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    What is the difference between sexual harassment and sexual exploitation?

    Wondering what is the difference between the terms sexual harassment and sexual exploitation? Looking out for knowing the main difference between them? Check out responses from experts here.

    We hear the words from women that they were subject to sexual harassment or sexual exploitation. Can the experts throw some light on the difference between the words harassment and exploitation.

    Which is a serious crime - Sexual harassment or sexual exploitation?
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  • Exploitation is an act of selfishness without any respect for the other person. Most relationships will have some degree of exploitation because of human weakness. This act of selfishness is due to the original attitude of the person. The attitude of this type of person will be doing sins without having any respect for good behaviour and having a tendency of exploiting others. This includes being employed, enticed, persuaded or forced into engaging in sexual activity. The woman who is victimized finds herself in a dangerous situation of sexual abuse
    sexual harassment is defined as asking for sex as a condition of fulfilling some requirement of the other person. It is nothing but creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. The person who harasses another person feels that he has an advantage over the victim in some way. The harasser wants to be stronger, bigger, older, more popular, and/or more important. It is negative, intimidating, and demeaning to the victim.
    The harassment would include, for example, a boss conditioning a promotion based on a subordinate having sex with him.

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  • These two terms are very close to each other and are used in the media interchangeably. However literally speaking there are subtle differences between the two.

    Sexual harassment is the act of sexual abuse by any person to other person. Even eve teasing and stalking are treated as sexual harassment. Indirect comments on opposite sex and using obscene languages and unwanted touch to other's body is also a type of sexual harassment. Offending a person with sexual intentions and creating a fear in his or her mind is also in this category.

    On the other hand sexual exploitation is a selfish act of sexual harassment in which the offender is seeking financial gains or other worldly gains through it. Trading a girl for sexual reasons or pleasing a prominent person are some of he examples. The women working in religious places are sometimes sexually exploited by the priests and other religious leaders and some of such self proclaimed leaders, we have witnessed recently going to the jails.

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  • Sexual harassment is any offensive attitude of a person which has inherent lust and hidden sexual desire behind such actions. This may be a natural instinct but highly condemnable in a cultured society. Stalking, making obscene remarks, throwing pebbles, pushing in crowded public places, sending filthy messages etc are all a type of sexual harassment.

    Sexual exploitation is one step ahead. It is not only the harassment but use a person for making money or blackmail him threatening with social defame or other humiliations.

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  • Sexual harassment is a sort of indecent behaviour where the the offender finds pleasure in making lewd comments by observing some ladies or young girls, requesting to make sexual advances, touching the body parts of the opposite sex despite her resistance. In presence of public, a vulgar joke is made directing towards the ladies. All such indecent behaviour constitute the act of sexual harassment.
    Sexual - exploitation is an act of indulgence with the opposite sex physically and the victims tolerate such acts owing to the powerful status of the man. Such incidences occur when the ladies or girls working in an office are assured for promotion in case they agree to fulfil the sexual desire of the Boss. Though such acts create an atmosphere of nervousness within the mind - frame of the exploiters, they cannot discuss the same with their relatives or friends for fear of loosing jobs in the event of such disclosure. The offenders take advantage of such situations knowing that his physical relationship with the exploiters would not be exposed because of her introvert, shy and fearful nature.

  • Sometime sexual harassment and sexual exploitation are used to denote the same thing, but there is a subtle difference between these two terms. Sexual harassment can be done by anybody in different ways. Harassment can be caused by cracking dirty jokes in presence of a lady, by obscene gesturing, watching pornography in presence of a lady or by double-meaning words/phrases.

    On the other hand, sexual exploitation is sexual advance utilizing the powerful position of a person and exploiting the vulnerable position of a person of opposite gender.

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