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    Want some information on change of name of state

    Wondering how to change the name of an Indian state? Searching for detailed step by step procedure? On this page you can check out response from experts for your query.

    Some months back, the present Government of West Bengal brought a proposal in the Assembly of the state to change the name of the state from West Bengal to Bangla. Although many people opposed the proposal, the State Government got the resolution passed in the Assembly due to its strength in the Assembly.

    However, till now the proposal of change of the name of the state has not been implemented. Although I am against this proposed name change, I would like to know why this change has not yet been implemented? What is the procedure to formally and finally change the name of a state?

    Knowledgeable Members may kindly furnish to-the-point information on this aspect.
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  • Procedure for Renaming a State

    Article 3 and Article 4 of the constitution of India gives the procedure for renaming a state.

    Either the Parliament or the State Legislator can initiate the procedure of renaming the state. The procedure is as follows:

    The president will be receiving the request for change of the name of the state by the public or State Government. Then the president will send it to the respective state assembly for sending their views on the matter with a time frame. The views of the state need not be considered either by the president or the parliament. But it should be sent to the state as it is going to be affected by this name change. On completion of the given time to State Assembly, the bill will be sent to the parliament. The parliament should deliberate on the subject and should make a law for changing the name passing with a simple majority. Then the bill will be sent to the president for his approval.
    Once he approves the bill, the bill will become a law and the name of the state will be modified accordingly.
    I think State of West Bengal might have sent its proposal to the president. No further action is initiated after that. It has not gone to the parliament so far.

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  • The name of a state generally represents it's people and their hidden connection to it. It represents their culture and traditions.

    During the Mughal invasions and their rule and afterwards British rule in India the names of the cities and states were deformed and changed to other names. After independence, the Govt laid down certain guidelines for changing them back to either their earlier glory or some new acceptable form. Based on that the names of states are changed.

    Whether the state Govt proposes this change or even the central Govt initiates it, this has to get the consent of the parliament before making it a law. So the bill after due consideration is to be put for approval in the parliament.

    If the state Govt proposes for the change of name but due to some constitutional reason or other democratic issue if the central Govt rejects it and turns down the proposal then the name can not be changed but state Govt can again propose another name and send the proposal to the central Govt.

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  • Reports say that the Central government is not every keen on implementing the change of name from West Bengal to 'Bangla' as for them, it does not stand up as a national interest. The proposal to change the name of the state to 'Bangla' was sent to Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for further consultation, and it has reached a state of dispute as the name "Bangla" resembles to the neighboring country Bangladesh.

    The government officials shared their concerns to many that says that the nation will face serious trouble with this change of name, as it could attract large section of illegal immigrants to come to India crossing the border because of the similarity in the names.
    Additional information says that till now no final decision has been taken and the implementation needs to wait for a response sent from the MEA.

    On last July 26, the West Bengal Assembly is known to have passed a resolution to name the State of West Bengal to ''Bangla' in three popular languages — Bengali, Hindi and English. calling the state to be 'Bangla' in Bengali, 'Bangal' in Hindi, and 'Bengal' in English, that was not accepted saying that the same state can't be given names in so many languages.

  • How to rename a State.

    Some rules and regulations are prescribed by the Indian Legislature for renaming a State.

    For changing the name of a state the central government and the state government has to follow the guidelines laid down by Indian Legislature.

    First of all the demand for changing the name of a state should be brought into the notice of the Parliament. This may be done as a bill by the Member of the Parliament (MP) of the State by giving a request .

    Second step is the discussion regarding the consequences about the bill for renaming the State in the parliament. After the discussion sometimes a voting is needed. If majority of the members are voted in favour, the bill shall be declared as passed.

    Finally the consent of President is also needed for the approval. After getting the approval from the President of India the name of the State stands renamed.

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