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    Eye problem with burning eye and pain

    Are you suffering from burning in the eye with pain? Searching for remedies and medical advice to resolve the issue? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can read the advice given by experts so that you can resolve your pain.

    I am a post graduate student. From some days I felt some problem in my eye. I cant go outside, its hurts in my eye. Sometime it burns, and sometimes it pains. I also have headache and the upper side of eye also hurts. Sometime blured vision also occurs. I need some few second to focus on a spot.
    Can you help?
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  • There are many reasons for eye burning and itching. It could be due to some dust or pollen allergy or some ailment in the eye itself. The eye is the most important part of our body and it is imperative that medical advice is to be sought from a good eye doctor.

    Anyway, if it is due to allergy or overuse of eye in reading or computer activities then ordinary eye drops can clear it within a few days. Washing the eye with cool distilled water helps a lot in reducing the redness and burning. Early morning walks in open spaces like park and especially lawn grass also benefits in curing these conditions.

    Sometimes cleaning eyes with cotton soaked in hot water also helps in reducing the swelling and redness from the area. Certain food items are good for eye nutrition. They are Carrots, Leafy greens, Almonds, Eggs, Fatty fish etc.

    Certain deficiencies of vitamins are also related to eye disorders. That can be supplemented after certain tests and doctors opinion.

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  • Burning eye or feeling pain inside the eye suggests violations of healthy norms such as excess usage of laptop or computers, living in dust - laden areas or even improper sleep in the night. You may take up the following remedial steps for the redressal of this problem.
    1) As soon as you wake up in the morning, you must make it a point to wash your eyes thoroughly with plenty of water. This will suit the nerves connecting to eye and irritation will subside.
    2) The other way is to use Triphala - water for rinsing the eye in the morning. Triphala water is made by taking one teaspoon of Triphala soaked in water for overnight and in the morning water is to be filtered and the same water is to be used for rinsing.
    3) In case of using Laptop/ Computers, a break for at least 10 minutes is to be taken for every interval of two hours in order to avoid the issue of burning eye.
    4) You may take Punarnava capsules twice a day after your principal meals as per the advice of your Ayurvedic doctor.
    5) Develop your immunity - system by taking either Guduchi or Tulasi twice daily in order to strengthen your low immunity.
    6) Include Almonds, Walnuts, Carrots, Tomatoes, Gooseberries for regular consumption as these contain abundant antioxidants to keep your eyes healthy apart from toning up the entire body - system.

  • There are many reasons for the eye burning problem. You have pain and burning sensation in your eyes. You have a headache problem also. You have some blurred vision problem also.
    Environmental irritants like smog, smoke or dust can cause burning sensation to the eyes. sometimes normal air can also cause burning sensation to eyes when it's particularly hot, cold or dry.
    A foreign particle in eyes can cause them to burn. Burning eyes sometimes give a serious eye condition. Ocular rosacea, dry eyes and blepharitis can cause symptoms of burning eyes.
    An inflammation can cause a burning sensation. Eye allergies, bacterial and viral eye infections, can cause burning eyes.
    As your burning eyes are accompanied by pain and blurred vision sometimes, I advise you to contact an eye doctor right away for immediate attention. There are many remedies for treating this. But because of multiple problems, I feel you may require glasses. So I definitely advise you to go to an ophthalmologist first and continue as per his suggestion.

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  • If your vision is blurring, do not search the result and option here on the internet. I will suggest you go to the ophthalmologist especially retina specialist. Blurring vision is may be due to the problem in the retina. Some other reasons are allergies, temperature, infection, etc. So, an ophthalmologist will suggest you in a better way.

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  • Your problem can be of less serious nature arsing out of your irregular and unhealthy life style like lack of sleep, keeping awake under artificial lighting for too much time etc. It can be caused due to dryness which again can be caused by excess use of computers, laptop, smartphones and TV or even movies. It appears there is some inflammation in your internal parts of the eye. Sometimes even sinusitis can also cause eye pain.

    However as it is eye and an essential organ, I suggest you visit an eye specialist or if not available immediately, then a an experienced general physician. In the meantime, try to get sufficient sleep, wash your eyes with normal water many times in a day.Avoid rubbing and squeezing your eyes.
    After closing your eyes you can keep raw pumpkin pieces over your eyelids. This can give a cooling effect to the eyes. While using computer etc, close and open your eyes frequently,avoiding staring for a long time.

    Using suitable eye drops for a few days and following regular healthy life style can solve your problems.
    But please visit a doctor at the earliest .

  • There can be several reasons for the same first you need to find it out. Various reasons may be due to frequent contact with dust, pollen grains or any other foreign particles. So one need to establish a cause for the same.

    There can be other reasons too if the burning and pain is unbearable then one must consult a doctor so that full check up can be done and medicines can be given if required.

    Burning may also be due to the contact of your eyes with the chemicals like ingredients in shampoo, chlorine in swimming pool. Other things include cosmetic items, skin lotions or moisturisers, bath saops or other cleaning products.

    Also sitting for long period of time in front of computer, playing on mobile, wearing contact lens for long period of time.

    If you have an eye allergy then doctor will surely prescribe the eye drops which will reduce burning of your eyes. In most of the cases it's good to wash your eyes with cold water.


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  • Generally speaking, the eye burning,pain in eye are caused due to concentrate usage of Computers/mobiles/Television etc.,
    Secondly there are reasons due to over heat in the body.
    This can be removed or solved by
    1.putting wet cloth on the eyes and lie down for some minutes
    2.Applying eye drops after consulting eye doctor nearby.

    As earlier there was a good habit of having oil bath twice every week. Oil bath means applying good sesame oil over full head and whole body. Wait for half an hour and have bath especially in warm water by using soapnut/shikakaai powder.

  • In addition to the suggestions made by our friends here, you need to visit an Eye specialist immediately, if the problem still persists. Please check with you family members whether any of your family members were suffering from Gluacoma and if so, give the input to the visiting doctor about it. As the symptoms also indicate the chances of higher occu-pressure in your eyes, the doctor would check your eye tensions and undertake visual filed test, if necessary. Just a precautionary advice, I am giving but not to make you frightened. Visit the doctor first, hope everything would be fine.


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