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    Wishing to download Sindhu Bhairavi show in Tamil

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    My grandma wants to watch all the Sindhu bhairavi episodes but they are deleted from youtube. So is there any other platform to watch it on? I tried many different sites but none of them were legit and she was not able to watch.
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  • Sindhu Bhairavi which is a story of two friends – Sindhu and Bhairavi with diametrically opposite backgrounds was a popular serial in Tamil.

    Due to third party copyright infringement the videos of this serial were removed from Youtube and many other places.

    One can try it in the site where they archive many such videos, though I am not sure whether the access is there for it in our country or not.

    So the only possible way is to get a DVD of it from the market.

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  • Where can I get the DVD?

  • Sindhubhairavi DVDs are available in the market. Amazon may also be having it. You may get in any good DVD selling shops.
    They are removed from Youtube. But Raj TV channel online you can try watching this serial.

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  • DVD of Sindhu Bhairavi movie is available in Amazon online store for Rs 199. I am not sure whether it is same as the Sindhu Bhairavi serial. The theme of movie given in Amazon appears same as that of the serial.
    The link to Amazon page is -

    It is also available in Raj TV online and you can find out the price by talking to some cable TV operators who can login in the channel and find this for you.

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