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    How to improve eyesight naturally at home?

    Interested in resolving eyesight issues with home remedies? Want to know the best remedies to improve eyesight fast or any yoga exercises? Check out this Ask Expert page and get to know the best home remedies and yoga exercises to improve eyesight.

    Vision problems and wearing optical glass are now becoming common. Most of the children are wearing contact lenses too. The reason may be lack of natural food, addicted to junk food, spending more time on TV, phone and game screens etc.

    How to improve eyesight naturally at home? What are the foods to improve my eyesight fast?
    Is there any exercises or yoga to improve my eyesight?
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  • Vitamin A and some antioxidants like lutein are vital for maintaining the eyes healthy.

    Fortunately, these are found in many food items especially leafy vegetables and other vegetables and taking them regularly is beneficial for the eyes.

    The following are the good sources for these essential constituents of the eyes -

    (1) Carrots, spinach and other green vegetables like kale.
    (2) Animal liver, fish, oysters etc.
    (3) Cod liver oil.
    (4) Sweet potatoes.
    (5) Butter and other dairy products.
    (6) Zucchini, broccoli, red bell pepper etc.
    (7) Brussels sprouts.
    (8) Eggs.
    (9) Nuts.
    (10) Whole grains.

    One of the most important thing which many of us are not following is to not strain the eyes for long in one position and rather relax and break in between. The people using mobiles and laptops for long hours have to take a note of it that after every half an hour or so a short break is required to relax the eyes.

    There are some exercises in Yoga and our traditional knowledge where eyeballs are to be rotated and moved sideways to strengthen the muscles surrounding the eye but those are to be done under some trained physiotherapist only. However, please note that nutrition is one of the most important things and exercises alone will not suffice.

    These are the general guidelines but one should consult a good eye doctor for any particular medical advice for the eyes.

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  • The following are the ways to improve your vision naturally.
    1. Take more foods which will contain Vitamin A, C, E and Mineral Zinc.
    Carrots, red peppers, Strawberries, Sweet potatoes and citrus foods will contain the above vitamins and other required ingredients.
    2. Leafy green vegetables and eggs are good for better vision which will contain lutein and Zeaxanthin.
    3. Exercising and maintaining the weight will improve eyesight.
    4. Please maintain normal BP and sugar levels with good food habits, exercise and antihypertensive medication.
    5. Use protective eyewear. Sunglasses are good for maintaining the health of the eye. They will block UVA and UVB radiations from sunlight.
    6. Don't stare at the computer continuously. It is better if you relax for 20 seconds by viewing the objects which are 20 meters away for every 20 minutes of computer usage.
    7. Don't smoke.
    8. Keep hands and your lenses clean.
    These are the general guidelines for having a good vision. For any particular problem, you are advised to see a good eye doctor.

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  • First of all, one should ensure that there is no basic causative health issues. If spectacles are suggested by qualified doctor after examining,then they should be used as prescribed

    I give below certain other general guidelines which can be of general help in this regard.

    As said in some of the earlier answers, food rich in Vitmin A can be of help in the case of eyesight. In early days cod-liver oil or capsules were taken for this purpose. But for those who do not consume that, or do not like that, there are leafy vegetables which are generally used for our daily cooking. There are various varieties of spinach available locally and one can use them as per local use methods. In order to avoid boredom users can change the variety everyday, Even the"Moringa' leaves also can be used for various types of side dishes.

    Regular use of 'Triphala" ( preferably under the advice of a qualified Ayurvedic doctor) can be of much us in improving eyesight.
    "Suryanamaskar", when learned under a proper teacher and practised properly and regularly is an effective exercise in solving many eye problems and can improve eyesight.
    Proper care of legs especially the under-feet is crucial in eye care also. The feet should be protected from extreme heat and extreme cold. Feet should be maintained at proper body temperature. One should use proper footwear.Eyes should be given proper rest and kept clean and hygienic by periodically washing with clean normal cold water.

    The other things one can follow is to avoid very high bright light or very dim light for reading etc. Restricting time spent in front of a TV or computer, and using anti-glare aids.

  • Yes, you can use diet rich in vitamin A to improve your eye sight. The carrot, radish, all green leafy vegetables, are some example of food which are rich in vitamin A.

    Antioxidant is also very necessary for the eyesight. So, take the food which have antioxidant like tomato, eggs, paneer, cheese, milk,etc.

    Yoga is also beneficial for eye sight. Contact an expert near to you who will guide you for the same.

    Table tennis and badminton are the goods games to play for the concentration of eye and to improve your eye sight.

    But I will suggest you contact a ophthalmologist and consult him. What is your number? If number is less than there is a possibility of removing optical glass but if number is high then you have to wear the optical glass and also it is necessary to go for routine check up after every 6 months or as per the advice of your doctor.

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  • You can't actually improve eyesight with exercises. Eyesight declines because of the weakness because of it being short or long in cornea. This adjustment causes near or farsightedness. It is also a genetic ailment. And also lifestyle and stress upon eyes can cause bad sight. I have spectacles since when I was 4 years old. I was born myopic.
    Blue lights emitted from phones and computers stress corneas too much. Thankfully we have now got night modes and dark modes in majority of apps we use. These modes help us browse safe for long time. The same goes for many coated LED TVs that come with eye protection modes. Even spectacles nowadays are coated with UV protection coatings. With all these gadgets in their protective modes you need not worry much about eye being stressed. And the eye exercises often prescribed don't work because it is not the fault of eye muscles that your eye is going bad. Instead try to lead a non stressing life. Keep your distance from light emitting gadgets.
    Other than that we all know what foods we need to eat to keep vitamin A in check which is important for good vision. Since other members have already pointed them out follow them. On more advice is to stop staying up at nights a lot. That causes heavy damage to cells in eye. Then regularly check your sight every 6 months or so.

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  • Dos:

    1. It is good to take fruits like papaya,carrot,milk etc containing good vitamins from childhood.
    2.As grown we can take some good suggestion and training from Arvind asram located in Pondichery.
    3.Regular oil bath twice or at least once in a week should be taken.
    4.By consulting eye doctor or general physician, some vitamin tablets or tonics can be taken.

    Do nots:

    1.Continuous sitting before computer should be avoided
    2.Continuous meddling with mobiles should be avoided
    3.Seeing the welding sparks on road sides should be avoided
    4.Without consulting doctor no eye drops should be used

  • Other than the above tips and guideline for eyesight improvement, it is also heard from the elder's that consuming over salty item, shower with over-hot water and watching any over-bright object's can harm eye vision. So, prevention is better than cure, from these first.

    Though the curable for eyesight tips and guideline is given above with fruits and vitamin detail, one has to prevent the existing natural gift and enrich them by having proper natural food to enrich the organs.

  • If eye sight is too much decreased, it can not be improved just excercise or food. But during initial stages you can correct vision by using proper eyeglasses, healthy food and some eyesight improving exercise. To improve eyesight you should consult with eye specialist, who will check and suggest proper eyeglasses. Wear it daily and use eye lubricant.
    Now come to healthy food, eat foods rich in vitamin A, C. Include milk, curd, vegetables, fruits, pulses in your food. Amla, oranges, lemon, carrots, spinach, sprouts should be eaten regularly.
    Some useful tips can be followed:
    1. Use of correct glasses
    2. Drink plenty of water
    3. Use lubricant
    4. Avoid continuous watching TV or computer
    5. Do regular exercise
    6. Walking bare foot on grass in early morning is also helpful.

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