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    B. Tech Maharishi Dayanand University

    Are you studying engineering? Looking out for the most appropriate books to study the syllabus? Find the list of books and tips for how to refer to books on this Ask Expert page.

    In this year MDU has applied for G-scheme which means the university has changed its exam pattern as well as syllabus.
    So can anyone tell me how do I get proper books for every particular subject? Because its too tough to study syllabus from different books.
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  • The University when deciding the syllabus for each subject, the will mention the books which are to be studied for each subject. So, first of all, try to get the syllabus of the subjects you are interested in and see the details of the books they have suggested.
    Otherwise, you have to approach the concerned teachers in the University and take their advice for each subject regarding the books which will cover the syllabus prescribed. They will tell you the books which are better for the University syllabus.
    Some University professors will be writing these subject books which will cover basically the syllabus of the university where they are working. So if any such books are available you can utilise those books for your study.

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  • Most of the universities follow their own courses of studies and so it is expected that Mahrsi Dayananad University must have their courses of studies for the four of Engineering.
    It would be better to approach the university - office and ask the staff from where you can get the courses of studies in respect of Engineering.
    When you refer to this book - let, you will come across the syllabus for each year of different branches of Engineering where in you will get the details of the subject material to be taught in the session. Following this, names of the books prescribed for the session are mentioned and authors name are also included in order to help the aspirants to choose the correct books.
    Lastly, you may come across the names of books to be used for reference - purpose.
    For better tips, you may consult your professor engaged in teaching a particular subject.

  • It seems the exam pattern has changed not the syllabus. You get your syllabus from the university and accordingly search for the book covering all those topics mentioned.

    In our college we had a library where we used to get books of subjects and authors of minimal rent for whole semister. I don't know what's there in your college.

    You may also use Internet to study all the topics. For exam pattern you need to contact university they may be releasing some model test papers if they have changed the exam pattern this year.


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  • The university is changing the exam pattern and syllabus. This is a crucial change and they will definitely announce or display in their campus the new syllabus. Otherwise you have to enquire in the office of the university or Dean's office regarding this. It is also customary for the universities to display such changes in their web sites.

    Once the new syllabus is known then you have to go through the books in some leading store and match them for coverage. Try to purchase those books which cover a larger part of the new syllabus. Please remember that some leading universities might be using the so called new syllabus for you in their preceding academic years. So get information on that through some good teachers/ professors. Even the good bookstores provide such crucial information as they have deep business interests in these events.

    You will have to do some home work by going to the good booksellers and matching your syllabus there on the spot and then take a decision to purchase the books.

    If you get hold of last year books through some senior student then you can see what is in new syllabus that is missing in them. This will help you to identify other books which you intend to buy.

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