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    How to get a sound and undisturbed sleep?

    Suffering from a sleep disorder? Looking out for some good remedy part from sleeping pills to resolve the issue? Check out this page for advice from our ISC experts for resolving your disorder.

    Many people are suffering from some sort of sleep disorder. In medical terms it is known as insomnia. They feel tired but when go to the bed, do not get sleep and just pass the time like that. Generally doctors prescribe sleeping pills to them. Is this physical disorder or mental? Could anyone explain it?

    I am also having this problem and want to avoid sleeping pills. Is there any other way to get rid of this disorder?
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  • A normal person needs about 8 hours sleep per day though it may differ slightly from person to person. Sleep is an essential part of our life and people who are not getting it due to any reason will feel tired and will not be comfortable during their activity hours.

    Main sleep disorders are sleep apnea and insomnia. The main reasons of not getting sleep are stress, anxiety, hectic schedules, shift duty disturbing internal body clock, pressure of things to do next day, jet lag in global travellers etc.

    There are many things suggested for a good sleep and a person has to try them by experimenting and if successful adopt them for a long run. Some pot these are -

    1. Go to bed at almost the same time every day to align and force body to know that it is sleeping time now.

    2. Do some light exercises before 1-2 hours of going to sleep.

    3. Do not see TV at that time. If required keep a book to read a few pages before the sleep.

    4. Keep the lights dim or off.

    5. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol etc before bed time.

    6. Take lots of water during the day that will keep the body hydrated and cool which is a necessary condition for sleep.

    7. Even if you get some sleep feel about it that you had some sleep which is sufficient to keep you alert next day. Do not worry over it.

    Hope this helps.

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  • My suggestions for a sound and undisturbed sleep are as follows:
    1. A little bit of light could be interfering with your sleep. So please keep your bedroom doors closed and windows also. No night bulbs in the bedroom. Try to avoid switching on any light during the night.
    2. Keep your room temperature around 23 degrees centigrade. Too high or too low temperatures are not good. A cooler bedroom is always better to have a good sleep.
    3. Don't keep any alarm clock or electrical devices near your bed. You should maintain a minimum 3 feet gap. It is better not to have any clock in such a way that whenever to wake up you need not to see the time.]
    4. Avoid very high noise alarms. Keep your phones in silent mode and try to keep very low sound alarm. Some people use Sun alarm clock.
    5. Don't use your bed for any other purpose like watching the TV by lying down on the bed or doing office work sitting on the bed etc. It will help you to relax and sleep well on your bed.
    6. Go to bed as early as possible and try to sleep for 6 to 8 hours. You should sleep before 11 PM. You can get up at 5 00r 6 AM. Maintain the same time always. Don't change your sleep timings.
    7. Try meditation for some 15 minutes before going to the bed. otherwise, try to read some good book for 15 minutes before you go to bed. Make it a routine.
    8. Don't eat or drink before 2 hours of your sleep. For example, if you are going to bed at 10 PM don't eat or drink anything after 8 PM. Use your washroom just before you go to bed.
    9. Don't use alcohols. Avoid caffeine. Use medicines as less as possible.
    10. An exercise for 30 minutes every day is must to have a good sleep.
    11. Try to be as much away as possible from anxiety and stress.
    These will help you in having an undisturbed sleep.

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  • Sleep - disturbance multiplies with the progress of the age and hence it can be seen among the senior citizens and apart from it the other factors affecting the sleep - pattern are diabetes, excess stress, kidney - disease, High Blood Pressure etc. A few tips as suggested below help in managing the normal - cycle of sleep. The following tips may be tried -
    1) As far as possible dinner should be taken two hours before sleep. The ideal time for the dinner is around 8 pm in the night so that one go to bed by 10 pm. The last consumption of water should be around 8: 30 pm and later in the night avoid consumption of water so that you have not to attend bath - room frequently affecting your sleep.
    2) Avoid the use of Computers, Laptops, Mobile - phones two hours before going to bed. The radiations emitting from these apparatus affects the sleep pattern.
    3) You may try Aswagandha Powder of any reputed company by taking the same approx one tea - spoon regularly in in night for a period of forty - days. This will relax the muscles producing sound sleep.
    4) Nut - Meg also works as an anti- oxidants if taken 1/4 th tea - spoon along with a cup of warm - milk regularly for 20 days. Alternatively chew 10- 12 Basil - leaves in the morning regularly in the morning in the empty stomach. This will lessen the stress and would restore the sleep - cycle.
    5) Massaging almond - oil on the scalp gently and if few drops poured in the nostrils prior t sleep works as a miracle in the restoration of healthy sleep - pattern.
    6) Resort to Yoga or Meditation in order to correct the disturbed hormones such as aderline, disbalance of thyroid - hormone etc.
    7) Have the consultation with your doctor. Get your Homoglonobile - level checked, its low level may cause Insomnia.

