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    Fasting on Mondays and the rituals to be followed.

    Have a query about the rituals to be followed during fasting? Want to know about the norms for whether one can have non veg food or alcohol? Check out this page where our ISC experts have provided with information about the rituals.

    My friend used to fast on Mondays not for his marriage but for his internal peace.
    Once he was on fast on Monday and at 12:00 am of Tuesday he ate nonveg and drank alcohol.
    He should not have done this but tell me if it is right or wrong and consequences of doing this.
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  • There are two main reasons why people observe fast. The first is the religious one in which one has to please the Almighty to get one's wishes to be granted. This is purely a matter of faith and belief and the person simply goes by that. In many religions, it is prohibited to take many things like onion, garlic, eggs, non-veg and alcoholic drinks during the fasting and naturally, they will avoid it on that day.

    Many of my friends observe fast on Tuesday to please Lord Hanuman and they do not take even onion vegetable on that day what to say of other indulgences.

    The second reason is simply a scientific one and that is people observe fast maybe once in a week or ten days to detox the body from the harmful radicals and give rest to the stomach and other body machinery only to rejuvenate it for future. This is also being observed by many people and on that particular day, it is advisable to take light food mainly consisting of fruits, salads, buttermilk and things like that. If someone is taking high-calorie spicy junk food or oily non-veg food on that day also, then the whole purpose of detoxing the body is defeated.

    So one has to choose the dishes accordingly on a fasting day.

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  • Monday or even any day fasting means you are not supposed to eat anything on that particular day. Some people even don't take liquids also. But these days people are taking fruit juices or coffee or tea also. My grandmother used to observe fasting and on that day she never used to take water also.
    The people who take nonveg and drink also will observe fasting. On the day of fasting, they are not supposed to eat anything either veg or nonveg. They should not drink alcohol. The next day of fasting they should eat normal food and I suggest to avoid nonveg and foods which are not easily getting digested. If you eat this the load on your stomach and digestive system will become high. A zero activity stage to this stage all of a sudden is not good. After that, they can go for the food they like. Drinking alcohol is not good at any time. But people consume it. I suggest not to consume alcohol on the day of fasting and the next day at least.

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  • Pursuing fasting on certain days in the name of rituals is good for health. This was made in practice only to keep the body fit as we do eat many items irrespective of taste either on an official outing or personal outing. During festivals, we do eat different tasty items. Because of such eating, our stomach may be in disorder. To make up our stomach we do fasting and that too if we do the same in the name of God it is good to mind also as our entire mind concentrated towards God. Everything the rituals designed by our elders to meet out our body as well mind control only.
    During the fasting days, we should get away from onion, garlic, non-veg, alcohol etc., only to control our mind as the same things are diverting our health and inducing our organs towards other directions.
    It is to be noted one thing in this middle. There was a practice in many houses in those days to give an enema to children as well elders periodically to keep the stomach in order. Weekly twice oil bath was taken by many people as practice. On the days of the oil bath, people avoided non-vegetarian, etc., as to avoid contradiction. Ladies used to apply turmeric powder for their faces, legs etc., and thereby they lead a life free from pimples, hair in skins etc., Nowadays people forget all such fasting, oil bath, turmeric powder etc., and running to hospitals and seeking protection from doctors.

  • Peace of mind is the most important thing became in today's world of human nature. People follow the English calendar and hours of 12 AM to 12 PM which is far different from the Hindu calendar. So answer to your question is that eating non-veg past wrong spiritually and physically. It is recommended that eat less in the night before long hours of sleep.
    There are alternatives to fast food like Morya seeds dosa, rice etc. which he can have during the daytime.

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  • Fasting in the name of rituals has multiple benefits and people believe taking fast on Monday since this day is considered to be auspicious. It is a day to please Lord Shiva and the fasting should be carried out for continuous 16 Mondays so that the internal desire such as health, wealth and piece is achieved.
    However, observing fast purifies the entire system - an essential process to purge the existing toxins within the system. The initial process involves devoid of foods and water for the entire period of 24 hours. Later, such a tough process eased due to the inclusion of water which the devotees could take in some time interval. To this extent, fasting is acceptable since consumption of water helps to purify the system efficiency by eliminating the wastes from the body - system.
    There are some sections of people taking some fruits, coffees and tea at some regular intervals to avoid the uneasiness while observing fasting.
    We must take caution on the next day by starting solid food slowly. The process should be such that Lemon water should be taken in a minor quantity and then some sweet items in a moderate quantity. Later the quantity of food is to step up for the easy assimilation of food - items.
    Taking non - veg items immediately after the fast may cause indigestion resulting in the stomach - problem.

  • Practically I would say its okay when he had alcohol and non veg after 12 am as Monday was over and he fasted on Monday only. But personally, I will say its wrong as when you keep fast that means you have kept it due to religious reason and its said that we should refrain from such activities at least till morning. We keep fast on Monday to please Lord Shiva and it is against the rituals to eat non-veg and alcohol at midnight. Although no one is going to say anything but that our respect towards God.


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  • You have said the following: "Once he was on fast on Monday and at 12:00 am on Tuesday he ate nonveg and drank alcohol. He should not have done this........"

    So far as alcoholic drink is concerned, it should never be taken, because it is harmful to health. But what about non-vegetarian food? Is taking non-vegetarian food a sin? I think not. Further, why are you mixing the subject with fasting? Fasting is done to cleanse the body and soul. Nowadays, some doctors advise people to fast a day, if there is no complicated problem.

    If your friend fasted (a day in a week) to cleanse his body-system, then there is absolutely no problem if he takes non-vegetarian food the next day. If he fasted from a spiritual point of view, then also taking non-vegetarian food the next day is not a sin. But consuming alcohol is not at all good.

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  • Fasting is an individual choice. It is voluntary and one must respect it if one is observing it. Whether it is on religious grounds or health reasons fasting is a world wide activity being observed by millions of people and there are certain rules to follow during fasting.

    One should avoid use of high calorie and high fat foods during fasting otherwise it will defeat the main purpose of the whole exercise of fasting as mainly they are observed for cleansing of our body.

    So taking veg or non-veg or alcohol is to be completely avoided and basic liquids to sustain the fasting day are only to be consumed.

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  • If the person does it for a fad or for his own temporary satisfaction, it is not an issue to anyone except his own family.
    It is purely his personal choice-provided what he does is not affecting or contrary to his health conditions.
    Alcohol is definitely not good in general. If a person abstains food & drinks for a whole day, and then drinks alcohol just as a vengeance, then he is doing more damage to his own body.
    After observing a fast, the body has to be carefully brought back to normal conditions. That is why those who break fast are given lime juice or Tulsi water first. They have to take heavy food only gradually after breaking a fast.

    Periodical and regular fast if undertaken with all its controls and care is beneficial to body and mind. Whether it is taken under some faith, religious principles etc it is going to give benefit.
    However, like anything even a casual fast can bring harm if not properly undertaken. Hence one should understand from those experienced or experts in this regard and also consider one's own health conditions before undertaking a fast-even for a day.

    Fasting if it serves only an alibi for over eating, untimely eating, irregular or binge eating, then it is harmful and not to be practised that way.

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