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    Career in Theoretical Physics and related guidance

    Aspiring to take up a career in Theoretical Physics? Looking out for guidance about this career, the information about courses and colleges etc? Find suggestions from our ISC experts for all your queries.

    I'm in 12th class (sci) and I have a great interest in science. I aim to become a theoretical physicist, especially in astronomy, just like many famous scientists.
    Please give me guidance, info about courses, colleges and its scope.
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  • Theoretical physicists are considered to be thinkers in the academic world. They use mathematics and insights drawn from models to describe and predict physical occurrences. Theoretical physics may explore nuclear physics, cosmology, mathematical physics, particle physics and gravitational physics but theoretical or mathematical physics will not normally include experimental research. If you want to have a career in theoretical physics you should acquire extensive knowledge of physics and mathematics., Also you have to have computer skills.
    As you are interested in theoretical physics you can start your education with an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Physics along with mathematics. Then you can continue your study with master's and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree programs with a strong theoretical physics focus.
    You may work as a research assistant after earning your bachelor's or master's degrees. But a PhD is required to work as a theoretical physics professor or researcher in a college or a university. Theoretical physicists can work in research centres, universities and private corporations.

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  • The world of Physics is a fascinating one and today the sciences are merging with each other at higher levels and at that level there is no distinction in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. A Physicist is talking of Quantum Biology to decipher the origin of life. He is using Chemical reactions and Mathematical models to unravel the mysteries of nature.

    So if you have a desire to become a theoretical Physicist then you have to work hard in Physics and Mathematics but should take along with you the concepts of all other branches of science like Chemistry and even Biology also.

    The best course will be to go for your graduation in some of these subjects as available in the curriculum of the college or university where you plan to study and then go for Post Graduation in Physics with specialisation in the subject of your choice may be Astrophysics or Astronomy. Thereafter you must pursue research in the field of your interest and then can try to join some leading scientific institution like TIFR, IISc, BARC etc for further growth of your ambitions in the research area.

    In our country all the IITs are a good place to pursue a career in Physics only thing is you will have to qualify in their entrance exam which is held on all India basis. Then there are other Institutes like - Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, Mohali and Kolkata where also one can try to get admission through joint entrance exam.

    Apart from above, there are some other good colleges where one can try to get admission and pursue one's dream career. They are - Presidency College, Kolkata, St Stephens College, Delhi, Christ College, Bangalore, St Xavier's College, Kolkata, Fergusson College, Pune, St Xavier's College, Mumbai, Loyola College, Chennai, Madras Christian College, Chennai, Presidency College, Chennai, Madras Christian College, Chennai.

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  • Physics is definitely an interesting subject provided the nature of law is understood fully with the application of Mathematics. Both subjects are so amalgamated as we see milk containing water. Be it a chapter of Gravitation, Newtons law of Cooling, Aberration of chromatic lenses or LCR circuits in the Current - electricity, you will get extensive application of Mathematical - model.
    Nuclear - Physics, Quantum - Biology are the areas where there is penetration of Mathematics apart from Physical concepts.
    If interested to persue a higher level course such as doctorate - degree in Theoritical - Physics, you should opt for IIT where you will get the assistance of the learned professors in understanding the basic laws. Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, too , would prove to the best plateform in persuing Astronomy.

  • You have ambition of becoming a theoretical Physicist which is definitely a good choice but route to that destination requires focussed attention, hard work and persistent efforts.

    One has to excel in Physics as well as Mathematics. There are various institutions in our country where one can pursue Physics in graduation followed by post graduation and eventually to research in theoretical Physics.

    Depending upon your selection in apex institutions of our country like IITs, IISc and other reputed universities, you have to further pursue your goals by working hard in this particular educational stream.

    If you continuously focus in your studies and subsequently in your research you can meet your objective.

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  • Physicists is the study of the different ways in which the matter and energy get to interact. It is a study of matter, time, space, and the origin of the universe. As a theoretical physicist you have to investigate and work on these subjects. To pursue a career in Theoretical Physics, you have to go through the following:

    Career Requirements:
    You will need to achieve a Degree Level of Education in this stream. To make a good standing in this career, you need to finally pursue Ph.D. and postgraduate level of study.

    Key Skills Required To need to develop the ability to comprehend these abstract ideas of these subjects like time and space. If you have a higher level of competence in mathematical calculation, and have the ability to design new experiments, you are almost there. In totality of things, you have to have the tendency to 'think out of the box', and only with these merits in your card, you can pursue a challenging and exciting career in Theoretical Physics

    For this you have to study in the following sequence:
    Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Physics
    Getting Research Experience by Taking Dissertation Assignments and laboratory experience.
    Earn a Post Graduate Degree on the same from a recognized University
    Pass in the Additional Tests like Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
    Earn a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D)
    Continue to Join in several Postdoctoral Research Projects, and try to earn JRF (Junior Research Fellowship)and SRF (Senior Research Fellowship).

    You have to stay in touch with the latest advancements in this filed of study, keep yourself updated by attending relevant courses and writing papers for seminars, and climb up the ladder by contributing your original ideas in the field.

  • Every subject has it's own value if you really study and encash your knowledge and skills in the practical field. Theoretical physics is a great subject for you if you have a passion for mathematics, statistics, and physics. If you want to become a professor or scientist or researcher theoretical physics can help you to become all these things. If you have a passion for astronomy or astrophysics in the higher study you can also choose if you have a physics background.

    IISC and IIT s are the country's most prestigious institute where you should focus to take admission in bachelor's or masters. If you want to pursue your career outside India then you have to take the GRE exam and opportunity for a physicist are always remains worldwide.

    Become a researcher or scientist is not a very easy thing,it's highly challenging. If you have a passion for physics and do love mathematics then just go for it.

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