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    How to Transfer Contact from one phone to another?

    Have a query about transferring contact from one phone to another? Searching for the best solution to do so? Check this page for responses from experts and decide how best to transfer the contacts.

    I bought a new phone and being a less tech freak, it was hard for me to get the best solution for transferring contact from one phone to another and found this solution:

    Please share some more suggestion and ways to transfer contact.
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  • The simplest way to transfer the contacts from one phone to another is by making a file containing those contacts. It is as follows.

    You go to the contacts. Generally there will be menu on the corner depicted by 3 dots in a small verticle line. It is very common in mobiles to denote like that. Touch this and menu will open. There will be an option 'Import/ Export'. Select it then you will be asked from where you want to copy. Select SIM card or Phone memory wherever your contacts are.

    Now it will ask where you want to copy them. Select to a file. The system will make one file with extension vcf. You can see this file in storage through the file manager or my files.

    Copy this file to a pen drive or laptop and then transfer to another phone. You can copy it to pen drive using a OTG cable. For copying to laptop use the normal cable which generally comes with mobile. Click this file in the phone and it will ask you where you want to copy contacts. Select SIM card or Phone memory and it will be done. This file can be used in any other phone also where you want to keep contacts.

    From phone to phone the menu may be styled differently but do not worry and you can take help of some person conversant with it.

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  • The best way is Gmail to transfer your contacts from one phone to another phone. If you have a Gmail account it is good otherwise create an account in Gmail. Make sure your phone is backed up and then log into that Gmail account on the other phone.
    Another method is to have a memory card. One of the best ways to save and move your contacts is by using a memory card. If your android smartphone allows the use of a memory card then I recommend you to get one memory card. Save all your contacts on this memory card. Then you can simply remove your memory card from the old phone and place it into your new phone. All your contacts will get transferred through this memory card to the new phone.

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  • Your existing phone will have contacts either in SIM card or phone memory. If they are not on the SIM card copy them from phone memory to SIM card.

    After this remove this SIM card from this phone and put it in the new phone. Now you can copy these contacts from the SIM card to the new phone memory. Once done take the SIM card back to the earlier phone. This is one of the short cut ways to quickly transfer the contacts from one phone to another.

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  • You can do transfer the contacts in simple way. There is no need to have a good technical person. Go to your contacts and select Export. You can export your contacts to your Sim card.

    Then take the Sim card out and put it in your new phone. Now go to contacts in your new phone, select import to Phone. So your transfer of contacts from old phone to new phone is completed now.

  • This is a main concern of the recent time. We occasionally switch phones and the initial setup of the device is a tedious task, at least for a few of the users. But, just as the others know and do, if you get into the path, it is quite easy. Let us check the issue of managing contacts.

    1. You have a smartphone, and you switch into another smartphone.
    The old smartphone will have the option to back up the contacts (even the app data) to the Google account of the user. If the contacts are in the Google account they will appear in the new phone once that account is logged on in it. To create a backup, do the following.
    - sign in with a Google account on the old phone.
    - go to "Contacts" app and find the settings and import/export option in it.
    - select the location where the contacts are saved (SIM/device) for the import location and set the export location as Google account.
    - wait for a few minutes with a data/WiFi connection for the device.
    - the contacts will be saved to the Google account.
    - log in to the account on the new phone.
    - the contacts will show up automatically. Or else go to the contact settings and under "Contacts to Display" select "All Contacts".
    - if you wish to make the contacts to be saved on the device just use the import/export option for it.

    2. Another way for the same situation.
    This one is not a better idea than the previous one. Every smartphone comes with a "Copy Data" app or a similar one. The purpose of the app is the same - to copy your data from the older phone. This option is super easy if you switch phones of the same brands, you can use the app account for transferring (just as we saw Google account in the earlier stage).

    3. You switch between a smartphone and an old phone.
    Here we assume that one of your phones doesn't have access to the Internet. Hence the Google account can't be accessed making that option out of the question. Here we have to do it the old way. We need to create a local backup of the contacts and share it with the other phone and extract it there. When we export contact locally in the device, it is saved as a ".vfc" file. This file type is universal and is supported in all devices - old and new. To create a local backup, go to the settings in the contact app and select import/export. Select the location where the contacts are saved for the import and the file directory (SD card) as the export location. Share the export file created via Bluetooth (if the phone doesn't support Bluetooth, helpless) and open it on the other phone. The contacts will be imported into the device on opening the .vfc file.

    The above-mentioned ways are all after the old ways of sending each contact one by one via Bluetooth or SMS to another phone. Yep, these are now not at all a way of doing the task.

  • Hi Priya,

    What is your brand and model of your cellphone. If it is android then you can follow steps in Video.
    Contacts Sync from iOS to Android
    1. Just add android google account in your Apple phone and enable contact sync. You can check your google account and you should see all your contacts in there. Use same google account in your android account setup.
    2. Use iCloud contacts and export them to file. And later import those vCards back to android device.
    Contacts Sync from Android to iOS
    1. Just reverse way to iOS to Andriod contact sync. First sync contacts in Google and then add account in iOS and enable Sync.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Today, almost every phone has dual SIM slots. the easiest ways to transfer contacts from one phone to another is following the steps described below:

    Method 1
    a. Select all the contacts of the Existing phone and copy them in SIM.
    b. Insert this SIM into the new phone to which you want to transfer.
    c. Select the contacts again and Copy them into the new phone.

    Method 2
    a. Go to the contacts tab.
    b. On the top right corner, there will be a line of three vertical dots indicating menu options.
    c. In the list of options, select "share"
    d. On the top left, there will be one box or circle to select "all". Tick that.
    e. Again go back to the menu and click on share.
    f. This time you will several options of sharing, but the best is to choose WhatsApp, since it will need them anyway.
    g. Now on WiFi, open WhatsApp and go to contacts.
    h. On the settings, select contact again.
    i. There select, Manage contacts.
    j. From there select import/export option, and select the option that suits you best.

    Method 3
    After selecting all the contacts from your existing phone you can select share option the same way, and instead of WhatsApp, you can select any other app like gmail, or Messaging to import the contacts and later download them on your new phone.

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