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    Correction in father's name for government job

    Have you made a mistake of name in government job application? Wondering what to do if you already have got selected? Find responses from experts on this page regarding what to do and how to change in the name in the office records.

    I have made a mistake in writing my father's name in the registration for staff selection commission. I got selected and got joining. Then I intimated the department regarding this and also submitted an affidavit.
    Now I want to change the name as it is on high school marksheet.
    Should I approach SSC or respective Department?
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  • You have done a mistake in writing father's name in your registration for staff selection committee. Now you have already informed them about the mistake and also have submitted the legal affidavit. So they must have corrected your father's name in their records.

    If they have not corrected and given you a provisional joining then you have to again give an application to your department submitting the details and copies of supporting documents like your educational credentials, your father's Aadhaar card or PAN card where his name is correctly reflecting. You have to request them to correct your father's name in the records and file of the department accordingly. Pursue it and it will be done.

    Now a days the departments keep the data online also. After the correction you can with their help check it online and verify that it is done. These are usual office procedures and I do not see that there will be any problem in getting it done.

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  • You have already made the required process. You have produced the affidavit and asked them to correct the name as per the affidavit. They might have corrected the name as mentioned by you. You can approach your HR or Personnel department and ask them whether the correction is made or not.
    Many of the government Organisations have a database of all their employees. If there is a provision for verification online you can verify. If it is not done just in writing you can remain them once again. More than that I don't suggest any action. I don't foresee any problem in this particular issue.

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  • If you apply to your Office or SSC at this stage, they may decline to accede to your request, because, you yourself had filled the form indicating the incorrect name of your father. So, you may sign a suitably-worded Affidavit before a first-class magistrate of your city indicating the correct name of your father and the mistake which took place. Thereafter, submit a copy of the Affidavit to your office. Then the correct name of your father will be entered in your service book.

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  • You have already taken an appropriate step by intimating your mistake and accordingly an affidavit was also submitted requesting the authority to change your father's name accordingly.
    Now a feed back from the office of SSC has to be taken in order to ascertain the exact status of your earlier despatch. If they maintain the on line process, you can view it to know the current status. In case, the correction has not been taken up so far, you may write a separate application giving the details and reference no of earlier despatch for easy tracking of earlier despatch. Hopefully, they will enter the correct name of your father as provided in the affidavit.

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