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    Regarding mistake in application form of SBI clerk.

    Worried about a mistake made in SBI clerk application form? Searching for a detailed procedure to correct the mistake? Check out this page for responses from experts for your queries.

    I have recently been selected for SBI clerk. I have not studied local language in my 10th /12 th. I have mistakenly filled that column 'yes' instead of 'no' but I know that language.
    How can I convince them to conduct Language test for me. Please tell me a solution for my problem?
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  • If you have mentioned that you have knowledge of local language then it should reflect from your educational credentials that is somewhere in your certificates and mark sheets it should be available. What you have provided is a wrong information and it may lead to disqualification.

    Now what you can do is inform them by email as well as by mail that by mistake you have filled the form like that and it may be taken as 'no' in that place. After this, at the time of document verification, there will not be a mismatch and depending upon the importance of that parameter or local language knowledge your case will be dealt.

    They will ask you whether you have some informal knowledge of the local language then you can show your proficiency but make it clear that it was not taken as a subject during your schooling.

    Give your details honestly and I feel that it may not be an essential eligibility criterion and you will not have any problem on this account once your other performance is satisfactory in the general written test.

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  • Immediately you send a communication to the Organisation either through a email or a letter indicating him the mistake you have done in filling the document. You tell clearly that it is purely a typographical mistake but not intentional.
    Is there any condition for selection criteria that you should study local language in your 10th or 12 th. if it is there, it is very important to you to inform them about this. In the same communication you inform them that you have knowledge of local language and indicate your level of competence in the same.

    As far as I know there is no rule that one should study in tenth or twelfth class. So as far as your selection is concerned there will not be any problem. But they should not disqualify you for providing wrong information. Immediately you inform them,

    always confident

  • A communication has to be made either through e - mail or through a letter to the organisation regarding the mistake crept in in relation to the query of your familiarity with the local - language. Inform them you wanted to fill up NO, but due to sheer negligence such a typographical mistake has occurred.
    Kindly go through the advertisement and see what are the criterias to be fulfilled for the post and see whether it is essential to be familiar with the local - language and if there is no such requirement, your mistake is pardonable.
    A timely communication would save you from the unnecessary harassment.

  • It's the case of providing false information due to which you may be disqualified. The best thing you can do now is to inform them officially about the mistake you have done while filling the application form but there is no guarantee they will accept it because for every such test there are some parameters and may be knowing a local language is one of the parameters they may have fixes for this job.

    Moreover by saying that you are proficient in a local language is not enough. You have to show them that you have passed an exam in a local language.

    I remember when I was in 10th standard I didn't have Hindi as a subject as I used to have it as an optional subject but many of my classmates gave an exam for Hindi when they came in 11th standard just for this reason. Now the only option you have is to inform them officially that you provided them with the wrong information and wait for their response.


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  • I did the same mistake , I had sanskrit in 10th but I opted Hindi and yes in 10 and 12th mark sheet. will they allow me for LPT?

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