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    Diploma or PUC for a person who is sure to take CS in engineering.

    Confused what to do after tenth to get into computer engineering? Looking out for guidance to choose between diploma and PUC? Here, on this ask Expert page you can check out advice on how to achieve your aspirations.

    I am studying in tenth standard and really passionate about programming. Also I have learned python programming language and I also make websites through its Web-framework that is Django. I am sure that I will take computer science in engineering.
    But should I take diploma or PUC?
    I am confused.
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  • Your ultimate aim is to become a computer engineer. You can become an engineer by doing a diploma after tenth class and then doing BE by writing the entrance examination for lateral entry into 2nd year. This is one choice. Another choice is to complete your PUC or intermediate and then joining in BE by writing an entrance examination.
    My advice to you is to go to PUC first and then appearing for entrance and doing BE. The chances of getting a seat in an engineering college are always better for an intermediate student as there are many colleges of engineering. Even by any chance if you are not able to secure a seat in engineering also you can do B.Sc, Computers and then you can complete your MCA which is equal to BE computers in all respects.
    After the diploma, the seats for lateral entry are less and the chances of getting a seat in a good place are very difficult.

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  • If you are interested to go for computer engineering line and make it a career in your life then the better course of action will be to go for your Intermediate education and then apply for joint engineering entrance exam and try to get a seat in a good engineering college.

    You will have to prepare well for the engineering entrance exam as there is tough competition there and until unless you score good marks in that it will be difficult to get selected for a seat of your choice.

    You can go through the earlier year question papers of engineering exam as well as consider joining some good coaching centre to strengthen your preparation.

    Please note that until unless you get admission in computer engineering your dream of becoming a successful programmer will be a distant thing. So it is imperative that one should work hard to score high in the entrance exam.

    Anyway, computer programming is a crowded place today but there are still opportunities for good programmers. With the artificial intelligence and robotics coming to the society and workplaces soon, there are good opportunities coming up.

    You have to keep focus on mathematics also and concentrate on logical and complex algorithms used in advanced programming. Once you have decided to go for this line then subtleties of advanced programming will have to be understood in their entirety.

    So prepare well for the JEE exam and your dreams will come true soon.

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  • In case, you want to make a career in the computer - field, you need to concentrate a better preparation in the competitive examination. Though there are possibilities of lateral - entry in the second year after doing your diploma in the computer - stream, but such an achievement may become a distant - dream in the wake of limited seats for the diploma holders.
    In order that you grab a seat in a reputed Enginnering college like REC or a seat in IIT, you will have to gear up with the fundamental clarity of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics so that you can qualify in the tests organised by them.
    After 10+2, you will get plenty of oppurtunities of securing a seat in Engineering - colleges if not a reputed one. However, a better focus on your studies in the related science - subjects followed by assistance of a renowned coaching - institute in order to nurture your basics will pave the way to your success in the competitive test of the premiur institution.
    Don't be disheartened that there is oversaturation in this field but still there are scopes for advancement if you opt for Robotics and Artificial - intelligence along with other computer subjects.
    In case, you fail to qualify in the tests conducted by established institutions, you can take up B.Sc course and later take up MCA course with a good institution by qualifying the written test arranged by such institutes.

  • There are both pros and cons of doing a diploma before engineering even if you are sure that you have to become an engineer.

    1. Your basics in engineering are more clear than other students who have done 12th before engineering.
    2. You will have more practical knowledge than others as there will be almost the same subjects that you have studied in diploma, the only difference being you will study them in detail in engineering.
    3. You might be knowing tge reference books of the subjects as you had studied those subjects in diploma.
    4. You will directly get admission in the second year of engineering.

    1. You may not be strong in maths like the students who came to your class after doing 12th.
    2. You need to score very high percentage in diploma to get admission in good engineering college as there are few seats available for people who take admission in engineering after diploma.
    3. You may get bored of studying the same subjects for 6 years.
    4. You may be able to take admission in top colleges like IIT, NIT etc.
    5. You will have no option to change branch because if you will do a diploma in computer science then you can seek admission in computer engineering only unlike the people who come after doing intermediate as they can always change their branch if they feel so and college has enough seats in 2nd year.

    So these are the pros and cons and you have to decide what is better for you. My advice is to discuss it with an engineering student or a faculty regarding the same.


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  • Anyone interested in computer software line should be having good control in Mathematics especially logic and algorithms.

    So it is advisable to go for Intermediate with Science and Mathematics and then apply for Engineering through the entrance exam. Once you qualify in the entrance then you can give a choice for computer science engineering stream and pursue your dreams.

    Please note that for being a good software professional you need not to wait for your engineering course as that is only a mandatory degree required for applying for jobs but you can very well start practicing the software codes and logic well before.

    With hard work and determination you can definitely reach your goal.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Well, your interest in becoming an Engineer with specialization in Computer Science is well understood. Now you are in Class X and it sometimes a deciding factor for our career. I don't know about your family background. If they are well enough, you can opt for PUC with Maths, Physics and chemistry as optional. You should concentrate well on these subjects during your course of study of PUC as the CET (Common Entrance Test for Engineering) would be based on the knowledge in Group subjects only to allot you a seat in CSE in a reputed Engineering college in your state. There would be JEE (Mains & Advanced) examination conducted by CBSE for allotting a seat either in NIT or IIT. So, you have to work hard and incur some expenditure too to have good coaching for the entrance examinations.

    If you are not in a position to afford, then I suggest you to go for a diploma in Computer Science (Polytechnic) after Class X and there may a selection process through an entrance examination for this. After completing the Diploma, you can join II year B Tech in CSE through a lateral entry.


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