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    I am 10 years old and I want to build muscles?

    Are you interested in building muscles without going to the gym? Looking out for the best fitness training plan and diet? Find ample advice from experts here which will help you to start building muscles independently.

    I am 10 years old and I want to build muscles in my home and without equipment because I can't go to the gym. I want you to give me the best fitness training and a sweat healthy diet for 10 years old kid.
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  • It is generally difficult to prescribe healthy diet to the children as they will always be tempted by spicy and western type of foods like cheese, sandwich, wraps and pizza. Still one can, with discipline and setting example, try to enforce it in the home.

    During the growth period a protein rich and calcium rich diet is recommended and items like milk, dal, egg, chicken can be given to the kids. Though children like chocolates and other sugary items but it is advisable to restrict such items in the diet.

    Regarding the muscle building there are plenty of bell weights available in the sports and health shops which can be used for exercising the hands regularly. Further rope jumping and other leg exercises will help strengthen the muscles. Regular exercises and stamina building is the key to muscular body.

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  • I'm drawn by your curiosity and determination. You have to be really careful if are not working out in supervision of trainers. You are 10, and any wrong movement or exercise can end up damaging your tissue and the damage can last for years. Proteins are what builds muscles. Use protein supplements. Whey protein is a really good source. Try to eat egg and chicken more. Try to add as many pulses and millets as possible in your diet. In your age diet is of utmost importance.
    Then after accumulating protein rich diet, there are some good amount of exercises that would help you build your biceps,abs and chest muscles. There are also ones that help you build your calf muscles. I've tried them for myself and they really work.
    To follow these exercises, go to YouTube and subscribe "Anabolic Aliens" channel. The channel shows how you can build and maintain a good shape. Also keep doing regular yoga and stretches along these exercises because they put a tremendous strain on muscles and you need to relax them through yoga and meditation.

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  • Its hard to build muscles without exercising with the equipments. At your age you body will grow. Muscles are built up when our body stops growing. Eat nutrious food. Add protein, egg, meat, milk in your food. Exercise like situps, chin ups, push ups will help your muscles to build . Gymnastics is one of the best way to build your muscles. One thing which I won't suggest is steroids, under any circumstances don't take them as these are harmful for us and will have side effects on our body.


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  • During the growth of a child healthy intake of foods containing sufficient proteins, minerals and nutrients is a prerequisite for a good health. Junk food, cool drinks etc are to be avoided and fresh food items to be preferred than the stored or refridgerated ones.

    There are many exercises which are recommended for building muscles in the body and some of them are -

    (1) Stretching - Stand up and lift your body up onto your tiptoes and hold, then lower. This is one of the most useful stretching for strengthening the calf region.

    (2) Push ups - This is the most common exercise done by people. One has to get into horizontal position and bend elbows and lower chest toward the ground, then push back up. Repeat it for at least 20 times. It is excellent for hands, thigs and chest.

    (3) Step up on a stair or low bench - It is a simple but effective exercise. One has to step up and then come back. Change the starting foot Everytime.

    (4) Surya Namaskar - It is a yoga exercise and has 12 steps which cover the body completely including some stretching also. It is said to be very effective in body building.

    You can learn many such exercises from a tutor or just from YouTube videos.

    Please note that a good balance of food intake and exercises is to be maintained for a good health. Body building only takes place after that.

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  • I am pleased to note that you want to build muscles though being a boy of minor age. You may take up the following tips helping you to achieve in this direction.
    1) First of all, avoid junk foods such as Pizza, Burger, Pasta, KFC etc since such foods will disturb your healthy metabolism and cause your body of adding unnecessary fat and cholesterol.
    2) Choose healthy diets such as inclusion of Cow- milk, Chickens, Eggs, Dry - fruits in a moderate amount such as Raisins, Walnuts, Almonds. In that way, you will get abundant Protiens apart from healthy omega 3 fatty - acid essential to nourish the body - cells.
    3) Engage in brisk walking for a period of 45 minutes both in the morning and evening for a regular basis.
    4) You may carry out stretching exercise such as hanging to tone up and stretch your muscles. Better do such exercise under the guidance of an expert so that you follow the right regimen.
    5) Engage in Yoga and Meditation so as to achieve peak hormonal balance and indirectly this will help you in building strong muscles.
    6) Ensure that your sleep - cycle is not disturbed and you are taking a minimum of eight hours of sleep in night. This will allow your growth hormone to act in a peak way resulting in proper growth of your height and muscles.

  • Building muscles is a good thought. But presently you are 10 years old. Your body is still under the process of growing. So you have to support the body growing activity as well as muscle building. Till your 18th year your body will have the growth and then the muscles will grow. Doing exercises and eating healthy nutritious food with good proteins is the best way for muscle growth.
    The following exercises are good for you.
    1. Start walking at a speed or running for 30 minutes to start. Add in increments of 5 to 10 minutes weekly. This will give you a good benefit.
    2. Squats are also good exercises for you. Start with easy formats and then slowly go for the bigger types.
    3. Push-ups are very good for a complete muscle-building exercise. You can start doing these without fail.

    In addition to the above exercises don't forget to eat good food which is healthy, protein-rich and gives you the required energy.

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  • You are still growing . Your muscles and bones are still under growth changes. Hence it is better not to strain them much unnecessarily.
    However it is right time to bring regular physical practices good for health and if you are following any sports event, then it is better to train under experienced and qualified coach. At this age you need not expect to be a 'muscle man'. Just wait for a few more years for that.
    But you can have good practices of physical activities like regular running, sports events, games etc and also physical exercises taught in the PT sessions in your school. Or you can join a regular gym to have some regular exercises meant for your age. But do not give unnecessarily strain by becoming overenthusiastic.

    Try to engage in activities that give activity to whole body. Ensure that you do not over strain or put any of your external or internal organs to undue strain.
    Take sufficient nutritious food to get a balanced growth and health. You can take more proteins food provided you indulge in good physical activities.

  • You are only ten years old and your muscle has only started growing. So, you should not do such exercise which may cause harm in your muscle. I would suggest you take good protein-rich food and take care so that you do not develop unhealthy fat. So far as physical exercise is concerned, regular run for less than one Kilometre and Yoga would be helpful.

    Start doing muscle-developing exercise after crossing 15, that too under the supervision of a good and knowledgeable trainer. Till then do normal running and yoga and take healthy, nutritious food. That would be sufficient at your age.

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