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    Shifting to SSC CGL from Junior Engineer

    Have a query about shifting position in the government job? Searching for detailed rules and regulation and whether it is a wise decision to shift to a lower position. Check out this page and decide further course of action.

    I am currently working as Junior Engineer in state Irrigation Department. I have been working for 2 years. But I'm not interested in that. JE is like skilled labour, all about managing everything and it is the lowest technical post.
    Would it be a wise decision? to shift to SSC CGL ? I have been chosen for the post of Assistant in Railways.
    Is this post good in all aspects?
    Or any other posts that is better than that?
    I don't want field job much.
    Moreover Assistant in Railways is good or not?
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  • The assignment which you are performing at this stage may not interest you because of the nature of the job. You are mostly engaged in the field work activities causing you distraction in carrying out this job. But take it granted any job though it may appear lucrative at the first glance, may not match with your liking if you are involved in the same job.
    What is needed from your end is the self introspection of the current situation. Take feed back from your senior colleagues who could explain the demerits and merits of the job with which you are entrusted. Be familiar with all the benifits such as promotion benifits, future perks and other privileges connected with this assignment. This will help you to overcome your negativity which is bogging you down with the prevailing job.
    As far as I know your working in the irrigation - department will be rewarding one and there will be ample chances of better growth.
    In case, you opt for Aasistant in Railway, you are joining in a lower position and this will take considerable time to achieve the post of executive where as you may enjoy the executive post in the next promotion.

  • Posting a question here itself a step to get a clearer idea of the thought you are going through. You are considering to shift fro your current job. Before that, you should go for a deep analysis. Take a pen and paper. Draw a comparison chart in which you can mention you are a point which will very helpful to come to a conclusion. You can start with the Salary, Posting, transfer policy, promotion policy, nature of the current job and the job you want to switch. The option of SSC CGL you are thinking of has many options. SSC CGL is a body which takes recruitment for a various central government post. Recruitment jobs for railway have been conducted by Railway Recruitment board. I would like to suggest you go through the last year recruitment notification of SSC CGL and Railway posts. This will definitely help to get a comparison chart and to make the right conclusion. Do not take a decision in haste. Give sufficient time to decide. After all, this decision will last long. It affects your life positively. Consult with your family and friends if possible visit the office of railway and central government where you can get knowledge from the candidate who recently joins the service. Hope this will help you,
    Thank you

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  • It is good that in spite of a difficult job conditions in the country you are already employed and have other options in hand. If you do not have liking or aptitude for a particular job and you are somehow pulling on with it just for your livlihood then this situation needs correction. It is said that a person can not be happy in a job environment which is not of his taste and liking and it will eventually hamper his career and progress in that field.

    Now you have also indicated that you do not want a field job. Let us consider other options as mentioned by you that is SSC CGL in general and Assistant in Railway in particular.

    SSC (Staff Selection Commission) CGL (Combined Graduate Level) exam is definitely a good proposition but one has to apply for it and qualify and get selected. There is always a big rush for it as it provides good employment in various subordinate services like Assistants in Ministries/Departments and Subordinate office of the Govt. of India, Inspectors, Auditors, Examiners and Assistant Enforcement Officers in various Govt offices. It is a good career as one will be in touch with the top Govt officials and can carve out a good future for oneself. Anyway due to some court enquiry going on in the results of SSC CGL 2017, the CGL 2018 exam schedule is delayed and confusion is prevailing in this regard. You might be aware of this. Please also remember that CGL is a multi tired long test and one should be able to cope up with its schedule during the tenancy of one's present job as one may require to take frequent leaves for attending CGL exam.

    From your details I presume that through some earlier CGL exam you have been now offered the Assistant in Railway post. If it is so and your posting is in Railway main office or Ministry then it is definitely a good white collar job as per your liking but if it is in traffic control or other technical side then it will be partially field related so you should decide to go for it as per those considerations.

    You have to find out from your present department regarding your career path in it and for how much long you will have to be in the field work and whether you will get some opportunity to shift to planning cell or other office related work. If a Junior Engineer in your department normally gets such a change of his assignment with time then you can again review your idea of changing the job. Please remember that all that glitters is not gold and sometimes we are mislead by the things which sometimes appear shining from far.

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  • I give below the details of the assistant posts in Railways.
    They get posted at the headquarters, which is Rail Bhawan in Delhi or at any other regional railway office across the country to undertake administrative work. The posting may be in big metro cities or urban-suburban railway offices. The duty will be mostly of clerical type and paperwork, files and records initially. They need not take any decision and their responsibility is limited to manage paperwork and forward the same to their seniors. They report to the Group A officers in the ministry. The workload and office hour are like any other government office.
    You will get a lot of benefits while you travel in the Indian Railway. An AC Tier 2 to and fro travel free anywhere in India and three passes for your family. For this passes you need to pay 1/3rd of the total ticket price. The ministry also gives a yearly bonus.
    The scope for promotion in Railway Ministry is god for the interested candidates. 9 years services is required to get promoted to officer level posts. The candidates who undergo departmental promotional examinations can go up to senior section officer level. Further, the candidates can get posted to the undersecretary, Deputy Secretary and Director Posts in the ministry.
    I have given the details of an assistant post in railways. You know the working conditions in the present job. You can decide based on your interest and other aspects.

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  • You are presently working as Junior Engineer (JE) in the State Irrigation Department. Quite naturally your work requires lots of field visit. As far as I know, the next promotion would be as AEN or AE (Assistant Engineer). Once you get your promotion, the filed visit will be much less. But I don't know, when will you get your next promotion and the promotional prospects in your Department.

    As this is a State Government job, it is quite natural that in Central Government job, the pay-structure and facilities will be much more at same/similar level. On the other hand, you are presently working in your home-state and you will always work in your home-state (under normal circumstances). But in the Central Government service, there is no surety that you would always get posting in your home-state.

    Due to a very good pay structure and comparatively better promotional avenues, SSC-CGL has become very lucrative. The competition is very tough. The topmost successful candidates get the posting as ASO. Fewer successful candidates get posting as ASO in the Railway Board in New Delhi(and remember, not as per your choice in Zonal Railways). You can't be sure that you will get the chance of being selected as ASO in Railway Board.

    Considering the above factors, please take the decision and start preparation for SSC-CGL. But it is also pertinent to state that many positions (which are filled on the basis of SSC-CGL) are transferable in nature even in smaller cities and require frequent field visits.

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