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    Regarding mistake in application form of SBI clerk.

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    Recently I have been selected for SBI clerk. In the application form I have filled my father's name instead of 'DBA' I filled 'DA'. Please tell me if it affects me in the certificate verification process? What do I have to do now?
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  • If your certificates are showing correctly the name of your father and if you can produce an identity card of your father in which the name is mentioned correctly and which is tallying with the name of your father in your certificates, you need not worry about the mistake in typing the name in the application. You can say the name in the application is having a typographical mistake. You need not worry.
    If still, time is there, you can write to the section in charge about the typographic mistake by attaching a proof correct name. You can send this letter through registered post and a copy can be kept by you for your reference.

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  • Kindly go through your certificates and see if correctness in respect of your father's name has been maintained or not. If there is no discrepancy against the name of your father, you need not worry. The lapse committed on your part could be explained during the process of verification of records and you have to be regretful for the typical mistake.
    If time permits, you can make a correspondance with the concerned official by dispatching a registered letter to the appropriate authority with the attachement of acknowledgement and the acknowledgement - receipt is to preserved to be produced later on as a sign of proof.

  • This is a mistake on your part and it is advisable that you immediately inform them, if not physically then at least by email, that you have inadvertently made such a mistake in the application form and request them to correct it at their end.

    You also enclose a scanned copy of authentic document in respect of your father's correct name like Aadhaar card or PAN card etc. You must keep a copy of this communication with you alongwith originals and take this with you at the time of document verification.

    There, you have to contact the concerned officials and tell them that you have requested for such and such correction and if they show their ignorance about it show them these documents and give to them with another request to correct your father's name in their record.

    Please remember that the documents speak themselves and in such times what matters most is availability of authentic and original documents and you must keep them with you as they can demand to check them before they correct this mistake.

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  • You should have immediately reported the mistake as and when you found it. Now I would advise you to immediately report the mistake to the Chairman of the recruiting agency with all available documents which indicate the correct name of your father.

    The decision regarding your candidature is solely the discretion of the recruiting agency at this stage. Inform the agency the mistake immediately and keep your fingers crossed. Hope they take a sympathetic view.

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