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    How can I get course migration certificate if course is discontinued

    Are you facing a query regarding course migration certificate? Wondering how to get a migration certificate if one has discontinued the course? You can run down this page and read the responses given by our ISC experts.

    I was studying in Andhra Pradesh and have discontinued intermediate. Now I took admission in diploma in Odisha. It requires migration certificate for admission procedure.
    How can I get migration certificate if I have not completed intermediate?
    What should I do now to get migration certificate?
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  • For getting a migration certificate there is no necessity that you have to complete the course. You can apply through the college where you have studied your intermediate to the Intermediate board for migration certificate.
    The migration certificate is required when we change one board to another board or from one university to another university but transfer certificate is required when we change just one institution(school/college) to another institution of same board/university.
    You can take admission to intermediate in another college there with this migration certificate. You can study privately also but you have to submit your migration certificate to the board.

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  • In your case, you would be required to approach the office of the college where you studied Intermediate attached to Andhra Board with an application indicating the present course to be persued through Odisha. In order to obtain a migration certificate, it is not necessary to pass the course, but this is required in all the cases where an aspirant shifts the state.
    You will be required to fill up an application to be despatched to the Board and any fee required for the processing of Migration - certificate is to be submitted in the counter of the office.
    The migration - certificate will be released by the Board in a couple of weeks.

  • Issue of Migration Certificate does not depend upon completion of the course. It depends upon the registration for a particular course. If you were registered for Intermediate, the Board will issue Migration Certificate if you apply for it following proper procedure and pay the requisite fee.

    So, I would advise you to check the website of the concerned Board (Andhra Board), and apply for the Migration Certificate in the prescribed proforma and attaching the requisite fee through Demand Draft. The Migration Certificate will be sent to the address indicated by you in the proforma. The procedure is not very complicated.

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  • The reason for discontinuation should be a valid one for issuing migration certificate. If that is valid one according to the issuing authority, they will issue without any question by claiming fees as prescribed. Initially, you should get a transfer certificate with a note mentioned as 'discontinued'. For all such things, you should approach the concerned institution or university office personnel by explaining the reasons. If you approach them in person, your request will get solved in the minimum period. If the same is approached over post the possibility may get delayed.

  • To streamline the administrative process of educational courses in different states the concept of migration certificate is there. By producing a migration certificate you stand to prove that you are a bonafide student of the previous state in such and such course whether you completed the course or not is not the requirement for this administrative document.

    The educational institute of your present state will demand this certificate from you and you have to get it from the previous educational institution you left.

    So either take up the matter personally or apply for the migration certificate from the office of the previous institution. It is a very common practice and there is nothing peculiar about it. Just apply for it and get it and submit it to your present institution.

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  • If you have discontinued your intermediate there is no problem of getting migration certificate. You will get the migration certificate on the basis of high school examination. So, Contact your school principal, he will guide you for getting migration certificate. There are two options.
    Online process:
    To apply online for the same, please visit the official site of the board of X exam passed. then click apply for migration certificate. The new window will ask you the roll number of 10 class. Please enter the roll number. It will take other information automatically. Scan the required documents such as mark sheets, adhaar card, T.C, etc and pay for the required fees. After that, submit your application. You will get your migration certificate within two weeks.

    Offline process:
    To apply for offline, go to the board office. The clerk will provide you a form please fill the form, attached the photocopies of required documents, pay fees through challan (the bank will be there to make challan), and submit all these things to the clerk. After two weeks you will get migration certificate at your home through postal service.

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