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    Can Eye doctor give some suggestion

    Suffering from weak eyes and facing a visibility issue in a tender age of five years? Worried that this problem may continue at a later age too? No worries, scroll through this Ask Expert page and get advice from medical experts here.

    My daughter is 5 year old. Recently we checked her eye cyl no. It is -3.50 in both eyes. and + 2.00 sph in right eye , + 1.75 in left eye with Axis 180 in both eyes.
    Just want to know why my daughter eye is so much weak in this small
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  • It is always better to get a good doctor and go as per his opinion. I suggest you better show your daughter in a good eye hospital and get the treatment done by them and follow their advice.
    The main reason for this weak vision may be Refractive errors. The shape of the eye doesn't bend light properly. Refractive errors also can cause amblyopia. Nearsightedness is the most common in school-age children. The other problems may include farsightedness and astigmatism:
    Nearsightedness is poor distance vision. It can be treated with glasses or contacts.
    Farsightedness is usually treated with glasses or contacts.
    Your doctor might have suggested some glasses. Let the child use them regularly. Please get the eyes tested at least once in a year and based on the vision test please arrange to get the glasses changed. Over a period of time, the vision will become normal and there may not be any need to use glasses at that time.

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  • The eye is like a camera and while comparing one to one we find that the eye has one lense which focusses the image on the retina. The eye lense has a great capacity to adjust itself to focus for various objects at different distances from the eye and make a sharp image on the retina which is sensed by the brain through a network of neuro sensors and neuron chains. This is the ideal case.

    When a child is in the womb, due to various nutritional factors, hereditary factors, health of parents, nutrition during pregnancy etc sometimes it does not develop in perfect form and there are deficiencies which can affect the various body parts of the child and is manifested after its birth. Eye is also sometimes gets affected and it's shape and other features may not be perfect.

    Due to this the image formed on the retina of eye is not in focus and either it is slightly before it or after it. To correct the condition the eye doctor will either put a negative power lense or positive power lense in front of the eye to focus the image sharply on the retina.

    It is nothing serious but a geometrical arrangement to bring the image to a proper place so that the brain can sense it accordingly.

    Some people have good eyesight at the time of birth but due to malnutrition or other ailments their eye sight is weakened and they are also advised specs by the doctor.

    In case of any doubt or clarification one should visit an eye doctor for the remedial measures and other option of treatment for any eye related problem.

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  • There are many reasons of weakness of eye in small age. Some of the reasons are:
    1. Genetic problem. If any one parent has weak eye then there is a possibility of weakness of eyes in children.
    2. Different part develop in the different month in an embryo. And the maturation of eye completes in the last month i.e. in the 9th month of the pregnancy. If delivery takes place in the month of 7 or 8 then there is also a possibility of weakness of eye in the children.
    3. Sometimes diet may also affect the eyes.
    4. Lack of nutritious food at the time of pregnancy.

    So, these are some reason of weakness of eye in a small children.

    There is no need to be panic. It is common in the modern time. I will suggest to do the following:
    1. Visit the ophthalmologist at a regular basis.
    2. Try to provide vitamin A rich diet like radish, carrot, milk, egg, green leafy vegetables, etc.
    3. You can also give vitamin A tablets which are available at every medical store.
    4. If doctor has prescribed any medicine, please give it at regular time and visit the doctor as scheduled.
    5. Encourage you children to do every routine work and never try to discourage her in any manner.
    6. Also use simple glass instead to use photochromic glasses.

    I hope your daughter would be able to improve her eye sight as soon as possible.

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