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    Doubt about qualification for applying for government jobs

    Planning to apply for a government job? Searching for the details of eligibility criteria and whether distance degree is eligible? Find responses from experts for your questions.

    I have joined (3 years) diploma course after 10th. I studied that course but am not passed. After that I have applied for distance degree and passed.
    Now I have 10th pass and degree pass certificates. Am I eligible for govt jobs with degree qualification?
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  • Yes. You are eligible for any government posts for graduates. The degree certificate issued by the University will never mention your mode of study. If the university which has given you the graduation certificate is having UGC recognition for distance education school, the degree given by the University will be valid for all posts irrespective of the regular study or distance education.

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  • Please note that for taking admission in B.A course, you have to pass X+II or BPP (in case of Graduation from IGNOU). As per the details provided by you, you have not passed X+II. But it is not known whether you had passed BPP, or not (if you have done Graduation from IGNOU). If you have passed X+II/BPP and Graduation from any recognized Board/University, then you are eligible for all Government jobs of general nature.

    If you didn't complete X+II/BPP, then your Graduation would not be valid. In that case, you can apply for only those Government jobs, for which the eligibility is Xth standard pass.

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  • For any graduation course you should pass 10+2. I don't know how you did graduation. From which university you did your graduation?

    There are few courses after which you can do graduation like management, computer application, farmacy etc. But in your case you didn't complete your diploma course.

    I don't think you are eligible for government jobs where they ask the candidate should be a graduate. You may apply for the jobs where the qualification creteria is Xth.


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  • You have to check the credentials of your university in the UGC site and then only you can find out whether it is an approved one or not.

    Anyway, there are many universities which offer 6 months Bachelor of Preparatory Program (BPP) and after completion of that one can go for degree may be from the same university and then the requirement of 10+2 is waived. Have you undertaken such a program before commencing your distance mode degree course? If not then your distance mode degree may not be accepted in many places including the Govt jobs.

    Still, there are jobs for which a minimum class 10 is required though even postgraduates also apply for them. You can concentrate for them and with hard work and efforts you can get through.

    Do not feel discouraged that you failed in diploma course. Knowledge is not owned by any individual, it is with the person who can work hard to acquire it and any time in your life if you vow to become serious and sincere, success will come to you. I have seen many examples in real life where the college drop outs and academically inferior students have done marvellous rise in their self made career just by realising the value of hard work and sincere efforts albeit at a later period of their lives.

    So do not be bogged down by your qualification but try to work hard to compensate what you have missed so far.

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  • Dear experts! Tq for your response. I have completed my B.A from Acharya nagarjuna university. That is recognized by ugc.
    Before i applying to degree they said no need of intermediate or any. They said Xth is sufficient as eligible to apply to degree.
    Please give me all your response

  • We are following the pattern of 10+2+3 for being a graduate in any stream and any violation of this pattern would be questionable while persuing a higher education of seeking a government - Job.
    In your case, you have mentioned that you have got straightway the degree awarded by Acharya Nagarrjuna University after passing your class ten. The university as mentioned by you is affiliated to UGC. It means it has cleared the essential criteria to award the graduation degree.
    Now for your own interest, please check whether you have undergone a BPP programme consisting of six month prior to appearing for the final examination of graduation since such a coverage would make you eligible for undertaking the graduation - course and no objection from any quarter will arise.

  • You please check with your university whether they have an inbuilt 6 months BPP program in their degree course. If so they should mention it in your degree certificate and mark sheet or separately give you a certificate for that.

    As per your statement they told you that class X is sufficient for doing that course. It is wrong and in fact they have mislead you. They have not guided you properly. They must be having a BPP program in their campus and they should have mandatorily advised you to join that before taking up the degree course.

    I think it is a miscommunication on their part and you must raise this issue with them so that they should not repeat it with other gullible students.

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  • Let me further clarify the position.

    1. Earlier there was a system named Open University System (OUS), where a Xth Pass student could take admission in BA or MA courses under this system. Due to various controversies, this OUS has been discontinued by all Universities in India.
    2. Now only a student with X+II/BPP can take admission in Graduation.
    3. I don't whether you took admission in Graduation under OUS, or not. Now, for admission in Graduation courses, only X+II (or BPP) qualified students are eligible.
    4. Please check with your University whether your Graduation degree was under OUS, or not. We can't comment without checking your Degree Certificate.

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