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    Can I have 2 adsense account or 2 youtube channel?

    Wondering whether it is possible to have more than one adsense or youtube account? Searching for the limit online? Scroll through this page and get the information you are looking out for.

    I am having my own youtube channel as well as adsense account.
    But I need to create a new You tube channel.
    What would be the best strategy for me ?
    As I found that Google does not allow 2 adsense account with same address.
    But can I link my old adsense account with my new you tube channel?
    Adsense experts: help me.
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  • Google Adsense will allot you one account number against all your activities in various sites. Whenever you apply for it it will ask you about your existing account number to avoid duplication.

    So it is advisable to quote your same Adsense account number for the new channel also. That will be easier for you also to handle it without any ambiguity.

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  • Google Adsense allows only one account for one person so can't go for second google Adsense account.
    Yes, you can create the new youtube channel and add your existing Adsense account with it after being eligible for it.

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  • One person can have only one Adsense account. You can't have two accounts. You can link your Adsense account with any number of other accounts. You can have youtube accounts and these accounts can be linked to your existing Adsense account without any problem.

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  • Google won't allow anyone to use 2 Adsense account. Even if you use your friend adsense in your device then it is good chance that both of the Adsense accounts will be terminated by Google. Google is very strict in their policy towards Adsense. Sometimes the deactivation process will take couple of months but all your earnings including legit one also refunded to the advertiser.

    But, You can very well have 2 Youtube channel under one account. Google made this change very recently as there are lot of requests from users who are having audience from different base.

    Below are the steps to create another Youtube channel under your existing account,

    1. Login into your Youtube account.
    2. Click on the profile Icon at the top right side of your screen.
    3. Choose Switch Account/Create a new account from the drop down list.
    4. Give name for your new Youtube channel.

    You all set to upload videos to your new channel. Both of your channels will be linked with one Adsense account.

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  • Why un-necessary you are taking risk of getting your account suspended? Google already got very strict on their adsense policies and now they have bots to track activities. It is very difficult to activate accounts back on line if suspended. Better if you really need then create your spouse or family member account but do not attempt to duplicate data. It will deactivate later's account.

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