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    About migration from one to another university

    Are you wanting to change the university for graduate studies? Searching for detailed information about how to change to another college? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Recently i have joined a graduation college. I am completing my first in my college and now I am thinking to change my college from one university to another university.i have a doubt that will it be possible or not?
    Can i join in other state university or not?
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  • There is no problem. You can change your college and you can change your university also. If you are changing the college within the same university, the transfer certificate is given by the college presently you are studying is sufficient. If you are going from one university to another university, you have to obtain migration certificate from the university to which your present college is affiliated. Even the university is in another state also there is no problem. You have to apply for migration certificate from the university through the college you are presently studying. But before applying for migration certificate please make sure that you will get a seat in the college in which you are planning to join. Once they confirm, you can apply for migration certificate. They will allow sometime after joining to get the migration certificate provided you have TC from the college.

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