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    Is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University, Indore valid for Phd in geography for future teaching job?

    Is a PhD from a recognised private university valid for taking up a teaching job with a university? Read on to know the opinion of our experts.

    I got an offer from a consultant company for PhD from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University, Indore. When I searched on UGC site, it is mentioned that this is a private university and approved by UGC. Is PhD degree from private universities valid for university teaching job? Awaiting advice from experts.
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  • 1. Yes, PhD degrees from private universities approved by UGC are valid for employment purposes in India.
    2. For a teacher's job, PhD degree is not required. M.Sc./MA in Geography along with B.Ed. is necessary for PGT posts in Geography all over India. PhD would be an added qualification.
    3. I feel that before registering for PhD, you should have obtained B.Ed., in case you have not already obtained that degree.

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  • The APJ Abdul Kalam University was recently formed in 2016. It was formed by enacting the Madhya Pradesh Act No. 1 of 2016, This act was used to amend the Madhya Pradesh Niji Vishwavidyalaya (Sthapana Avam Sanchalan) Adhiniyam of 2007. Accordingly, this university was established on the 4th of January, 2016 along with the establishment of Malwanchal University in Indore. These 2 universities have their jurisdiction all over the state of Madhya Pradesh. The university post for the same university on Indiastudychannel is found over here:
    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University Indore

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  • Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam University, Indore is a private university having UGC recognition. The degrees awarded by this university are treated on par with any other UGC recognised University and the degrees are valid for all types of posts.
    If you want to go for a teaching post in a college no B.Ed is required. But if you want to go for a teaching post in a high school or primary school, you have to have a B.Ed degree.
    You can get a teaching post in colleges even without a PhD degree provided you are qualified in the NET exam conducted by CBSE for becoming a lecturer.
    If you finish your PhD, you need not write NET and you can apply for the lecturer post directly with your PhD degree.
    Now the various options were given above. You can take a call based on your interest.

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  • Dr, APJ Abdul Kalam University Indore is a private university having UGC affiliation and hence persuing a doctorate degree in any subject will not create any problem in terms of its recognition. You can undertake a Ph.D degree and can go in for the lecturership or any post where a doctorate - degree is required.
    For the continuation of teaching job in a college, there are either of the two conditions to be fulfilled - the first one being a doctorate degree having UGC affiliation or the second one is one must be a NET qualifier.
    B.Ed degree is meant for the post of teachers in a high - school and this degree follows with a graduation degree regardless of the stream.
    In oder to secure the post of lecturership in a college, one should have secured a minimum of 55 percent marks in post graduation belonging to general - category and for SC/ ST there is the relaxation of 5 percent of their agree gate marks. Absorption is on the basis of clearance of NET test but in case of a Ph.D degree one is exempted from clearance of the NET test.

  • 1. Yes, PhD degrees from private universities approved by UGC are valid for employment purposes in India.

    2. For a teacher's job, PhD degree is not required. M.Sc./MA in Geography along with B.Ed. is necessary for PGT posts in Geography all over India. PhD would be an added qualification.

    3. For a job of University lecturer, the PhD degree from any UGC-approved university is definitely a desirable qualification. As Dr, APJ Abdul Kalam University, Bhopal is approved by UGC, the PhD degree of this University will be given due importance.

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  • A PhD degree from any recognised and affiliated college or university under UGC is an eligible condition in applying for jobs in our country. As Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University, Indore is a recognised one there is no problem on that account.

    To get a lecturer job after PhD one has to apply to universities and colleges and there are many candidates in the fray who have done PhD and are aspiring for these posts. So merely doing PhD may not suffice for the purpose. They will be seeing your educational credentials right from high school to post-graduation and if the scores in all those exams are really impressive then only this PhD will add value to your CV and they can call you for the interview for the coveted post of the lecturer.

    That is the reason why many people do not go for PhD and rather go for B.Ed after their graduation and post graduation which makes one eligible to apply for teaching in various schools and colleges up to XII standard. One can even think of going for primary teachers course and then try for the teaching job for lower classes.

    If you have a good educational career and score in your post graduation then you can even prepare for the NET exam and qualifying it will make you eligible for applying for lecturer job in various Govt and private colleges.

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  • You have clearly indicated that you would like to take up an University teaching job. However, you also seem to have a job as a consultant. Yes, your doctorate degree may be recognized by the UGC as well, as has been pointed out by the members.

    However, vital questions remain. a) Are you serious about the consultancy job b) Are you interested in academics?

    Please take the first option. It is unclear, what is the nature of consultancy. If it is purely academic, namely research oriented, that may not take you very far. If it is practical oriented and it can offer solutions to interested parties, you can jolly well take up the consulting assignment, be there for a couple of years, but also teach , possibly part time in some college.

    Simultaneously, if you are interested only in academics, please be informed that most Universities demand at least ten research papers in refereed journals. One does not know if you have them. For example, private Universities like the SRM University, demand this kind of a scholarship Quite apart from this, you are also expected to have a deep interest in the field and should know all global developments. You should also pass both your State UGC Test ( called the SLET) and the UGC NET as well. Only this will enable you to stand in good stead.

    Please also do make it a point that you do not stick to the Hindi-speaking region alone, but also be willing to migrate anywhere in India. This is mainly because there are too many Hindiwallahs with a similar background and the competition may be very tough. There are private Universities in Dubai, like the Manipal University. You can even try in such Universities. There is also a good chance that you can get employed in some good Universities in Kenya, Nigeria and so on. These countries actively woo highly educated academics from India. Look to the internet for information in this regard. There are some selected organizations specializing in such recruitment's too.

    Be very clear about your career goals. And the research publications are a must, wherever you go and whatever you do.

    All the very best.

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