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    Are you planning to join the teaching field and do something worthwhile or new? Looking out for various options in teaching and research? No worries, go through this page and advice from experts here.

    I have completed M.Sc Physics. What are the options for future career? I like do research and also teaching field. I want to work for the students in rural area and those who are weak in science/physics or those who have failed in science. Also for the students those have fear in mind about mathematics. I like to do something new. What are options for me? Please tell.
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  • After doing post graduation in Physics there are many options for making a career. You have indicated that you have interest in teaching and you want to help the week students in their studies. You are also ready to work in a remote and small place as well though many people will not prefer to go to the small towns situated in far off locations. I appreciate your concern for the backward areas and week students.

    In teaching line there are three ways to enter. The first is go for B.Ed and then apply for teaching in schools. Another is complete some primary teaching course and join some school as these primary and basic education schools are spread even in the remotest corner of our country. The next thing is go for NET exam and qualify it to become eligible for applying to lecturer post in colleges or university. Even if you get a good job in a big city, you can always continue your helping work for week student in your spare time.

    So these were the basic teaching options but there are other career options for you like appearing in various competitive exams conducted by state and central Govt like IAS etc and make a career in administration. There are opportunities in PSUs also where time to time posts for executives are advertised and they conduct their own exam on national level for selection to such posts.

    All these jobs are high end coveted ones but you can maintain your passion for teaching and helping the week students there also as you will have more opportunity to interact and network with the colleges and schools in your area of jurisdiction and with your connections you can do a lot of good things as envisaged by you in your query.

    After post graduation, research is also a good option and you can choose a good subject of your taste and fascination to do some good work under a reputed guide. You can try to apply for PhD in some reputed institutes like TIFR, IISc, IITs etc or some leading universities in our country where you get good lab facilities to pursue your research.

    Please note that after a successful PhD, you can directly apply for lectureship in colleges and universities without going through the NET route.

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  • It is good that you have completed your post graduation in Physics. I feel happy that you are interested in research and teaching. For this, the best option is to go for a teaching job at a university. There you will have a chance to teach as well as research also. You can take students who are interested in doing PhD after post graduation under you and guide them for doing the work in the field of your interest and publish the work. The published work will be useful to the candidate for his PhD degree.
    To become a teacher in a college or university, you have to get qualified in the NET examination conducted by CBSE. If you are qualified in the test for a teacher post, you can apply to different colleges and universities and you can get selected for the teaching post. While working at the university you can do your PhD also. Once you are qualified in NET you are eligible to get UGC scales and all other benefits as per the UGC norms.
    If you are not interested in the NET exam also there are two options for you.
    1. You can join in any private college as a lecturer. They will give you less salary only. While working there you can register for your PhD in a nearby university and complete your PhD. Once you complete your PhD you can apply for teaching posts in government colleges or universities.
    2. You can join for a PhD even though you are not qualified in your NET examination but you will not get the fellowship. However, you can work without financial aid and once you complete your PhD you will become eligible for lecturer post in any of the government colleges, government universities or private universities.
    If you don't want to do PhD, you can go for BEd and after getting qualified in BEd you can join in any government school or private school as a teacher and see that your ambition will be fulfilled.

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  • It appears that you have immense interest for teaching particularly upgrading the weak - students by providing them basics of this subjects. I can offer you some ideas and implementation of the same would depend upon your liking and interest.
    First of all, you can look out for some imminent coaching institute in your area providing the aspirants coaching in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry so that they may excell well in the engineering competitive Examination. It should serve as a nice plateform where you can clear doubts of the aspirants in relation to various topics in Physics. Your popularity is dependant upon way of teaching and how far you would be in a position to clarify the doubts. Apart from it, you should be able to solve the numerical problems of various topics and provide your students some valuable inputs in solving such problems. In that way, you will get both money and fame in this area.
    The other area could be your sincere preparation for the NET being held by CBSE. Ensure that you have secured at least 55 percent in your post - graduation. Clearance of NET will allow you to go ahead for the lecturership in a government - college with the better prospects with the progress of time. Your aim should be to procure the doctorate - degree later on for widening your career prospects.
    You may join ISRO or BRAC if you like the Research - field. You need some efforts to clear the written paper containing General - knowledge, Mathematics and your clarity in your Grammar - portion and upon clearance of the same, you will have to qualify the oral test.
    If your apetite suits for a challenging job, you may go in for the IAS examination. Choose any prominent institute in this line for the better guidance. Develop your skill in both writing and speaking in English. Choose such elective subjects which can help you in securing impressive marks with a little effort. Even you may choose the subjects of humanity - stream such as Geography, Philosophy and History if you have fascination for these subjects.

