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    Admission my son to kendriya vidyala IIT Kanpur

    Do you want to know about the facilities provided by Kendriya Vidyalaya? Also want to about the pick and drop service and the type of. vehicle offered for this service? Our ISC experts shall respond to your query on this page.

    I want admit my son in Kendriya Vidyala IIT Kanpur. Can you tell me something about education and facilities like school to home pick and drop available at the school. If available also tell something about vehicle because my house is Nnkari new plot, in the back of IIT lab
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  • Kendriya Vidyalaya IIT Kanpur is situated in the outskirts of the city. The school building is naturally airy and lighted. .This school brings a very good competitive attitude in the students.
    The various facilities available in the school are.
    1. 45 numbers of classrooms which are very spacious.
    2. The laboratories are very well equipped for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There is a junior science lab also.
    3. There are three computer laboratories also available for the students and one mathematics lab also is there.
    4. A resource room is provided.
    5. A very good library is there.
    6. There are a cricket ground and a football ground.
    7. There is a Gym and an indoor table tennis court is also available.
    8. There are a volley Ball Ground, Basketball ground and Lawn tennis court also.

    But Kendriya Vidyalayas are not having the provisions for transportation of the students from the city. The students have to make their own arrangements for this.

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  • IIT, Kanpur is one of the leading engineering and research institute in the country and is equipped with all the facilities for the various engineering streams and scientific research programs.

    It is an established and reputed technical institution in the Northern part of the country. The details of infrastructure facilities are already narrated by other learned member in his response above at #153623.

    Regarding the transportation facility to and fro Kendriya Vidyalaya, you have to find in the school only because there may be some private pooling arrangement by some of the students coming from or through your residential area. If such a car pool or mini bus pool exists you can very well join it.

    Another way is to be proactive about it and with the help of school office you can put a notice on the notice board or any prominent place enquiring if any students are interested in a pooled vehicle from your side to the school. If you get a positive response you can hire a vehicle yourself and share the expenses.

    Sometimes when school does not provide transportation mode then we have to devise financially viable solutions for it.

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  • The school adjacent to the Institute IIT is a well established school having different resources such as excellent teaching faculty, the labs - both Physics and Chemistry are well equipped to carry out practicals uninterruptedly. The students can seek for assistance in case of any doubt by the experienced faculties. Apart from this, there is a computer lab for upgrading the basics of computers and the Biology lab provides the basic necessities of the students to perform practicals under the guidance of the learned teachers.
    There are excellent facilities of outdoor games such as volley - ball. Basket - balls and Lawn - tennis.
    The attraction of this school is due to conducive environment where study of the students is enriched due to learned faculties.
    The only draw - back facing this school is the lack of suitable transportation and as such the students have to make their own arrangements. The transportation - facilities can be restored with the selection of students of the neighbouring areas who will be interested to avail of such facilities. This would be required to be intimated to the school - management for the purpose of safety.

  • The official site of kendriya vidyala IIT Kanpur is here. Please visit it and you will find all answers of your query. Hope this will help you.

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