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    How to start own C&F business

    Keen on starting your own C&F business venture? Let expert advice guide you on the right path to starting your own C&F business for commodities.

    I have completed my final year of engineering in civil department in 2017. I have worked for 3 months as a site engineer but now I want to start my own business. I'm residing in Gujarat and for the last one year I am jobless. I am basically interested in a C&F agency of any cement or any other commodity. Please guide me so that I can start my own business and start earning money.
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  • C & F business is the important link between a manufacturer and the distributors. The C & F (carry and forward) agent has a very big responsibility of taking the goods from the manufacturer to the distributors in key places where the material is further given by the distributors to the retailers for selling. C & F agent should have the overall idea of the marketing and product potential in different areas in the country so that he can plan to send an appropriate quantity of material to all the places where there is a demand.

    There are many big companies who are on the look out for C & F agents for proper marketing and shifting of material to the requisite places. So a person desirous of becoming a C & F inter-mediatory should apply to the big companies for the same with his credentials. Generally the company will expect that the C & F agent is well aware of the distributors as well as the potential for having new distributors in unknown and new places.

    The C & F is a business in the nature of wholesale selling and has a lucrative margin of 3 -6%. This business requires a lot of networking potential and a staff who can shift the materials at short notice from the manufacturing site to the far flanged distributors. A good contract with the supply chain transporters is a primary requirement.

    You have to see that for establishing such a business what will be your requirements. You have to create a central office where you have to coordinate all the activities. For initial set up some capital will be required and you may have to go to banks for loan. Meanwhile keep a watch on advertisements by companies seeking C & F agents in certain areas for specific products.

    You may have to go through the project reports related to this area of operation to equip you with the fundamental concepts of invoicing, delivery, order taking and other such crucial parameters.

    Once the business is established there is no stopping then and it is a win-win proposition for the company as well as the agent. Please note that this field is full of enterprising people and if a new entrant wants to create a niche for himself then it requires continuous hard work, dedication and sincere efforts with determination to achieve the goals.

    There is lot of information in net for becoming a successful C & F agent and there are agencies which even guide the aspirants to reach their goal, of course by charging a fee.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are some big companies who will give to other Organisations or individuals in other places to safeguard the stocks of their material and despatch to the customer's as required. The C&F agent should have a proper storage space for the material received from the company and he should be maintaining an account of the goods received and goods delivered. The C&F agent will be representing the company for the receiving the material from the company and delivering it to the customers. Then seeing that the payment is received and in case of any complaint or assistance required will be provided to the customer.
    There is another format of this business wherein you will get the order and the material will be despatched from the company and you will be receiving and dispatching the material as required to the party.
    Another format is that you will pay the deposit to the company and they will despatch the material as required to you. You will store it and sell it. Once you sell the material and see that the money reaches the company again they will despatch the material to you.
    I suggest before you start C& F business you work same for sometime wherein you will get the experience required for operating this business. Directly starting this business without any experience will be difficult. Otherwise, I suggest you go for the diploma course related to this field and then go for the business.

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  • The Cand F agents are supposed to know the entire production - details of the company with which they are supposed to deal. Each product of the company has different consumption level varying from places to places so they should be in a position to assess the actual consumption - levels of varying places and accordingly, they would give a feed - back to the company for gearing up production.
    Once the material is produced as per feed - back, these materials should reach to the customers safely and the Cand F agents take the entire responsibility of the safe despatch. The payments as a result of the despatch are to be sent in the accounts of the company.
    Hence Cand F should be familiar with the individual customers with respect to prompt payment, their demand pattern and the availability of stock material of the company. He should also be aware of the scheduled shutdown pattern of the plant so that he can intimate in advance to their prospective customers regarding the shortage of material for the specified period. Hence Cand F agents play crucial roles in promoting the Bussiness of a company.

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