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    To know age limit for 10th CBSE

    Are you interested in knowing the exact age for appearing for CBSE board exams? Searching for this information online? Find advice from experts for your query on this page.

    My daughter is 25th June 2011 born(7 yrs 6 months age),now she is in 2nd Standard studying in CBSE Board,
    Is she lagging behind in her age with class?
    Will she be in right age when she appears for 10th in CBSE board?
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  • As per the CBSE (central board of secondary education) guidelines, the minimum age to appear in the class 10th exam is 14 years as of 31st december of the year of examination .

    Your daughter is presently in class 2 and after 8 years she will be in class 10 and by that time she will be 15 years 6 months. So, there is no problem as she will be well above 14 years at that time and eligible to appear in the exam.

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  • Thankyou for the update..i thought her age might be more and class will be less(if it would be 14+ in 10th class it would be appropriate)...will that be good if we go for double promotion for her (skipping the class in between)...or shall i make her continue as it is

  • Your daughter is born 25th June 2011 and her present age is 7 years 6 months. As she is in class 2, by the time she reaches class 10 her age will be 15 years and 6 months which is above the minimum stipulated age of 14 years as per CBSE rules and regulation for minimum age for class 10 board exams.

    So there is no issue of any lagging or age mismatch for her.

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  • #153526:
    Regarding the double promotion or continuing as it is, you have to see the knowledge and talent level of the child. You can take help of a teacher and take the exam of the child separately and if the teacher finds that she is very good in studies then a decision can be taken to admit her in the higher class skipping the present one. The decision to skip present class and join the higher one requires due diligence on the part of the parents and if there is any doubt on the capability of the child then one should not go for it.

    The school where she is studying should allow it and should have such provisions in their procedures.

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  • As far as age is considered your child can appear, 10th class, even she gets a double promotion and age will be ok for her. Otherwise, she will be one year more than the minimum age required for the 10th class. Even there is no double promotion also there is no problem of age.
    If you are trying for a double promotion please see that that will happen before she goes to 6th class. It is better to go for double promotion in lower classes only. In such a case, you have to concentrate on her studies more. You should see that she will not be behind many people in the upper class. You should complete her upper-class course for the first six months before she goes to the upper class. It all depends on how she will cope up with the subject and how intelligent she is. A very high amount of hard work is required. You study all these factors and then take a decision.

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  • 1. Your daughter was born on 25th June 2011 and in the academic year 2018-19, she is studying in the IInd standard.
    2. Under normal circumstances, she will be appearing in the Xth Std. Board examination in March, 2027. At that time, she will be less than 16 years of age.
    3. As per extant rule of CBSE, a candidate must attain minimum 14 years of age on 31st December of the year of examination.
    4. In view of the above position, if your daughter appears in the Xth Board examination in March, 2027, she will be 15 years 9 months, which is definitely perfect and appropriate.

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  • As indicated by you the date of birth of your daughter is 25- 06 - 2011 and is presently studying in class two. The current academic - session being 2018 - 19 and her age being 7 yrs 6 month at present and hence her age on attaining class ten will 15 yrs during the session 2026 - 2027.
    The minimum age requirement to appear CBSE for class ten is 14 yrs of age on 31 st December of the year of examination and hence she would not face any problem with respect to her eligibility - criteria during the process of examination.

  • There are many exceptional cases in India where Kids are graduates at age of 14. You must be hearing news about it.
    Anyways your kid is on right track and unless she is enthusiastic to study and have hunger to learn higher classes in advance , don't think about attempting next classes in advance.
    It is very important to acknowledge in what your kid is special. That makes his/her career.

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