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    What is the difference between GM and Paleo diet?

    Confused between GM and Paleo diet plans? Want to know the major difference between the two and the suitability of each from person to person? Check this ISC page to know from our experts and decide which is the best diet plan for you.

    I would like to know the difference between GM and Paleo diets. I keep hearing from some of my friends that they are following either GM diet or Paleo diet based what is suitable for them. Looks like all of them who are following these diets want to reduce weight. But I want to how to find out which diet suits which person? What are the main differences between these two diets?
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  • The GM diet was introduced by the American automotive multinational, General Motors for its employees. The results of the diet are quite impressive.
    The Paleo diet is of the people of the Paleolithic era or the Stone Age with an aim to popularize agriculture and dairy farming.
    The GM diet is a 7-day diet. Each day the food to be consumed will be specified.
    Paleo diet is a streamlined diet for a long period. It is followed across a long stretch of time.
    The GM diet is good for the people who wanted to have quick weight-loss. It also improves your digestive health, with the increased consumption of fibre-rich foods and fluids.
    The Paleo diet will help you to lose the weight. It also helps you to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other health problems caused due to inflammation.

    The GM diet is spread across 7 days and each day recommends certain food types. Here are a day-wise food details

    Day 1 – Unlimited fruits (except bananas) and water

    Day 2 – Unlimited vegetables (raw, baked or boiled) and water.

    Day 3 – A mix of unlimited fruits and vegetables and lots of water

    Day 4 – Up to 8 bananas and 4 glasses of milk. vegetable soup and other fruits or vegetables can be taken if hungry. Drink lots of water
    Day 5 – About 283 grams of lean meat/cottage cheese, soy, lentils and 6 tomatoes with water
    Day 6 – lean meat/cottage cheese, soy, lentils with vegetable soup and water
    Day 7 – Brown rice with vegetables, fruit juice, and water
    The Paleo diet is a mix of protein-packed lean meats, eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and heart-healthy oils rich in unsaturated fats like olive oil and coconut oil. Processed foods, potatoes, salt, refined sugar, vegetable oils, dairy products, grains, and legumes cannot be eaten on this diet.
    The GM diet will suit both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians, the Paleo diet is satisfying to meat-eaters.
    GM diet is known to be an easy means of losing weight but chances of regaining the weight are more if you resume your regular diet. Paleo diet gives a long-term change in lifestyle and dietary choices. The benefits are far better and permanent
    The Paleo diet may lead to nutritional deficiencies of calcium and carbohydrates. They are to be made up with additional eating of vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
    I think the above information will make you decide on the type of food you want to follow.

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  • Both diets followed for Weight Loss purpose. GM diet stands for General Motors. This is a diet for those who has tried to loss their weight. This diet was originally developed by General Motors for their employees well being. GM diet plan is all about specific kind of foods everyday need to consume for 7 days for weight loss.
    Day- 1 Only fruits,
    with the exception of bananas, litchi, mangoes and grapes. Eat lots of watermelon, melon, pomegranates, apples, lime, oranges, strawberries and any other fruit that you like. Eat 20 times a day, if you want to, but only fruits.
    Day 2- Only vegetables.
    Begin your day with one boiled potato with a tea-spoon of butter. For the rest of the day, eat only raw, boiled or otherwise cooked vegetables without oil. Don't eat more than one potato for the day. You can eat cabbage, carrots, cucumber and other vegetables.
    Day 3- combinaton of Day 1 and Day 2
    you can eat fruits and vegetables of your liking, but no bananas or potatoes. do not forget to drink a lot of water.
    Day 4- Bananas and Milk.
    You have the freedom to eat almost six bananas and have up to four glasses of milk.You can even have the highly diluted,vegetable soup (tomatoes, onions, capsicum and garlic).
    Day 5- Feast Day
    you can eat sprouts, tomatoes and cottage cheese (paneer). You could also eat chicken or soya can have soup. Increase the intake of water
    Day 6- Similar to Day 5
    No tomatoes. and you can add a soup on this day too.
    Day 7
    This day you can have fruit juice, a bowl of rice or half roti, and any vegetable that you want to eat.

    It is important to Drink 12 to 15 glasses of water every day during the course of the diet. No fruit juices(other than day seven), tea, coffee or alcohol. You can take black tea, black coffee and lime water (no sugar).

    The goal of the paleo diet is to consume the same food groups as our hunter-gathered ancestors for weight loss. Foods include in paleo diet are Sea-food, fish, Grass - fed Meats, Free range eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Avoid processed foods like grains and sugar.

  • The constituents of GM and Paleo diets have already been given in details in the responses above.

    I want to add that any diet plan is basically based on two factors. First is to reduce fat and carbohydrates in the diet and second is to increase the fibre, nutritional foods and water in the diet. We should not follow a diet plan blindly. The need of a person or individual may vary depending upon his weight, ailments and physical activities. Though in absence of any knowledge one can go for these established diet plans but to get the maximum benefit out of it, one should consult with a good dietician who can customise the diet plan accordingly for the individual.

    Due to lack of sun light and bad life style many people are today suffering with osteopenia or osteoporosis. Restricting their diet to non dairy foods will deprive them from calcium. Like that, there are many conditions which are to be considered before designing a diet plan.

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  • What kind of GM are you talking about? GM also means genetically modified food. A Paleo diet on other hand is just everything that cave men could have eaten and is cooked(actually most paleo foods are eaten raw) in the same primitive fashion. Now both these diets sound ridiculous at first glance. But almost all bananas in the world that you eat are genetically modified. They are all just clones. GM foods have been around since 80s.
    Paleo diet though is a recent concept. It is the idea that by removing pesticides, fertilizers, additives and preservatives you can make your diet healthier. Most of paleo diet is just berries, fruits, vegetables excluding potatoes eggs, nuts, seeds, fish and meat. Salt, sugar, cooking oils etc are avoided.
    I do not support Paleo diet much because you will fall short of calories that way. A paleo diet is only good for reducing weight. GM foods on other hand are getting much harder to escape from. But no real cons have been reported about either. So you can follow any of these on your own discretion.

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