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    Cephalic presentation with cesarean

    Have a query about pregnancy? Searching for information about Cephalic presentation and the need to proceed with cesarean? On this Ask Expert page you can scroll through the medical advice and resolve your query.

    Wife pregnancy with 38 week,scan says cephalic presentation and cord at the fetal. But the doctor checked physically in the uterus and they say that baby doesn't come into vaginal area. Hence they have advised cesarean. I am totally confused.
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  • Generally, babies settle into a head-down position. It will happen generally in the last month before delivery. Doctors call this a 'vertex' or 'cephalic' position. Generally, a baby in a breech position till 36 weeks and turn to the cephalic position in the last month of pregnancy. When the doctor checks the pregnant lady in the second or third trimesters, they will assess the position of the baby. If they have any doubt they will go for ultrasonic scanning. There are three different types of a baby being in bottom down position.
    1. The baby's legs are straight up in front of its body in a V shape, so its feet are up near its face
    2, The baby is in a sitting position with its legs crossed in front of its body and its feet near its bottom
    3. One or both of the baby's feet are hanging below its bottom, so the foot or feet are coming first.
    These day many doctors are often advising to have a caesarean birth if their baby is breech. If your doctor is advising to go for a surgery, I suggest you take a second opinion. If the doctor who is suggesting cesarean is your family doctor and if you know him better go as for his advise. Otherwise, you can go for a second opinion also and based on the two suggestions you can take a decision.

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  • At the time of the birth of the baby it will be in a head down position so that the head first comes out smoothly due to its oblong and round structure and the remaining body follows it. This is the normal mode of pregnancy and there is no situation of legs obstructing in the vaginal canal at the time of delivery. In medical terms this is known as cephalic presentation.

    In same cases during the course of pregnancy the rotational movement of the baby to bring it to the head down position in the last month of pregnancy is hampered and it may be in some other position where head may be at a bit far from the vaginal opening which may not be conducive for a smooth passage of the baby to come out of the womb comfortably.

    After examining all these things the doctor will advise for a normal delivery or caesarean one. You can go for second opinion also in the matter as there are some malpractices also in this area of medical treatment where some of the unethical doctors can mislead you to go for caesarean to earn the extra money involved in the operation. If the doctor is a reputed one and known to you beforehand then you can believe in his worlds and go for the suggested course of action.

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  • It is a natural phenomena that head of the baby comes downward much before the delivery occurs. It is always better to remain under the supervision of the gynaecologist who would check up the movement of the baby by different means. Testing by means of ultra - sound is not advisable in the normal course bu the specialist may advise for the same in extreme cases.
    Such check up by the specialist time to time after the seventh month of pregnancy would help the pregnant regarding the foetus - movement and at the same time doctor would ascertain the health condition of the infant.
    During the prenatal stage, the doctor very often prescribes Calcium, Iron and Folic - acid for the strengthening the womb apart from the nourishment of the would - be - mother.
    It would be equally important for the mother to go in check up especially after eighth month in order to avoid any complication later on.

  • What I think by reading the details of your wife is that baby is in cephalic position that means baby's head is down while legs are up which is absolutely normal position and not at all a candidate for c section. regarding cord around the neck you have not mentioned about the number of loops. If there is a single loose cord then doctor can definitely try for normal delivery first. if there is double loop then it is advisable to go for caeserean point as you said that doc told baby is not down into the vagina that means baby hasn't dropped yet but this shouldn't be the reason for undergoing c section right now.your wife is in 38th week so doctor can definitely wait for two more weeks for baby drop..infact full term pregnancy is of 40 weeks so why is your doctor in so much hurry for c section? I would advise you to go for second opinion

  • Take second opinion and do not tell other doctor who is your primary doctor. Even doctors have connections and they don't interfere each others patients. Take action based on common opinion. Let specialized people do their job.

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