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    Toshiba External hard disk not reading

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    My Toshiba 500gb hard disk which was came with Toshiba laptop had bad sectors, so I replaced with other hard disk.
    I was using the disk having bad sectors as external hard drive (which was working properly). Suddenly one day it stopped reading the disk. Actually it happened because one night I was watching movies on my laptop by connecting to external hard drive & went to sleep. After 8/10 hours I got to know that hard drive is not working.
    I tried my best to get my data back by using data recovery software but no results.
    That same hard drive I connected to my led TV. I am 'surprised' that all my data is showing & working properly on Ted TV. But not working on PC/labtab
    Help me to solve the problem??
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  • If TV is able to read the disk, don't worry about the files. I think files are there on the hard disk but the computer is not reading. Try to boot off a Linux live disk. Then try whether the computer reads the files. In such case copy the files from the disk.
    Another probability is a problem with your laptop. try to use another laptop and see whether it will read the disk.

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  • 1. Install good antivirus and see if it detects viruses. Most probably you might have virus in your external disc which is blocking auto detection of disk by Operating system.
    2. Linux is best OS for checking your files. Connect disk or any Linux OS or may be try on Mac Book. See if you can view files. If you see then back it up online on dropbox or 1drive. Do not attempt to backup on another drive. If it contents virus then it will infect there also. Uploading online will automatically scan disc.
    3. If it is really has bad sectors then search online for paid softwares which recovers data. Once you have data, format hard disk and use it rarely for emergencies or replace it with new in exchange.

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