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    Want to apply for masters abroad

    Aspiring to take up a job abroad after BCom and MBA? Wondering if there is a need to study for another MAster's abroad to get a job in an other country? Resolve your queries by scrolling through the expert opinions on this ISC page.

    I have a backlog in intermediate but I have done my B.Com, correspondence through recognized University and MBA in Marketing from Osmania University- full time and also a digital marketing certification course.
    Can I apply for another Masters abroad as I want to do Masters in Media Management or Media Studies.
    Will I be eligible to get a job in other country?
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  • You can apply for other masters abroad. You will apply for the course mentioned. The important thing is the actual requirements and procedures will depend on the university and the country in which you are seeking admission. So I advise you to browse the Universities in the country you are aiming at and apply for that as per the guidelines are given on the website.
    The employers who are looking to recruit students with an international qualification are increasing. If you are aware of the cultures of other countries and skills useful you will be given preference for recruitment. The Netherlands government is trying to retain students from other countries doing post-graduation in that country. Singapore is having the policy of Providing work opportunities to international students. Some countries like Canada, China, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand are having good plans to have more international students.

    You will have to work hard, be sensitive to local practices and get used to not having access to things you normally do. This will help you expand your horizons, culture and enhance your personal development.

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  • There are many countries like Australia, UK, USA and many European countries where you can try to apply for such a Masters course in your intended area of Media Management or Media Studies. Countries like Japan, Israel, China etc are also now encouraging foreign students to take education from there.

    Now a days universities have their own portals in the internet and one can visit there to see the courses available and other details regarding fees etc.

    Some of the universities will insist for an English language proficiency test before you land there. So you will have to complete that online from reputed sites in the net.

    Some of the places are cheaper from boarding and lodging point of view while others are costlier. So this aspect is also to be kept in mind when searching a suitable university and country for the purpose of acquiring Masters degree from there.

    Once you reach a country and complete your education from there then it so happens that you get a job offer there depending upon your performance in the degree or interview there. In such a case your Visa will be expended by the authorities and you can stay there as long as you have a job. If you do not get success in getting a job then you will have to come back after completion of your course as stipulated at the time of your admission in the university or college.

    If finance is not a problem then select a reputed institute so that you have more chances of getting a job in that country. Job position is relatively better in Canada and Australia in comparison to other countries.

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  • Can I also apply in these Universities if I have discontinued my Intermediate. But I have completed my B.Com from IGNOU recognized University and MBA from regular University

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