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    Remedy for having salty feel in mouth

    Want to know the reasons for salty feel in mouth and its remedy? Sure, our ISC experts would suggest you what to do and go through this page to learn more about it.

    My sister who is 30 years old, has a salty mouth for a week. The sides of the tongue are eroded. The doctor gave Pantacid 40 mg but that doesn't seem to cure. Is this problem related to teeth and gums or food habits? She uses Parandontox toothpaste as well.
    What are the home remedies please?
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  • There are many reasons for a salty mouth condition. Some of them are -

    (1) Acid reflex from stomach - Many people have an acid reflex or return coming up from the stomach and it gives a feeling of salty taste in the throat or mouth. This is known as acidity also. Doctors generally prescribe antacid or antiflatulent for this like the Pentocid in your case.

    (2) Slight bleeding in mouth - Sometimes gums or other soft parts in the throat may bleed and this blood may give that particular taste. One has to consult a doctor who can give proper medication in such conditions.

    (3) Dehydration - Dehydration can also cause such dry salty taste in the mouth and one has to take good intake of water to avoid this. A prolonged condition of dehydration calls for a medical advice.

    (4) Sinus infection - Many times the fluid from the nose deposits in the sinus area and comes to throat and mixes with saliva to give a salty taste. This is very common in people having problems of cough and cold and sinus allergies. This is easily cured with over the counter anti allergy and anti cold drugs. Still it is advisable to take medical advice.

    Home remedies:
    One should drink plenty of water which will keep the body hydrated.

    Avoid taking coffee, juices, tomatoes, cinnamon, hot and spicy food etc.

    Time to time washing the mouth with water.

    Try changing the toothpaste also.

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  • Salty test in the mouth can be noticed due to several factors such as dehydration as a result of low intake of water, liver - disorder, improper - sleep etc. Acid - reflux may also be one of the causes. The following remedies may help you in relieving your condition.
    1) Take around 8- 10 resins and thoroughly cleaning the same, keep the same in glass containing around 50 ml of water and soak it overnight. Consume the same early in the morning in the empty stomach. This needs to be continued for at least two months so that you may get a visible result. This will improve your digestion and improve Homoglonobile - content in the blood due to several anti- oxidants present in it such as Iron, Folic - acid, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin-6 apart from calcium and magnesium.
    2) If a mixture of Amla and Guduchi taken in equal amount say around 1/2 tea - spoon along with hot water twice after the meal will alleviate the acid problem apart from boosting the immunity - symptom.
    3) Ensure that you are not dehydrated and consume around 2. 5 litre of water per day so that you may not feel the bad taste in the mouth.
    4) Include Apple, Orange, Kiwi, Apricot and some amount of dry - fruits such as Almond, Walnuts etc for toning up your immunity - system.
    5) Prior to retirement to bed, brush up your teeth regularly so that acid is not generated due to entrapping of food - particles.
    6) Take adequate sleep for at least for eight hours. Poor - sleep may also cause bad taste in the mouth.

  • There are many reasons for the salty mouth. Few of the reasons are dry mouth, dehydration, mouth infection or bleeding, acid or bile reflux or may be due to any nutritional deficiency.

    The best treatment for the same is to drink water as much as you can.

    Few of the home remedies are as below for the same:

    1. Maintain oral hygiene. Always brush your teeth especially at night before going to bed. If possible use an antibacterial mouthwash. It's good to use medicated toothpaste.
    2. If the problem persists reduce eating oily and spicy food and drink plenty of water.
    3. Avoid consumption of alcohol and tobacco. I have noticed that people who smoke feel the bad breath when people wake up in the morning.
    4. See a doctor if you problem is more. Because a doctor may exactly identify the reason of the same and treat the same.
    5. Check acidity. If you have the regular problem of acidity then you should take a treatment of the same as it may be the reason of salty mouth.


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  • Acidity or acid reflex is one of the common causes for salty mouth condition. It is to be treated with alkaline solutions of Magnesium and Calcium formulations generally known as antacids. Digene is one example. Doctors will generally give antacids and antiflatulents in this condition. They will also advise to take a lot of water also.

    It is suggested to take plenty of water early in the morning before any tea. That helps to clean the stomach and dilute the acids.

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  • Many known reasons are there for this.
    A salty or odd taste is, normally, not a cause for concern, but these symptoms can be a little hard to sustain. Some causes may ask for a doctor's diagnosis. There are some home remedies which can help to get relieved from the symptoms.
    The causes of this problem are.
    1.Postnasal drip
    2. Dehydration
    3.Dry mouth
    4.Gastroesophageal reflux disease
    5.Nutritional deficiencies

    The treatment for this will depend on the cause.
    Generally, by drinking a few extra glasses of water throughout the day will be enough to eliminate the problem. Otherwise, we have may need to visit a doctor or dentist for a diagnosis.
    You can try the following house remedies.
    1. Drink plenty of water.
    2. Brush the teeth after each eating.
    3. Oral hygiene is very important.
    4. Use an antibacterial mouthwash for rinsing the mouth.
    5. Try to chew a sugar-free gum
    6. Don't consume alcohol or tobacco consumption
    7. Don't eat greasy or spicy foods
    Follow the above and if there is no improvement I suggest you visit a dentist.

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