  • MSc physics is a good course to choose and there are better options to get a job after doing this than the other courses.

    The most popular and common jobs available are the scientists positions in DRDO,BARC and ISRO,and many other labs like IPR. For DRDO and BARC you have to apply for GATE or BARC written exam which are announced almost every year and you have to be alert when it's announced. Another option available for you is to qualify NET JRF and then apply for assistant professor in some state colleges or colleges affiliated to universities.

    Also one can apply for private universities as the pay scale is almost the same for recognized universities. One may also prepare for UPSC exams.

    Doing TET is also an option for them after completing B.Ed. One can start teaching in coaching centres, pvt schools also as pay scale is good here.


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  • After M.Sc. in Physics there are opportunities in teaching line, executive posts in PSUs, all India administrative and other competitions, State subordinate services, Banking services, Research opportunities and applying for suitable posts in private organisations. If you have interest in computer line you can do some computer diploma in web designing, system management etc and can think of making a career in that line.

    Anyway, it depends mostly on your interest and aptitude that you can excel in a particular career line. I have seen people going for technical certificate and diploma after M.Sc. and start their own repair maintenance shop which is having a increasing demand day by day. So white collar job is not the only career line today.

    You have to consider these various options vis-a-vis your interest and potential so that you can concentrate in that particular field.

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  • A post graduate in physics has got several options to select. One thing you have to decide is whether you are to continue your studies or to opt for a job. Higher studies might take you to Ph.D. programmes.
    There are several institutions which offer facilities for Ph.D. programmes. The selection of the institutions must be based on the topic you choose for research. First try to find out a good guide who can help you to choose the correct topic. There will be difficulty in getting a correct guide. In University set up there are limits for the number of students to be taken by a guide. Good guides will be generally overloaded. Hence you have to start the search for a good guide. This you can start even when you are a PG student. At the same time you also must have an idea about the area in which you wish to work.
    Only a lucky student gets the chance to get admitted in a good research institution and under a real research guide.
    With Physics background one can go for other options as well , like electronics, computer, etc.
    Joining for a job in a research cum teaching institution will be a good option. If you are very much interested in research the same can be done parallel to your teaching job. Several people opt for such a combination. Here you get the benefit of consultations with different faculty members. Teaching will help finding out different problems which need more clarifications and research. I remember when I was teaching a particular problem (length - weight relationship among fishes), I saw a new method suggested by an author. But when I went through it I found the result was not perfect. I went through it several times and worked out another methodology/ a formula for finding the length weight relationship. The result was noted down and using this result a research paper was prepared. This I sent for publication in a research journal (Current Science), which was published in it.
    Similar to that I could develop more research papers independently or together with my colleagues.


  • From the query itself, your intent is clear. It is not that you have no clarity about the other options as you are already a Post Graduate in Physics. You wanted to support the rural masses and also to pursue PhD.

    My take on your query is quite different. Dreaming something is different and working on your dream to realize it is quite contrast to it. Why I am saying because the intent to help rural students is something looks like an inspiration by watching movies etc. Frankly speaking. Having done M Sc PhD, what role you would be assigned in Govt/Public Sector to promote rural people? If you want to help them, you could become a Village development Officer (VDO) and to get the post, I think any graduate is eligible for it. No need to do PG.

    So, be clear. If you interested in Ph D, apply for JRF so that you can get good amount of scholarship. But remember it is so strain some to get a Doctorate and you have to struggle for a minimum period of 4 years. Of course, I presume that you are well aware of it. Having done M Sc, you are entitled to become a Lecturer in Physics in any College and you can guide those students who have the rural background at Higher secondary and Graduate level. If you want to work in Government sector, start appearing for various competitive examination from now onward. Helping the rural students would always be feasible even if you work in other capacities. As teaching appears to be your interesting subject, I suggest you to go for various options to become a Lecturer in a private/Govt. college as suggested by few experts in the preceding responses.


  • Hi Neha,

    You can choose any of the following option.
    1. Since you are already PG , you can do B.Ed. and try for getting Govt or Private job in teaching.
    2. If you wanted to pursue your research interest then there gets vacancies of Jr. Scientist in many Private Labs and in Government agencies of space and material.
    3. Take coaching classes. This is something which will explore your interesting teaching town students. It needs initial investment of acquiring classroom but your peace of mind is important.

    Hope this helps tuning your career.

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