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    Erectile dysfunction from 5 years

    Have a problem pertaining to erectile dysfunction? Want to get information about relevant medicines? On this Ask Expert page you will get many responses to resolve the issue.

    I have the problem of erectile dysfunction. iI occurs due to masturbation. If I take medicines like Sadnafil, Tadafil ,ayurvedic I get erection but there is remain temporary discharge with urine slowly. Some white particles flow in urine.I have taken so much medicines but no effect. So suggest me medicines I can improve quickly.I am unmarried.
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  • This is a problem which many people face but they do not confide it with others as it is a taboo subject.

    In this disorder, the self-control and determination help more than the medicines. One has to divert attention to constructive activities and hobbies and should have a busy schedule. Yoga is supposed to be one of the main rescuers in such a condition. The breathing exercises and Yoga Asanas are the keys to concentrate the mind in a positive direction and bring fruitful result in many cases. It helps immensely in subsiding the untimely and unwanted sexual urge.

    The mental setup is another aspect which is to be clearly understood in this context. Sex is the natural desire in humans and animals and one should not feel guilty after the natural sexual act. It is the mind which affects the controls in the body and more one feels sorry or has a complex of his sexual diversions, more one suffers.

    It is not a disorder, it is a mental condition and once you are busy in your work and with Yoga make yourself strong-minded, you will be out of this syndrome soon. People have tried it and have successfully come out of such situations.

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  • There are two types of Erectile dysfunctions (ED)
    Primary ED is that a man never been able to have or sustain an erection. This happens very rarely.
    Secondary ED is that people who are getting it temporarily but earlier they had a regular erectile function. This type is very common. It can be reversed and is often temporary. Primary ED can also be cured but may require more intensive medical treatments.
    The best treatment may depend on the person. In many cases, it can get cured by surgery or medication. If it is not successful a penis pump may be prescribed. It is advised to consult a specialist in that line.
    But in your case, it may be due to your psychological feeling also. However, I suggest you go to a specialist and act as per his suggestion.

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  • Erectile - dysfunction is closely related to mental - problem and since you have observed this disorder since five years, it may be because of excess stress. A few tips mentioned below will alleviate your problems-
    1) Take around 8- 10 pieces of Raisins and soak them in around 100 ml of water in a glass for overnight and in the morning consume the Raisins, which are in enlarged condition due to swelling and along with this, consume the remaining water. You may take a glass of warm water following this concoction. A regular use of Raisins as stated above in the morning for a period of two months will produce a positive result in the alleviation of your disorder. Raisins contain full of antioxidants such as Iron, Folic - acid, Magnesium, Niacin etc which will nourish your metabolism including your digestive system.
    2) You may try Aswagandha of any reputed Pharmaceutical. Take a teaspoonful of this powder along with hot warm milk in the night after the dinner. A regular ingestion of this powder would suit your excited nerves and would produce certain sedative effects. The nutrition value of Aswagandha such as Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium etc will tone up the entire body - system giving you an extra stamina in all your activities. Consume the same in winter for at least forty days.
    3) Avoid stress at all the cost.
    4) Poor digestion may also affect your sexual - performance and so you may use Gooseberry - powder of any reputed pharmaceutical by taking one teaspoon powder twice daily after your meal. Gooseberry contains numerous valuable minerals such as Chromium, Iron, Magnesium and abundant amount of Vitamin B complex and these constituents will nourish your body including the surge of your sexual - urge.
    5) You need to take rest for at least eight hours in the night since proper rest allows the different hormones such as endocrine, thyroid etc to work better for the maintainable of health. In that way, you will have excellent metabolism.
    Don't be misguided by the fake advertisement appearing on the magazines and papers claiming the effective remedy of sexual - dysfunction. Such medicines may prove detrimental to your health.

  • The previous replies have given important and relevant information about this problem, which many people nowadays suffer. This is generally caused due to a sedentary lifestyle and in some cases, due to some complicated diseases.

    Let us forget about the complicated diseases for a while. I would advise you to get your sugar level checked (which is a major cause behind erectile dysfunction), start doing regular exercise and go for Ayurvedic treatment (instead of allopathy or homoeopathy). Stop worrying about the problem and if you continue physical exercises/Yoga, take Ayurvedic treatment and change your lifestyle and food habit, this problem will definitely be eliminated.

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  • How old are you? Don't waste your time in masturbation. It is natural activity of get erection when required. If you are habituate to masturbate then slowly reduce it. You need to get your attention to something else. May be sports or your hobbies. Avoid alcohol drinking , smoking it kills erection. Follow this and you will be ok.

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  • A lot of what is narrated in the question can be out of misconception and lack of self confidence.
    If the questioner is unmarried, how can he be sure that he has erectile dysfunction? Did he consult a doctor? His own attributing it to masturbation seems to be not based on clinical facts or scientific diagnosis, but due to his own 'inference'.

    When there are ample number of qualified and experienced doctors who are either general physicians or specialists in this filed, why should you take self medication or ask for suggestion from a general forum? As these can interfere with physical and psychological state, it is better to desist from self medication.
    A good erection is the result of combination of many factors. It needs a good stimulation,good ambience giving confidence, a state of normal physical and mental status. no sense of fear or insecurity etc etc. Time for arousal is also a factor.

    In many cases, when unmarried, where there is always a cause for anxiety, the anxiety vanishes when one is married and is in a stable relationship with wife. Many of the previous 'worries' turn to be 'horrible and unreal imaginations'. You may better focus on more matters that engage your body and mind, and give less time for worrying about erectile dysfunction.

    However as you say it is for last five years, it is suggested that you visit an experienced and qualified doctor first, removing all your fears now itself.

  • First of all, I will say that masturbation causes nothing. It's a myth that it makes penis shapeless, thin or causes erectile dysfunctioning. It's better for you not to think much about it and concentrate on your work. There is no medicine by which one will get rid of masturbation so don't get trapped and waste your money for the same. Further, you may see a doctor if it persists as he may be able to help you. Also, you can follow below things as are the causes of erectile dysfunction

    High blood pressure and high cholesterol: These may be harmful as can damage blood vessels including which supply blood to the penis. Make sure your doctor checks both of these and give medicine to control them if they are at an increased level in your case.

    Drink moderate alcohol: Excessive alcohol drinking may damage liver and nerve which may lead to an imbalance of sex hormone causing erectile dysfunctioning.

    Exercises like running, swimming, and other forms of aerobic exercise have been shown to help prevent erectile dysfunctioning.

    Above all it depends on your mental state. If the person doesn't have a sexual desire then it's difficult that he may have an erectile.

    I will suggest you see a doctor and let's see what he says.


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