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    What are the medicines that I must use ?

    Suffering from itching on the inner thigh region? Looking out for medical advice and medicines and cream? You can check out these responses from our ISC experts.

    I am 18 yrs girl.Past two to three years there was itching on the inner thigh region due to the elastic of my underwear. I've not consulted a doctor due to some issues. But in the interim, it has been cured. But the affected skin has become black.
    Please suggest me some medicines or cream to regain my skin color.
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  • Itching in inner thigh region is a common problem in both males and females. There are many reasons for it the most common are rubbing and friction with synthetic inner wears during walking etc or some fungal or bacterial infection due to improper hygiene or bathing in common pools.

    You have to consult a doctor for the appropriate ointment which will cure this ailment. In your case it is already cured but the scar are remaining. For this you can purchase some good quality anti scar cosmetic cream which after a prolonged use can bring back the skin to original colour.

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  • Itching in inner thigh areas is a problem generally created by skin infection due to improper hygiene. It usually sets in the rainy season when the inner skin areas are not dried properly after taking bath or due to humid weather. Many times in dry season it is cured by itself but it again comes back in the next monsoon time. It should not be taken lightly by the person as it can spread in the nearby areas creating a lot of inconvenience and embarrassment.

    Whatever be your compulsions are, it requires advice of a doctor preferably of a dermatologist who can identify the type of infection and accordingly prescribe an anti fungal and anti bacterial ointment. These ointments are to be applied 2-3 times a day. In addition to that after taking the bath or shower one must dry the places properly with a dry towel and apply the ointment.

    Once the area is free of itching and cured you can go for certain skin creams which are claimed to bring the skin colour back to its original shade. Be careful not to go for substandard company creams in this regard. Go for a reputed brand only.

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  • The blackening of skin is very common in ladies as well as gents. The main reason may be the rubbing of the cloth of innerwear. Some people wear very tight inners. In such case, the blackening will be high. Some people will sweat a lot and because of this sweat, the skin under this inners will also be very wet and that will cause bacterial or fungal infection. That will also cause the itching. There are many creams available for this. They can be used without any problem and itching will come down.
    The blackening will come down if you take the following precautions.
    1. Try to use cotton inner wears.
    2. Don't use very tight inners.
    3. Don't wear wet clothes.
    4. If you have the sweating try to apply prickly heat powder so that there will not be any wetting.
    5. Try to apply coconut oil to the black area daily.
    6. In the market many anti-scar creams are available. Try using these ointments.
    7. It may take more time for getting back the skin colour. Please be patient.

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  • Skin - infection results from the impurity of blood and so instead of application of a fungal cream, you may not get the desired result unless the root cause is eliminated. There are a few herbs which can root out this problamatic disease.
    1) Blood purification herbs are Neem, Tulasi, Guduchi and Aloe - Vera and hence ingestion of a single herb or the combination of few herbs will give you desired result. You may take Safi available in the market produced by Hamdard. Follow the dose regimen as indicated in the bottle.
    2) You may take a six to seven leaves of Neem and wash it properly by means of water and the same is to be ingested twice in the empty stomach for at least a month to get visible result. Neem purifies the blood by gently eliminating toxins from the system.
    3) Aloe - Vera may be used for the local application purpose where infection exists. It is known for its antifungal and germicidal effect.
    4) Make it a practice to take raw onion as salad since it can purify blood because of high sulphur content in the same.
    5) Never wear the wet clothes since it may cause development of skin disease.
    6) Drink enough water so that toxins are eliminated regularly.

  • The skin irritation in the inner thigh area is actually quite common. This might happen due to allergies, due to constant contact with damp clothes, specific chemicals, infrequently changed diapers and several other reasons. Make sure you contact your doctor if the rash is itchy and inflamed or associated with other symptoms, such as pain and breathing difficulties, or has not cleared within few days.

    To get rid of the problem you should apply some talcum powder on your inner thigh where rashes have formed. Since, this powder will reduce sweating and it will help you with this problem. Doctors also prefer to use and apply deodorant on the affected area. It help to clean your skin and it will prevent sweating. Coconut oil is super healthy oil helpful in soothing inner thigh rash. Apply it to the affected area and leave it overnight.

  • It is normal skin problem to many. Nothing to worry. Applying cream etc., though give benefit, the continuity may arise later. It is better to apply the paste made of Nilavagai leaves, one herbal plant. For this you can avail the same in Siddha/Ayurveda stores. you can refer
    There may be some burning sensation but the cure will be sure.
    You can chew half spoonful powder also daily night with some warm water but for this you have to chek the vendor about the food items to be avoided while consuming the herbal powder in.

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