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    How to enter the Indian cricket team

    Aspiring to join the Indian cricket team? Searching for the detailed process and guidance? Find advice from experts here and decide how to achieve your dreams.

    I am 219 years old and going to complete my degree on April 2019.
    I have fulfilled my parents dream but my dream is to become a cricketer. I dont how to go there.
    Can you provide guidance to become a cricketer?
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  • I appreciate your ambition and aspiration to become a cricket player of national level. It may look difficult but with hard work and determination it is possible.

    First of all confirm by asking yourself what is your aptitude and interest for your career. If the answer is cricket then you need not to bother for anything and just go on devotedly to achieve your objective. Are you already playing cricket in local matches or inter school matches. If yes, then it makes the things even simpler. If not, do not worry let us start from the scratch.

    You must find out some local or regional club or sports academy in our country where you can learn the subtleties of this game. There are many good and reputed sports/ Cricket academies in places like Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Mumbai etc and you can try to get admission there for your coaching and learning the latest in this game.

    Please note that learning a game is one thing but to excel in it and reach the glorious heights is entirely a matter of dedication, hard work and persistent efforts in the learning of intricacies of this game. Focussed and concentrated practice is required to achieve perfection in anything and that is true for cricket also. Your parents might be aware of all these things and that is why they are forcing you in an easier career path but do not accept it if it is not going to be your cup of tea rather explain to them your interest and your seriousness to adopt cricket as a career.

    So, go ahead and join a good cricket academy near your place and remember that for a determined person sky is the only limit.

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  • My answer is as under:-

    (a) If you are 219 years old, then I am afraid that you don't have much hope. But if you are 19, then there is adequate scope if you are very serious to achieve your goal.
    (b) First, shift to a major city (if you are not a resident of a big city). Then register yourself with a good coaching academy.
    (c) After a rigorous physical training and coaching to hone your skill in the academy, start playing cricket league of the state.
    (d) After playing the first class, try to get yourself included in the state team by continuously performing well in the league cricket (in all form of the game).
    (e) Start playing first-class cricket and perform uniformly.
    (f) If you perform uniformly in domestic cricket for 3-5 years and if your luck permits, you can don India cap. Determination and patience are the two keys to success.

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  • If you want to make your career in cricket, please play cricket in your college team and perform better in inter-college competition. This is the best way to gain the name as a cricketer.

    You can join a cricket team in the city and perform the best there. You would be a familiar name in the cricket, which will help you to make your career in the cricket.

    Join a cricket academy, in my opinion, it is the best way to be selected for the profession cricket team. Once you join the cricket academy, you would get a chance to play first-class cricket and also have a chance to be selected for IPL. Once you perform there, you would be able to be selected in Indian cricket team.

    But, remember, there is a lot of competition in this field.

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  • If you want to achieve success in the field of cricket then a sound and healthy physique is the pre-requisite. Regular exercises coupled with healthy and nutritive diet are very essential for becoming a sportsman. This area requires a healthy body with sound mind.

    Generally people excel in the area where they have a passion for it. So if it is where your aptitude lies, you can definitely improve your game and gradually gain experience and reach in the topmost list of the cricket players.

    You choose a good cricket coaching centre or academy where they teach you not only the basics but the intricacies of this game which is very popular in our country and there is a lot of know how available with these academies regarding it. Once you come to a certain level grab any opportunity given to you to play against any team in any local or outside match because that is the place where you can show your talent and the club managers or other influential people can take note of your proficiency and induct you in some team. Cricket has become a commercial game today and for outstanding players there is good renumeration in it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • It is good that you are interested in cricket. I feel you are 19 years old but not 219 years. My answer given below is based on the assumption that you are 19 years old.
    There are many cricket coaching academies in many cities and towns. Based on your place of residence and your affordability you can select a good academy and join there. It may be a little costly but it is advisable to join in the best academy which will make you have good chances of becoming an expert cricketer.
    While you are getting the coaching to try to play in smaller versions of the game like inter school, inter academy etc.
    Slowly you can go to the league matches and other matches and become popular locally with your expertise in the game. Once you are making a good show in these matches your district cricket committee will try to take into their team and from there to the state level. Once you are doing good performance you will get a chance in IPL and then you may get selected to this national team also.

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  • It's too tough buddy but not impossible. All you need to give up anything else you are planning and focus on cricket. More you show your skills in State , Ranaji and Dilip trophy you will have chances to get selected in IPL and Indian cricket team. Now challenge is to be consistent , know good coach and get into eyes of selection committee of cricket.

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  • It's not at all easy to get selected in the Indian team. You have be extremely talented to get noticed by the selectors. Moreover after 15 years of age its not easy to get selected so one should start working from the age of 8-9 years if someone is really serious about it.

    Follow the steps to fulfill your dream:

    ~ Select a cricket club near you and join it.
    ~ Practice regularly in nets and get noticed by people over there with your good skills.
    ~ Get noticed by the coach and get selected in the club team and Participate in the matches conducted by the club and prove yourself in these matches.
    ~ If you perform well then there are chances that you may get selected U15, U17, U19. If get selected then perform well and get noticed.
    ~ Then comes district and state level of you are lucky enough and catch eyes of people you may get a chance to play league matches like IPL then again if you perform well there are chances you get selected.


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  • I think you are 19 years of your age and have your ambition to to be active in cricket. The planning part is alright but to achieve success in the same, you will have to start your journey from your own town. The task would be somewhat easy if you have a game - teacher in your school. Discuss your ambition and ask your teacher to help you in that direction.
    May be he may call the students of your age and ask them to form a cricket team. You may take your active roll over there by being any one Batsman, Bowler or Captain.
    A regular practice will strengthen your confidence and then you may join a cricket club near your locality.
    Take active part in the play and your performance in the cricket - play would be noticed by the prominent position of your town. Participate in the cricket play of the different towns as suggested by your coach of the club.
    Then start playing for the State and Dilip trophy. Your playing will be noticed by the different playing ping team and ultimately you may be selected for IPL subject to your brilliant performance in the team.

  • You may be 19 year old now and hope you might have played cricket locally at your school or college level. To join the Team India, you need a rigorous practice and good coaching. First you need to prove yourself at State level by participating or getting selected to the Ranji team of your state. Have a liaison with local teams to get more practice and learn the knits and grits of the game of cricket. Frequent participation in your college and district level tournaments where you have to get recognition by scoring good runs in addition to exhibiting your caliber in bowling and fielding. You have to identify yourself in which field you are better - batting or bowling? Focus on these elements but concentrate on fielding which is a must for any cricketer. This would help you to find a berth in Ranji and other National level tournaments.

    If you are sound enough to join a cricket academy, it would always be ideal to join to find a place in the state/ national level game of cricket. Choose the nearest coaching centre and check the track record before joining.


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