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    Confused between GATE and job

    Confused about what to do after engineering? Want to choose between GATE and work experience?Check out this Ask Expert page where our experts shall advice you so that you can make a judicious decision.

    I have completed my B.Tech CSE in 5 years. I need a well paid job. Should I go for GATE? Or should I just start searching for job?
    I am thinking to qualify GATE and get into a good college, but as I have heard companies do prefer B.Tech graduates over M.Tech. I do not know if I will be able to grow enough in a below average job that I do now, or I will be better off and get a well paying job (if I get any) after
    Will doing be beneficial or getting job experience will be better?
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  • After completing B.Tech either to go for M.Tech or to get a good job in public sector organisations, GATE is very important. A good score in GATE will ensure you a seat in a good college for doing M.Tech. At the same time many central government organisations and research organisation giving jobs based on the score obtained in the GATE. So I suggest that you should concentrate on the GATE preparation. So join in a good coaching centre and prepare well for getting a good score.

    While preparing for your GATE go through the advertisements and if there is any notification for a good job in a good organisation you can apply for that. Your preparation for GATE will help you in faring well in the interview. If you get the selection you can join in that. Many MNCs encourage their employees to go for higher qualification. After putting 2 or 3 years experience you can plan for MBA either full time or even distance education mode from any IIM or any good business school. That will help you to grow fast in your career.

    If you want to go for a job in the industry definitely 2 years experience will count more than M.Tech. If you want to go for a teaching job you should think of M.Tech.

    Now you can decide based on your interest.

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  • Firstly you have mentioned that you completed your engineering degree in 5 years that means you seem to be an average student. So I would recommend you not to go for GATE as it's not easy for you to clear the exam with good percentile. It is better for you to search for a job.

    Fresh engineering graduates get a good job usually and if you really want to go to the public sector then you have to sit in GATE and according have to come in the merit list. Also if you have an interest in teaching field then you have to Mtech for which clearing GATE is compulsory. Some of the premier MBA institutes prefer good GATE score, also preparation for GATE enables you to prepare for IES.

    So if you have a confidence that if you can clear it then you should appear otherwise search for a job.


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  • Today the job condition in our country is awfully bad and only those students who have a very good academic score in engineering or GATE or M.Tech. are being hired by big and reputed companies on campus recruitment basis. So everything is now connected to your percentage or score.

    Another thing is please remove from your mind the notion of mediocre job and average job or good job. Any job which gives you opportunity to gain experience is a good job as you will not be staying there for more time as everyone in the industry today looks for greener pastures elsewhere.

    If you anticipate a good score in GATE or M.Tech. then only think of pursuing that otherwise go for a job and gain experience which is very important in today's scenario.

    As you have done from CSE stream you have options of going for diploma in many good areas of this stream like networking management, artificial intelligence, data base management, ERP packages and many other emerging fields which will equip you for better and focussed job hunting.

    You can appear for the entrance exams conducted by many PSUs for their executive appointments as the engineering graduate has a good chance to qualify there. Have you ever thought of appearing in competitive examinations at the state and national levels for Administrative, Banking and Railway sectors. Though the competition is tough there but it is worth to consider.

    You are an engineering graduate and you can join some like minded people and can start your own consultancy or business by raising loan from the banks for start up of business operations or alternatively you can join an already existing venture as an apprentice to gain knowledge and tricks of the trade.

    Do not shy away from the initial hiccups which today everyone is facing after completing the education. We have to face them boldly and remember there is no substitute for hard work.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Certainly a good percentile in the GATE will offer bright opening for the aspirants if they are sincerely interested to persue M.Tech with a premiur institution. A high scoring in the GATE are also preferred by the employers of the industries where they will give special preference to such aspirants having qualified GATE with a high scoring.
    In your case, it appears that you had been an average performer in the semester - examinations causing a year delay in completion of your degree.
    Hence, you may take up certain advanced diploma in the field of networking, oracle, ERP etc. You may choose any one of the modules depending upon your interest. Such acquisition of diplomas along with your B.Tech degree in computer - science will enhance your chances of employability in IT sector. Ensure that you are doing your diploma from a reputed institution such as NIIT or APTECH.

  • You need not consider GATE as the alternative for exclusion. Not this or that. You can attempt for GATE as well as searching for job. You can appear for GATE even when you are in a job. GATE is useful not just for M Tech admission, but many companies, take GATE score as a parameter or eligibility for job candidate evaluation .

    It is always better to get a job as early as possible than remaining unemployed. A job gives more self confidence and window for acquiring some practical skills. Remaining in the job, you can appear for GATE and then decide future course leisurely and with more confidence if you are getting eligible score in GATE.i

  • As you are an engineering graduate, you have chances of getting jobs but only thing is they may not be commensurate with your expectations. In any case my suggestion is to go for a job even it is an ordinary one. This will give you a breathing space in today's crowded environment and encourage you to work hard for an early switchover to another better job.

    GATE option is also good but the question is about getting a respectable score there without which that will be a defunct qualification.

    You can consider to increase your knowledge by certificate or diploma courses in your core line so that chances for getting job in that bacome easier.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Since you are Computer engineer and still not working , It is better to spend time on competitive exams like GATE. If you still have interest in technical then only go for GATE. If you are interested in Non technical then go for CAT , CET and other exams like XAT,MAT and SNAP etc. Now GATE needs absolute focus as it is very technical. Choice of good college will make sure your placement for sure. So when you are preparing GATE look out for job which are off campus. If possible join coaching centers which offers placements. You also keep option of doing MS outside if money is not problem. But right now you should start searching job.

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