  • Sleeping disorder is very common these days due to the lifestyle of people these days and we have to change our lifestyle in order to get proper sleep. People who dont take proper sleep often suffer from tiredness. One should follow few points to get proper sleep otherwise doctor prescribes sleeping pills which is not good for health.

    1. Maintain a good lifestyle like our food habits. We should usually eat less in dinner and should eat at a fixed time. It is advisable to have dinner at least 1.5 hours before going to be.
    2. One should drink water as much as one can.
    3. One should fix a schedule for sleeping and wake up in the morning.
    4. The afternoon nap is not good as it affects sound sleep at night. Therefore one should avoid it.
    5. Avoid tea or coffee at night as they kill sleep.
    6. Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.
    7. Create a good environment for the bedroom. Its advisable to have lights off when you sleep.
    8. Sleep on your side and head slightly up to get good sleep.
    9. One should do exercise or yoga as when you get physically tired there is more chance of getting good sleep.
    10. Engage your self in activities like reading as sometimes one gets sleepy when reads a book. I use to do the same.

    Try these small kings and see the difference if you get good sleep at night.


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  • Disturbed sleeping is not a disorder and no medication is required.
    Once mind got rest sleep will automatically come. So the disturbed sleep is caused due to restless mind. We should mate our mind always. We should keep in mind that mind and and body are highly related. We should give rest to our body as well our mind. Then the sleep automatically embrace us well. For that we should:
    1.give compulsory rest to our body for certain hours.
    2.we should get away from any thought whether good or bad.
    3.Many of us used to think about office /business problems always. We should believe that by worrying only the things cannot get solved but if we sleep well for certain hours without thinking, we can solve the problem once we get up from nice sleep.
    4.provide some hour for regular meditation to mate our mind.
    Above all we can drink warm water or milk with little honey is good to have a nice sleep.

  • Good food and sound sleep helps a person to keep fit and healthy. There are so many reasons for not having a sound sleep. Plan your day by having a proper time table for your food and sleep. A person needs 8 hours sleep during night to have a fresh mind for next day morning.

    You should complete your dinner minimum 2 hours before you are going to bed. For example, if your sleep time is 10'o clock, complete your dinner before 8'o clock.

    Please have some light food which will easily digest. Avoid oil and fat items which will affect your digestive system and will disturb your sleep. Also have some less amount of food. Heavy dinner will sure affect your sleep and it will also accumulate fat in your body.

    Switch off your TV and avoid Mobile phones before one hour of your sleep time. You can read some books which can relax your mind and it will lead to good sleep.

    You may have problems in your life and it is to be noted that every human being in this world are having problems in their daily life. So do not think those problems during your sleep time and over thinking will lead you in restless mode and it will affect your sleep. So you can listen some melody music and also read some good books like motivational, stories, poems. This will keep your mind calm and will lead to good sleep.

  • There are many thoughts over sleep time and patterns. The adequate time of a healthy sleep is said to be between 6-8 hours. However, there are people with genes who doesn't require that much of sleep. Yes, there body can balance without the reasonable sleep time. So, sleeping time depends on our body characteristics and habits. But, even those people who only need a little sleep require a "sound sleep".

    A sound sleep is the best kind of sleep a human body can get to refresh itself. We all have situations where even after a long sleep we still feel tired and hope to get a better sleep the day before. So, the question is how to make the time we spent on sleep more productive. I hope the following points will help.

    1. Early dinner and a glass of water before sleep. Have your dinner atleast an hour before you sleep. Make arrangements for having some gap between the dinner and sleep. And if you can manage, just walk a bit after the food. It is a good thing to have a glass of water just before the sleep.

