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    Is an NOC mandatory for applying for a new government job?

    Taken leave from a government job and planning to apply for a new job? Learn from experts whether it would be a requisite requirement to submit a NOC for the new job.

    I have taken LWA from government service in Kerala. Can I apply for a new government job without producing the NOC at the time of application during this leave period? Or can I produce the NOC before going to the new department if I get the job? I don't want any benefits of my current service so is there any need for the NOC? Currently, I am on leave so is it really necessary to produce the NOC while applying for new jobs?
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  • The code of conduct and implied norms make it necessary to inform the employer(especially when it is govt or public sector job) when one is applying for another job. Even when the prospective employer has not asked for an NOC while applying ,this may become necessary if they asked at the time of joining. The current employer can deny or delay relief or NOC when asked later without prior informing before applying for a new job.

    The new prospective employer may ask to join immediately ,if selected. That will become difficult iof the current employer does not accept resignation immediately or delay in relieving. At least at that time you may have to disclose that you are working in a govt job.
    The new employer also will have hesitation and doubts about yur integrity and trustworthiness as you had suppressed vital information.

    Hence it is suggested that you give facts about your current job(if asked in the application) and also inform in writing to the current employer(immediate boss or proper channel) that you are applying for a new job for better prospects. In he case of any interview also you should better inform the prospective employer about your current job and ask for sufficient time to join if selected.

    As you are on leave, the leave is sanctioned for a specific purpose applied. Using it for other purposes also violates the leave sanction and you can be even recalled if the current employer comes to know about it.
    However if you have good relationship with your superiors ,if the process of selection for the new job may take a long time, then you can apply and write to your current employer if you see the chance of getting selected. But then, get sufficient time to join in the new job after resignation and relief.

  • Even though you are in leave for the present, you are an employee in a government organisation. As such all the rules and regulations applicable to a government employee for applying for a new job will be applicable to you also. So don't think that you need not follow applicable rules and regulations. You should follow them.
    Generally. all government jobs announcements ask the applying candidates to forward their application through proper channel. This clause is very much applicable to all government jobs. In some cases, if they may not ask you to forward the application through proper channel but definitely they will ask you no objection certificate from the present organisation.
    keeping the above aspect in mind I suggest you please mention all the facts in the application form and also apply for a NOC to the present organisation telling them what for you require that NOC in writing. They may take some time but the can't refuse to give you NOC as you have every right to pursue your career the way in which you want.
    You know that after getting selected for a government post there will be a police enquiry. If you are already a government employee, they need not ask for police enquiry again. This is also a benefit to you.
    My suggestion to you is to get NOC and give all the facts only. Otherwise, you will be in difficulty at a later stage. If you are selected for the post and if you have not mentioned as a government employee, they will ask for police enquiry report and in that the information about the present job will come. In such a case, you will lose the new job. Prevention is always better than cure. Keep this in mind.

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  • As far as I understand, LWA stands for Leave Without Allowance. I also understand that this leave is granted when a Kerala Government employee who has not completed the probation period and who does not have sufficient leave in his/her account, applies for leave. It must be clearly understood that a Government employee on leave (any type of leave) remains a Government employee. So, to apply for another job (Government or private), he/she must apply through proper channel (i.e., he/she must intimate the current office).

    In view of the above position, I would advise you to apply through proper channel and send an advance copy of your application for the new job. Please keep a copy of your application through proper channel. In case of your selection to the new job and if there is no reply from your present office, you can easily produce the copy of your application sent through proper channel. In that case, it would be taken as 'deemed approval' (the details and rule position is not required at this stage, but definitely there is such a provision).

    Further, I would strongly advise you not to hide your present employment. If you abruptly leave the present job without following proper procedure, after getting selected for the new job, there is a real possibility of your being declared as 'bhagora' (deserter). In the present era of AADHAR, PAN Card and other computer-based Identity Cards, such risk must not be taken.

    From my personal experience, I can assure you that applying through proper channel is not a very tough/complex task as it seems.

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  • In Govt service, NOC is a mandatory statutory requirement. There are many aspects to this process as it is related to one's present job and its condition. For example just for understanding purpose let us assume that you might have given a bond for 5 years failing which you have to deposit the bond amount or forfeit salary for a few months only after which you will be given a NOC if you are changing your job to other Govt organisation.

    So your new department does not know about these things and as a practice they will simply ask you to produce a valid NOC from which they ascertain that you are clear from the earlier department in all respect. In nutshell, NOC is a requirement.

    If you do not apply for NOC or do not apply to the other department through proper channel then later you will have problem in obtaining the NOC as for this prior information is a requisite condition.

    Sometimes some people do not mention about the present job and apply for the next one without bothering for NOC but in that case you will be assumed as unemployed during that time because you yourself have hidden the facts and you can not quote your experience also gained during your present employment.

    So you have to consider these consequences before hiding of the facts and not willing to go for NOC hassles.

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  • In the government - service, you have to follow certain code of conduct and in this line, you need to inform your employer in writing that you may switch over your job very shortly and accordingly NOC is required from a competent authority. The personnel department of your present organisation will release NOC after the consultation of your Boss of your working - area.
    The best way would be to apply through a proper channel furnishing all the relevant details there in. If the process of obtaining of NOC takes time, you may inform the same to your future employer and inform the same would be produced at the time of joining.
    Since you are on leave and because of this there is some dislocation in applying the NOC, would be treated as violation of government - regulations and for this, you may attract punishment.
    If interested for the post of the other organisation, you need to curtail your leave by joining immediately on your site and follow the rules mentioned in the standing - order.

  • I will give you two live examples where NOC was taken in one case and the other one who left the job without any intimation.

    'X' working as an Assistant in Central Secretariat applied for a Group I Officer post of in Govt. of UP. He has intimated about this to his parent office while applying for preliminary examination conducted by UPPSC and applied for NOC when he got selected for an interview. Everything went on well and he got selected to a post in the state Group I services. Thus his previous service record got transferred and his past service in the Central government got counted for the benefit of pensionary and gratuity purposes. Had he not intimated earlier prior to applying for the UPPSC exam,he would have found problem at the time of relieving while joining the new job. Only option left is to simply resign without assigning any reasons and joining the new post where he would have lost the opportunity of getting his previous service counted.

    In the second instance 'Y' a Section Officer in CGDA in the Ministry of Defence (Finance) who has put 10 years of service applied for Passport and Visa without intimation to his department. He left for USA very simply and got a new job there and sent his resignation from US. After some period of time, he applied for his GPF accumulation and leave benefits but they were denied as he failed to fulfill the CCS conduct rules.

    I think it is very clear to you now about the importance of intimating any thing prior to applying for a post or a passport if you are in service, otherwise the lateral benefits may need to be forfeited.


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