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    About obtaining Learner's License.

    Want to get a Learner's license in another city where you do not reside? Looking out for how to obtain the license? Find advice from experts on this page and decide what to do ahead.

    The query is the following - I am currently living in Udaipur (work related) for the next six months and would like to obtain my driver's license from here within this time frame. However, my permanent home address is in Mumbai.

    To apply for a learner's license here in Udaipur would I require a address from this state, or would my permanent address from Mumbai work?
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  • To obtain a Learner's Licence in India, there are provisions for applying online as well as offline. There is a prescribed format and one has to apply in that to the Local Transport Office in the concerned region. The application should be having the following attached.
    1.Passport-sized photographs
    2.Proof of age and residence. The residential address need not be a permanent address. The present address can be given.
    3.Declaration of medical fitness
    4.The required fee.
    After verification of the documents, one has to go through the Learner's Test.
    A handbook of traffic rules, signs and regulations is provided with the application form. On passing the Learner's Test, one will be issued a Learner's Licence.
    The address can be your present address. You can apply from the place where you are staying and learner's licence will be issued.
    The best course of action is to approach a local driving school. They will see that your learning licence will be issued and they will see that you will be given permanet licence also within three months after getting your learner's licence,

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  • You can apply anywhere for the learning license but you have to give the proof of your local address. In addition to that you will be required to show your identity by documents like Voter card or PAN card or Aadhaar card or Passport etc.

    For local address you can give the Rental/ lease agreement or certification from the house owner on a copy of the utility bill of the premises where you are staying as bill may be in his name only.

    With this you apply in the prescribed performa and enclose the passport sized photo, medical certificate of fitness and copy of your proof for local residence and your identification.

    You will be asked to go through a learners test where basic questions regarding traffic signs and other rules will be asked. So go through these questions in any relevant site in the internet and prepare accordingly.

    Though the procedures are same everywhere but there may be some confusions for a person first time going in the RTO office so it is advisable to seek help of an agent so that the license is obtained smoothly in time.

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  • A request for the issue of learning license is to be made to the local transport office by filling up the form suitably and in addition to that, two passport sizes of coloured photographs, Photo- copy of Voter ID card and PAN card is to be submitted to transport office.
    You will have to appear for the test where your driving - skill will be judged by the authorised officer from the transport - office. The oral - interview will also follow where you will be asked a few questions regarding the follow - up of traffic - rules including the significance of green, yellow and red - light. Familiarity with the signal system, too, should be the integral part of your learning during the operation of your light / heavy - vechiles.
    On passing the test, you will be provided with a learning - license for a specified period and prior to expiry of the said term, a request from your end has to be made for the issuance of permanent driving license with the requisite fee for this purpose.
    The best part would be to enrol yourself in a local driving school where you will be trained for driving and later on, you will get an assistance from their side in procuring both temporary and permanent driving licence.

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