    2. This one may feel weird. It's said that we need a schedule to go to bed as well as to rise. But I suggest, only go to sleep when you feel tired. Don't take me wrong, it's like when our body have energy left in it, I think it is difficult to make it comfortable at rest. Consider it like this, we usually charge our phone when the battery is low (yeah, those who believe and practice small and frequent charges excluded, you guys compare yourself to other sleeping cycles of multiple sleeps).

    3. Room settings. The electronic devices like smartphones emits radiation and it is better to leave them aside from you. Yeah, you may have an alarm in it. Yet, place it far, this can help you to get up from the sleep even for snoozing it - helping you to get off the bed if you are a lazy guy in the morning (a bonus for you). And if you feel like it, just set up a music. Something like the raining or water flowing can help. Remember to set up a way to let it turn off after sometime.

    4. Calm the mind. The mind won't let the body rest if it is flooded with thoughts especially those with anxiety and tension. So, before getting into the bed, just let go of the things. It is difficult, yet doable. Just think of the day and feel thankful to the good things and good people. With sense of gratitude and content, try sleeping.

    5. Make yourself comfortable for the rest. This includes the lighting, room temperature, body posture, etc. A dark lighting is the best, a dim light is even okay. The less light, the less the eyes will look into things, and the more the mind will have to think. A not too cold yet cool temperature can be good as far the temperature. And body posture, you know how you can make yourself comfortable, yet it is advised to follow face up position.

  • Mental or Physical exertion are best pills to get immediate sleep.
    Try following
    1. Do not sleep in day time at all.
    2. If you are not working then do physical exercise and yoga in morning and evening.
    3. Drink milk 1 hour before sleep. Add little sugar and some milk mix.

    Sweets are best dose to give you sleep so if you want alternative choice to sleeping pills then have sweets after dinner. It is not recommended but better than pills.

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  • There are some tips which will help for a good sleep.

    Set time
    The best thing you can do for better sleep is to set a time of sleep and try to follow it always. Some people wake up late and wake up early in the morning and remain perfectly fine. Your priority should be to set the time according to your routine and set your time accordingly.
    Check your diet
    Our body is not accustomed to digest and sleep at the same time. So it is right to ensure that you have to eat more, then eat early and eat late, then eat at least and eat light food. Studies show that many foods cause sleepiness. Lukewarm milk contains tryptophan, while honey contains orexin, which reduces alertness.
    The drink
    If you want a good night's sleep, avoid consuming caffeine or alcohol. This may disrupt your sleep. Initially, you may feel lethargic and it is also possible that you will fall asleep, but later you will face difficulty in getting sleep.
    set the mood
    The ideal sleeping environment should be neither too cold nor hot, dark, and quiet. So take better measures to eliminate noise and lights from your room. The second important requirement is a comfortable bed. Note the need for a good mattress and pillow. Science says that you should replace your pillow every 18 months because dust accumulates in it.
    Talk openly
    Gold is a powerful tool if you feel relaxed. This will enable you to make difficult decisions and new ideas will come to your mind. Take the time to write openly, or discuss the issues you are facing or write about the day that has passed and what is expected for tomorrow. Clean your mind before sleeping. Make a list of what to do the next day and clear your mind with the things you still have to think about. This will give you a good sleep.

  • Insomnia is going to be a common problem from day to day life. The main reason behind it is our unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, many cases of insomnia are related to poor sleeping habits, depression, chronic illness, anxiety and lack of exercise. You should never take sleeping pills as they may affect other parts of the body. Here are some tips you can follow to get proper sleep are as:-
    1. You should take dinner two hours before going to bed. You should take light dinner so as to digest easily and have good sleep.
    2. Your sleeping bed should be comfortable that means neither too hard nor too soft.
    3. You should avoid tea, coffee or alcohol before going to bed.
    4. You should switch off your bedroom light.
    5. Do exercise and meditation for 15 minutes before going to bed
    6. Don't watch electronic gadgets before going to bed. Try to keep the mobile outside from the bedroom as it emits radiation.
    7. As per your hobby, you can listen to music or read books.
    8. Don't think unnecessary. You forget your problem at the sleeping time as it may hurdle in sound sleep.

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