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    What is a Tinospora cordifolia ?

    Have a query about Tinospora cordifolia? Want to know its effects, side effects, dosage and whether it is available in tablet form? Go through this page and get answers to all your questions here.

    I want to know about this ayurveda and the effects and the side effects and how to use the products, dosage, interactions and many more.
    Where can I get the products and in which form: in liquid or in tablets?
    Where is it found in India or out of India?
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  • Tinospora cordifolia is commonly known in our country as Giloe or Giloya. It is native to our country and is used as an Ayurvedic remedy for various health conditions.

    It is a shrub and all its parts like root, stem and leaves are used in Ayurveda. This is believed to increase the immune system of human beings and that helps them to fight the attack of a disease. These shrubs contain certain antioxidants which help the body to clean the system and increase power to fight with external health attacks.

    Giloe has been tested in animals but its efficacy is not known in the humans and the modern scientific medicinal system has not got much to say on this Ayurvedic preparation.

    In hay fever the extract of stem is taken for a longer period and is claimed to be effective and also reduces sneezing and allergic reactions like allergic rhinitis in the body. People take preparations of Giloe for getting relief or cure in conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, stomach disorder, gout, lymphoma and other cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, peptic ulcer, fever, gonorrhea, syphilis etc.

    Though Giloe is taken by people considering it as an Ayurvedic remedy, which are supposed to be not harmful but the modern science warns that as it increases the sugar level in the body and also increases the immune system so the people suffering from diabetes and certain mental disorders should use this preparation with care as it could have potential side affects in such cases.

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  • Tunospora - cordifolia is a herb and is used in Ayurveda for the cure of host of diseases arising out of imbalances in our metabolic - system. In Hindi - speaking belt, this herb is known as Guduchi or Giloy. Some of the benificial effects of this herb is noted below-
    1) Because of its antipyretic nature, it is used for control of fever. The same herb in powder form is to be taken in every six hour interval under the guidance of an Aurvedic - doctor.
    2) It can enhance platelet - count and so in case of Dengue, when the platelet count drops to a dangerous level, the same can be administered to normalise the platelet.
    3) Owing to drop of immunity, one may suffer from cough and cold or Diabetes. The Ayurveda doctors recommend this herb, to be taken twice prior to principal meal to control the excess sugar - level. This needs to taken under the guidance of Vaidya since excess consumption of the same can cause a very low level of sugar.
    4) It can regulate Blood - pressure in a healthy level since it can diminish Vata, Cough and Pitta- tridosha present in our body.
    5) Due to functioning of metabolism in the peak level due to its ingestion, it can regulate the body- weight.
    Side - effects-
    1) Excess consumption of this herb will lead to Constipation.
    2) This herb should not be taken in case a lady is pregnant.
    3) Minor children ( below the age of five) should not be administered this herb since this may cause some abdominal discomfort.
    This herb may be in both the forms depending upon the choice of Pharmaceuticals. Himalayas, Baidyanath, Dabur etc manufacture in the firm of tablets and the minimum dose to be taken is 250 mg at a time.
    In the form of liquid, it can be had from Sri - Sri Pharmaceutical, Patanjali and Baidynath. The minimum dose is 20 ml to be mixed with equal amount of water.

  • Tinospora cordifolia is commonly known as "Guduchi". This plant belongs to family Menispermaceae. It is a large, climbing shrub with greenish-yellow flowers. This plant found at higher altitude. The season for the flowers of this tree will be over summers and winters.
    Many components are derived from the plant. The components derived are mainly alkaloids, steroids, diterpenoid lactones, aliphatics, and glycosides. These components are derived from various parts of the plant like root, stem.
    The components are very useful for medicinal properties like anti-diabetic, anti-periodic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic, anti-stress, anti-leprotic, anti-malarial, hepatoprotective, and anti-neoplastic activities.
    These extracts are found to be safe for short-term use. It is advisable not to use this product during Pregnancy and breastfeeding. The people with Diabetes should be careful in using the medicines and the dosage of the medicines used for diabetes are to be adjusted and monitored while using this medicine. It is also advisable to stop this medicine before 15 days of any planned surgery as this medicine will be having some say on the blood sugar levels and start using only after 15 days after surgery.
    The dosage depends upon the problem and the level and intensity of the ailment. It is advisable to take the suggestion of an Ayurvedic practitioner before deciding on the dosage.
    This product is available in India and slowly getting the attraction of other countries also. There are Ayurvedic companies in India making this medicine.

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  • Tinospora cordifolia in common language is called "Giloy". Its called Queen of herbs as it has many medicinal benefits. Due to its good medicinal effects it is used widely in medicines in ayurveda. Below are the best health benefits of using it:

    ° It boosts immunity. It contains antioxidants which helps in fighting with dangerous diseases. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body. So it keeps our liver and kidney healthy.

    ° It helps in treating chronic fever. In case of dengue it helps in increasing platelets of the blood. As it is anti pyretic in nature so it helps in fighting other dangerous diseases also.

    ° It is helpful in indigestion cases. Mixed with half gram of amla powder taken regularly helps in digestion and keeps indigestion problems away from our body.

    ° It helps in lower down the blood sugar level. When its juice taken regularly by type 2 diabatic patient can control blood sugar level.

    ° It is also helpful in case of arteritis, asthma.

    ° When mixed with other herbs and made a tonic and is taken regularly effects brain and r keep it relaxed and destress it.

    So it has many medicinal benefits. It can be grown easily as these are creepers. One can grow it in front wall of the house as decoration.

    Where can I get the products and in which form: in liquid or in tablets?

    You can find them in tablet form as well as in liquid form, you can get it from any shop which sells ayurvedic medicines. There is a plant of Giloy too you can break small pcs of stem of it and peel and clean it and boil it in fresh water. Then after cooling you may drink that water.

    Where is it found in India or out of India?

    It is found everywhere in India.


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