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    How to withdraw EPF when you change your job?

    Have a query about EPF? Searching for detailed information about to withdraw money from EPF if a person has changed a job? Scroll through this page and find responses from experts for understanding the procedure for withdrawing money once you switch is job.

    My relative has changed his job recently and new employer has given option to get new EPF number and told to link it to existing UAN. He is concerned now if he can withdraw money from EPF of his previous employer.
    Question is once you switch job do we need any signature from previous employer when we go for withdrawing money?
    Or we only need current employer signature to do it?
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  • If you want to transfer your amount in the old PF account to the new PF account, you have to fill up the concerned application and get it signed by the new employer and the same is to be forwarded to the old employer. He has to give all the details regarding your PF account with them. They have to forward it to the PF office. Then the PF office will do the needful and the money in your old account will get transferred to your new account.
    If you want to withdraw the amount in your old account, you have to fill up the requisite application and get it signed by the old employer and ask him to forward to the PF office. Then the amount will get credited into your bank account. In this case, you need not get the signature of the new employee.

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  • Provident fund is a social security measure designed by Government mainly for the welfare of the workmen. The deduction of pf is mainly considered for the future of the worker and his/her family. The accumulation amount can be further accumulated when we shift our employment to any organization at any time in all over India. To enable this Epfo provided the of contributor with a UAN, universal Account number on first time enrollment. This UAN account can easily be accessed by employees themselves at anytime and anywhere through online.
    It is highly suggested not to withdraw the accumulation unnecessarily and advised to get transferred to the new company account by telling the UAN.
    It is the hidden secured savings to an employee as he or she never expect the savings by his/her own.
    In the middle of service he can avail advance from the fund after prescribed year of service for 1.meeting marriage expenses of his/her own,brother/sister/son/daughter;2.buying plot or house in their name, expenses of own house etc.,
    Since it has such valid reasons for not getting withdrawing the fund it is good to get transferred.
    In case intending to withdraw the fund for valid reason, there is a composite claim which can be downloaded from the site and by sending the same to the HR dept.of employed lastly,duly filled,signed and enclosing proof of bank account (copy of first page of pass book+photo affixed),copy of aadhaar card.

  • Nowadays, Employees'Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has initiated a composite form which can be used for various purposes like final withdrawal, transfer, etc. This form can be filled online. And for final withdrawal, there is no need for the signature of the last employer. The subscribers can now withdraw 75% of the total accumulated amount within one month of resigning from service.

    However, I would advise the questioner to link the previous EPF account with the new account to be opened with the new employer. I am indicating the step-by-step procedure for linking EPF accounts. The procedure is as under:-
    (a) When an individual joins a new organization, a new EPF account is opened and the individual is allotted a UAN number.
    (b) The employee is then required to visit the EPF portal ( and activate the UAN number. He/She should also update mobile number, AADHAR details and Know Your Customer (KYC) particulars, if not done by the office.
    (c) After three days of activation of the new UAN number, the individual has to again visit the site. Thereafter he/she should go to the 'Services' tab, click it and then click 'One employee-One EPF account' button.
    (d) After clicking the button, the employee will find an online form. The employee is required to fill the form online and indicate the numbers of previous EPF accounts, which he/she wants to merge with the present account. The employee is required to submit the form online.
    (e) On submission, he/she will receive an OTP in the registered mobile number.
    (f) On submission of OTP and the necessary declaration, EPFO will merge the old accounts indicated in the online form, with the present account.

    I hope that the above helps.

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  • If you are switching a job, it is better to link the existing UAN with the new employer. If you have completed 7 years of job you can withdraw a certain percentage of your money. So, if you need money I will suggest you should withdraw money instead of getting new UAN. If you are getting new UAN, your journey will be started from the first step.
    If you want to withdraw complete money and getting new UAN, you have to fill a form and need the signature of the old employer. After that, submit the form in your regional EPF office along with adhaar card, bank passbook, and cross cheque.
    I am attaching the form for withdrawal of amount.

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  • The best alternative would be to link your new EPF account to UAN known as Universal Account No and in that you can save yourself from a lot of harassment in the process of closure and getting back the accumulated money existing in your account. The other aspect in such closure would be the huge loss by way of compound interest you might have earned with the operation of such account.
    Linking your account with UAN would safeguard your money earlier accumulated from your previous account and moreover new EPF account has been clubbed with the old one.
    Regarding the eligibility of withdrawal from EPF account you need to operate the account for a minimum period of seven year at a stretch. You need to submit an application to your present employer mentioning the amount details you want to withdraw. However, EPF has its own procedure in sanctioning the loan. You would get back half of accumulated amount as loan for the general purpose. It may be stretched to 75 percent in case of marriage of your daughter or for the purpose of constructing a new house.
    In case, you are interested to close your existing account, approach your ex - employer and get his signature in the application form where you have furnished the relevant details and finally this has to be submitted to PF office.

  • EPFO office has now given a unified UAN number to the respectivr account and with this the hassles of managing the account are drastically reduced.

    One can go to the EPF portal and carry out many activities like linking of earlier account, placing requests, seeing the balance, finding the admissible withdrawal limit etc.

    So if your relative has not got a UAN then advise him to get one while opening of new EPF account in the new organisation. Subsequently this will make the withdrawal procedure easy as all the accounts of the subscriber are linked.

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  • EPFO has issued UAN to all contributing members, all members can log in to MEMBER e-SEWA portal ( and can manage their account very easily like merger of previous EPF accounts, Apply Loans, Withdrawal of PF etc.

    Further there are no need of getting any signature on any form from previous or present employer if PF Withdrawal request submitted thru portal, unless you have to submit Form 19 & Form 10C to your previous employer for withdrawal of PF amount.

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