from enywhere any time. Colleges will give you some assignments to write. That's it.
    Choose your decision wisely because choosing MBA as career can be wrong. As you have a degree in graphics and animation then utilize the knowledge you have about animation. Choose whatever way but make animation and graphics a source of income. There are many portals such as upwork, contentmart, freelancer, Fiverr,, etc. There you can work for others online as a graphic designer. You can do MBA just for completing Masters. There is demand of animation today and also companies wants animation aspirants. So don't left animation field. The payscale is low for fresher but in future it will start increasing.

  • It is clear that you don't have time for regular education at the moment. That means you have no option other than going for distance mode education due to personal reasons, as you have mentioned.

    You have got a degree in animation and you don't want to pursue career in the same field. You want to pursue MBA, which is definitely a good choice, but pursuing it in distance mode will not help you, because you don't have any experience. Distance mode is a good option for those, who hold some experience or pursuing a job.

    You can easily study MBA in distance mode surely, the tough part will be getting a job on the basis of distance mode MBA degree. Most of the MNCs don't accept distance mode management degrees. Hence, if you are looking for a career in management field, then going for a regular course will be a better choice.

    You can pursue some other distance mode course, to just fill the gap, as you are not able to attend regular course. In the meanwhile, you can prepare for MBA entrance exams to get admission at a top college.

    Better thinking for a better tomorrow!

  • Its good you have completed the Bachelor's degree in graphics and animation. You should be talented, creative, hard working, interest in your Bachelor's degree. Its also a hot courses nowadays which will fetch good income if you are planning as career in that also. You are practice at home in your free timing if you are interested in this career, as it is always a wanted course in graphics and Animation. Not everybody will be able to do such best courses in the industry.

    Even though you have mentioned not to make career in Animation, let the Bachelor's degree you have done is one of be the best that fetches good package in graphics and animation industry. Even small assignments will be able to make you famous in this industry. You can also keep your skills hot if you are able to spend 2 hours per day in the weekends.

    There are lots of M.B.A degree programs namely a few famous degrees to choose are
    1. M.B.A in General Management
    2. M.B.A in International Business
    3.M.B.A in international Management
    4. M.B.A in IT or Technology Management
    5. M.B.A in Finance Leadership
    6. M.B.A in Human Resource Management
    7. M.B.A in Marketing
    8. M.B.A in Operations Management
    9. M.B.A in Consulting
    10. M.B.A in Strategy
    11. M.B.A in Entrepreneurship
    12. M.B.A in Supply Chain Management
    13. M.B.A in Agri Business Management
    14. M.B.A in Health Care Management
    15. M.B.A (Banking Services)
    16.M.B.A ( Hospital and Healthcare Management)

    Which ever M.B.A you opt for is one of the best to make your career happy and rich. As you already have a Bachelors degree its good to choose M.B.A in IT or Technology Management, as this can add strength to your Bachelor's degree and also make a good career in the Graphics and Animation degree. Since your interest in not to make a career in Animation, its better to choose the M.B.A in General, which also adds a better perspective for your Bachelor's degree, where the package will a little less when compared to the selection of Information Technology or Technology Management. Latter there will be a raise in the package based on your
    experience in the field you will be working after your M.B.A. Since your future plan is to do M.B.A its better to opt for it wisely.

    M.B.A in regular class from a reputed university has more weightage, than a distance or studying through online. M.B.A in regular in campus will be able to provide you a campus interview based on the institution you choose. Some of the institutes in the distance education will be able to guide you where there are openings after the completion of your M.B.A degree.

    Apart from your M.B.A degree the focus on Career builder is also important. Preparation for the Apitutde and logical reasoning, personality development,updated knowledge interview skills are important to fetch a job in the field of your education. Full time education is given more importance than a distance education or online-education.

    The courses are also available in the distance education mode, where you have opt for a good ranking university inorder to get a good job. ICFAI University is one of the best university and has collaboration with foreign universities also. They have objective type questions for the exams. Their materials are also good quality, so that you can gain knowledge from the book.
    ICFAI has booth fulltime and also off campus management degree programs. Sikkim Manipal University, NMIMS University, Lovely professional University, GITAM University. Choose one which relates your career for good package.

    Master's degree in Psychology is a Post Graduate degree program. Master of Arts and Master of Science are two types of psychology masters degree program. M.S is much tough than M.A, and has good prospects after finishing the degree, gives knowledge about the subject, also provides a professional level of study. Since your degree is a Bachelor's degree M.S will have more weightage, that can make you aim for a good package in the industry. M.S. usually provides a good package when compared with other degrees.

    If you are opting for English its also one of the good courses, easy to finish while you are working, improves your communication and language skills Based on that your package is determined. Master's in English will also help you understand various topics like personality development programs, Time Management, skills management, resume writing, career builder while you are working, that can horn your skills and gives a slight improvement in your package based on your experience.

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