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    What are the job opportunities after PG in Mathematics?

    Confused about career options? Would you like to know about the openings available other than the teaching profession after you complete a Master's degree in Mathematics? Follow this thread to get an idea.

    I am Dhanalakshmi. I am doing my Master degree in Mathematics. I am totally confused about the career after my Master degree. I am not interested in the teaching profession. What are the other job opportunities? Is there any other job opportunities in universities other than the teaching profession? Please guide me.
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  • Career making is generally started early during school days when aspirations for a particular stream or line are generated in the mind. A student accordingly chooses his subjects and tries for the career line like teaching, engineering, medical, competitive exams etc. By that time he also knows his interests and aptitude which focus a person in a particular path.

    In your case willingly or unknowingly you have reached Post Graduation in Mathematics and now are not clear what to do. It means you did not have any firm aptitude or interest in your mind for your career.

    Anyway, let us not worry for past and now concentrate in the present and plan for future. First of all you asses your academic capabilities and your grading in the earlier classes and expectation in present course. If it is good go for some top ranking competitive exams in our country which will place you in the best of careers today. Why I am emphasising on your so far achieved academic excellence is because if you are having good grades you can expect to score more marks in these coveted examinations like Indian Administrative Services, State Civil Services, Baking Services etc.

    If you are not confident of your academic potential then you have other ways to select a career line by going for diploma courses in areas of your interest like computers, finance, management etc and then try to apply for jobs in various industries and organisations. There are other options like subordinate services in Govt establishments, Postal services, Railway services and openings in many public sector undertakings.

    Have you got interest in academic and theoretical research? If so, Mathematics is a great subject to pursue it and you can get a PhD degree which will make way for your applying to coveted institutes like TIFR, IISc, IIT etc of our country for further research work.

    Do not think that by doing PG in Mathematics your capabilities are limited. In fact there are many Mathematicians who are the best computer programmers today in the world.

    So you might have to go for some courses in finance , management or computer related fields before you apply to the relevant industries for jobs. Do not sit idle after your PG. Join any job even if it does not interest you. The reason is during a job you acquire many skills and experience which help you to get another job quickly. Sitting idle will be rusting the existing knowledge.

    Have you interest in business, marketing, transport and allied areas? These are the areas where degrees count less than the practical and common sense approach and many young people have carved a career for them selves in these paths. It is true that sometimes a single person can not start a business but you can join some group of people who are already innovating and enterprising in different areas and you can learn a lot with them. Initially hardships will be there as they will not be able to pay you much but later when the business makes a place in the niche market more opportunities and prosperities are generated and you can continue with them or think of starting something on your own.

    So consider different options vis-a-vis your capabilities and capacities to work hard and there is no reason why you can not shape your future career.

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  • Mathematics offers a huge variety of career opportunities. It is important to plan ahead and know about your options.
    1. Accountancy & Professional Services :
    As a postgraduate in mathematics, you can have a career in accountancy and professional services. It is a good area where you can make use of the skills you have obtained during your post graduation degree. The industry is huge, offering variety and great career prospects.

    2.The Actuarial Profession:
    Making mathematical and statistical modelling to predict future events that will have a financial impact on an organisation is a very important task. The actuarial profession offers a highly mathematical career and it is a rapidly expanding field.

    3.Investment Banking:
    There are many Investment banks which will offer financial advice and services to large corporations, governments and high-net-worth individuals. A career in this line is very growth oriented.

    4.Retail Banking:
    Retail banking provides financial services and products to individuals and businesses. There are many jobs in retail banking where you can utilise your mathematical knowledge.

    5.Engineering Sciences:
    you can use your mathematical skills to solve real-world, physical problems in Engineering Industry. Engineering Industry offers you such a career. The career possibilities are huge in this line of industry.

    6. Operational Research:
    The science of improving efficiency and making better decisions requires operational research. In an operational research career, advanced mathematical and statistical knowledge plays a very important role. These careers are very useful to improve the operations of organisations. We will find very good jobs in this line.

    7. PhD
    A PhD in mathematics is having very good opportunities in the field of research. After your M.Sc you can write the NET exam for a scholarship for doing PhD. Once you have a PhD you will get plenty of chance to work in the mathematical research area and you will get very good payment also.

    8.Statistical research:
    Mathematics postgraduates will also be considered for research activities in Statics. There is a very good scope in this line.

    These operational research, mathematical research and statistical research institutes are offering scientists posts and they all will be similar to you a job in a university. If you are specific about a job at the university, there are many non-teaching posts which will be given to any postgraduate or graduate. You can try your luck there.

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  • With Mathematics background you can try to appear for competitive exams like state administrative services or banking services and can score in the aptitude and logical type of question-solving. The only thing you will have to prepare for GK and English separately.

    As you have not interested in the teaching career, PhD may not be a good option for you. Still, you can think of some subject for your research related to mathematics in finance, accountancy and banking which may help you in getting an administrative job in financial institutes.

    There are some private consultancy and advisory services which hire people from management chartered accountancy and Mathematics background. You can have better career growth in such places.

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  • Recently you must have heard a lot of jobs opportunity in Data Scientist. This role required Math experts. So you can keep it in your choice options. Other choices of career are below.
    1. Acoustic consultant
    2. Chartered accountant
    3. Data analyst
    4. Investment analyst
    5. Research scientist (maths)
    6. Software engineer

    Many insurance and banking sector hires for Mathematics specialized graduates and Post graduates. Hope you can read job offers news papers and find out more.

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