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    Engineering dropout with 5 years experience - need help

    Worried how to change a job in case you have a drop or few arrears engineering? Searching for the qualification and eligibility criteria? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the responses and decide how to change your job.

    I have completed all my 4 years of engineering, but due to arrears in engineering I couldn't get the degree. During my final year of my college I started searching for a job and I have got one using my course completion certificate.
    I am still working there with 5 years of experience in Banking domain as Senior Operations executive. Now I am planning to move out of my current job.
    Can you suggest if there is there any way that I could get a job based upon my experience or do I need to complete any course to get job in other companies?
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  • I will request the concerned editor to shift this query to Ask expert section so that our ISC experts can give their valuable opinion in the matter.

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  • You should clear all your backlogs to get an engineering degree.

    As per my experience after having an experience of 5 years if you go to a very good company they will ask you to show your engineering degree otherwise not. I am an engineering graduate and this is my fifth company and the present one is a multinational company with a very good name, they too didn't see my documents. They were satisfied with the interview they took and the practical knowledge I have.


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  • you can apply for good posts. But in the application, you should clearly say that you have completed the course but there are some backlogs. Then you can mention about the experience you have and more thrust can be given to your experience in the application rather than your degree.
    These days many private companies are looking more for experience and capabilities rather than the degree. So you may be interviewed and if they feel you are good for the post, you will be given the job. This is the best way.
    Giving wrong information and getting a job is not a good way even in private companies. If the facts are known after some time we may have to face severe consequences. As such I never recommend for applying for a job with the wrong information.
    If it is possible I advise you to complete the subjects and get the certificate. That will give you very good chances to have a better career.

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  • As you are an engineering drop out student so for all practical purposes your academic qualification will be taken as class XII only. Anyway, do not take it as a retarding factor for your future career because there are numerous instances and cases in our country as well as all around the world where dropouts became the great entrepreneurs and showed their real worth to the society.

    You have many options ahead and it is only the hard work and persistence of achieving your objective that matter now in bringing success and satisfying career in your life.

    Your present experience is in the banking sector and what I will suggest is to go for some diploma course related to banking and commerce ( like - 1 year Diploma in Banking & Finance and 1 year Diploma in Accounting and Finance) which can give you more edge in getting a good job in financial and commercial institutions. These diplomas open scope for jobs like Credit and Risk Manager, Loan Counsellor, Investment Banker, Market Analyst, Financial Analyst, Tax Accountant, Financial Advisors, Finance Assistant & Accountant, Financial Consultant, Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant, Finance Managers etc.

    The most valuable thing today you are having with you is your 5 year experience in this sector and you have now to take the mileage out of it in getting a better job in the similar line.

    At this juncture do you see any possibility of completing your arrears of engineering? If so then though it is a bit late but then you can take advantage of your combined academic and experience strength to seek jobs also in big multinational companies.

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  • Siva , One question , What do you mean by "course completion certificate". All graduations are type of courses that includes engineering as well. So if you have done some course and got this job then you are eligible to get other jobs as well using same certificate. There are usually 5 attempts you get once you get backlog. If you can not clear still then you have to take same year admission again and start from beginning.
    So you still think about completing your engineering and same time look out for better opportunities as well.

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  • As stated by you, there were some backlogs in your engineering - course and unfortunately these papers could not be cleared and later you joined in Banking domain job and up till now you have completed five years of experience in the same area. Your exposure in this field will be rewarding some if you could add some diplomas or degrees in the related fields. Go in for the diploma in Accounting and Finance, Banking or Finance etc. In that way, your scope in this field will be widened.
    Though the qualification is the vital part in obtaining a job but enrichment of knowledge added with the experience would certainly nullify your deficiency in the area of education. You need to maintain consistency in your job related area.

  • Engineering degree course has a certain time years only to complete the backlogs, so its better to clear the backlogs even though its tough. Good you have completed the 4 years of education and obtained the Course completion certificate, if this is possible, its also possible to complete the backlogs. It will not be tough if you just have to focus a little more in education to obtain a boost in your career. Its not that simple to obtain a career with only course completion certificate, even though still you have achieved to a good heights in your carrier. Try solving the backlogs and once you obtained the Degree certificate( provisional certificate) that will boost your salary package.

    Stay in the job you are now, and try to give some time for study for your engineering course, manage the time, place of study obtain a good marks in the backlogs, that will keep you in peace of mind while working. Also obtain an M.B.A in Banking or finance, stay in the current job. This M.B.A will boost your package to a new heights. Staying in one career, with years of experience being as an expert in field will make your designation to a new heights too.
    Take time to study, use your efforts, Time management skills, enthusiasm to complete the backlogs. That will make you more happy that your are now. This will help you to get good job in the same field of banking domain in any other companies with excellent package.

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