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    Name change through gazette after it is valid for civil exam

    Are you having a query about name change is gazette? Wondering whether it is better to change the name before getting a central government job or after? Resolve your worries by going through the responses from experts here.

    My surname is wrongly witten in SSC and all higher education certificates .
    Can I change my surname through central gazette and after submitting my all id proofs like aadhar and voter and PAN etc.? If I apply with new surname to civil exam or other central exam will there be any problem in document verification?
    I have state govt caste certificate but when I want central govt format that time will the authorities issue certificate with new name or old name?
    Which is better: to change name before central job or after the central job?
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  • I suggest you wait till you get selected for your government job and after joining in the job with the existing certificates, you can attempt for changing the surname.
    One advantage for you is all your certificates are having the same name. Attempting for changing in all the certificates is difficult. So I suggest you go to an affidavit. You can contact a good advocate in your area who is very well versed in these issues and he will guide you for doing the needful. After getting the affidavit made, you can publish in two newspapers (One local paper and one English paper) and keep them for your record. I feel this is the best course of action you can do.

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  • As your surname is not correct in all the educational documents then for applying anywhere it may not be a problem but it is definitely a matter of concern when someone starts comparing the surname in them with that of Aadhaar card or PAN card or birth certificate etc.

    It is surprising that so far you never had such problem anywhere. So theoretically speaking you should get all your educational credentials corrected from the respective board offices or university office but that may be a cumbersome process and will take time.

    So what I suggest is go for a legal affidavit in the matter by consulting a lawyer and get it prepared detailing all these mismatches there and taking an oath under the seal of the magistrate where it will be countersigned by him. Please take this legal document with you wherever you are called for document verification.

    What you are doing now is to mention the mistake in your certificates. It is nothing to do with changing ones name or surname. That is done when everything is matching but due to some other reasons you want to change your name and surname. For that separate procedure of advertising in newspaper and gazette notification is required

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  • 1. If your educational certificates mention one surname and AADHAR Card and PAN Card indicate different surname, then you have a genuine problem. This is because, nowadays you have to submit your AADHAR Card and PAN Card at the time of joining Government Office. If this is the case, then I would advise you to go for correction of surname by Affidavit immediately without wasting any time.
    2. However, if all documents (educational certificates as well as Identity Cards like AADHAR Card/PAN Card) contain wrong but same surname, then you can change it later. Please note that uniformity is the main issue.
    3. Please note that there is no need of Gazette Notification for the name change. Gazette Notification has different purposes and is used by the Government only.

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  • Uniformity in respect of your surname appearing in all your educational certificates has to be matched with your Aadhar and PAN card and in case of deviation, these certificates are to be corrected from the respective sources. Approaching the offices of the different institutions would take time and the process would be somewhat longer.
    The best option would be to approach a lawyer attending the office of the First class magistrate. Provide him the duplicate copies of Aadhar - card, PAN card and the photo - copies of the certificates needing correction in respect of your surname. He would make an affidavit containing you signature at the bottom of the certificate and the same would authenticated by the Magistrate. Once the affidavit is released, the affidavit is to be published in two papers of which one must be local one. Preserve the cutting of this notification so as to be produced in the event of document - verification.

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