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    How to replace the desktop computer motherboard of Foxconn G31?

    Has your Foxconn G31 desktop computer's motherboard got damaged? Want to replace it quickly? Know with expert advice whether there is any other motherboard which is a suitable replacement for it.

    I have to change my desktop's motherboard because the previous one is damaged. It was Foxconn G31. When I searched on Google, I found only Zebronics G31. Are both motherboards the same? Can I replace my motherboard with this? Will my RAM, Power supply, Cabernet and processor fit in this motherboard?
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  • You can replace your old motherboard with Zebronics G31. There will not be any problem. first, start powering down and disconnecting all cords or cables that are attached to your PC. Then open up the side of your computer's case and access the motherboard. Take a photograph of the motherboard before proceeding to the next step.
    Then disconnect all of the power cables plugged into your motherboard.
    Remove the screws holding the old motherboard to the mounting points in your PC's case. The screws will be required for fixing the new board. So keep them with proper marking.
    Now the motherboard will be freely floating in your case. Take it out. Now remove CPU cooler, CPU, and RAM so you can install it into your new motherboard. Be careful! Doesn't force anything and accidentally break your hardware?
    Connect the CPU. CPU cooler and RAM to your new motherboard and insert the board into the case. Use your motherboard's standoff screws.
    Use the screws that were used for old motherboard. Then give all the connections which are taken out while removing the old board. Now your Desktop will be ready to use.

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  • Zebronics Motherboard ZEB-G31 Socket 775 is the nearest you can get in the market and as per the industry standard it should fit in your PC. It is available in Amazon store for around Rs 2100.

    If you have some technical hand and you know how to remove connectors and other pin and socket connections inside a desktop PC then you can too do it yourself. Only thing is you will have to draw schematic block diagram for the connectors and other connection removed by you along with the colour code of the wires or connector whatever is maintained there. By noting down the connections you will be able to replace the board properly.

    Keep all the screws at one place and while placing them back in the new board put them one by one but do not tighten them in first go. You have to slightly tighten them in the first round and then fully tighten in second round. This will help in avoiding any bend or stress on the new motherboard.

    If you do not feel comfortable for this work just give the motherboard to a professional computer shop and they will do it quickly by charging some nominal service charges.

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  • Please don't answer if you don't know about motherboard. I asked "are both motherboard same?" . Foxconn G31 is DDR3 RAM supported whereas Zebronics G31 supports DDR2 RAM.

  • Good that you pointed out about RAM support. Another model is G41M-Combo Desktop Motherboard which supports the both RAM - DDR2 and DDR3.

    You may have to see the Physical dimensions and portability in your desktop before replacing with the above suggested. Once product is obsolete in market searching its exact replacement is a challenge and is done based on trial and error. Of course an expert professional in the field can suggest certain modifications or precautions while connecting the new one in place of old.

    You may be aware of these things as these are the limitations while replacing the obsolete parts.

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