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    How to Create 2 Youtube Channels with same Gmail Address?

    Have a query about making a youtube channel? Wondering whether it is possible to have two such channels using the same gmail id? Find advice from out ISC experts on this page and decide how to start the youtube channel.

    I am having a personal Gmail ID and have already created a youtube channel but I want to create one more Youtube channel with same adsense ID.
    So what is the solution: Do I need to create one more Gmail account or with same Gmail I can create Multiple Youtube channel?
    My actual purpose is to create one more Youtube channel with a funky name and to upload some videos to earn money from my existing adsense account.

    Kindly refer my previous question.
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  • Yes, You can create another YouTube channel using same G-mail Id.
    You must follow some steps to do the same,

    1. First open and get login with your G-mail account
    2. After go this address , here you will find , Create a new Channel option
    3. Click on it, then you have to type your channel name and then finally click on sumit option.

    You have to do these simple step to create new Channel using your old G-mail account.
    Note:- These steps are written in reference of YouTube Desktop site not in reference of app or mobile site.

    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

  • Yes, you can create multiple youtube channels under one Gmail account. The First channel which you create will be your personal channel. You can create multiple channels, these channels will be referred as branded channels. The branded channel can be managed by different people. While creating the channel you can change the channel owners and managers.

    Steps to create a new brand account or to create another channel:

    1. First sign in to your youtube account, in which you want to create multiple accounts.

    2. And then visit this link:

    3. In this page, the list of your channels will appear. Select create a new channel option.

    4. Then create a branded account, by giving a different name than your personal channel. As branded account and personal account can't have same name.

    5. Now your new channel will be created.

    6. In account settings, you can change or add the owners and managers for your channel.


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