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    Need advice regarding what to after BCom and a break of 2 years

    Wondering what to do after a 2 year break after BCom? Looking out for the best courses or degree or a job? Resolve your worries by scrolling through this Ask Expert page where you can get answers for your questions.

    I have done B.Com 2 years ago and currently I am doing nothing. I am confused and need help.
    I am planning to prepare for SSC and other exams.
    Firstly I want a job along with above exam preparation so which job should I pursue?

    Secondly should I do other course like CA, ICWA considering the 2 years gap period where I have literally done nothing and will I be successful?

    Thirdly should I do ITI and is it useful and if it is what is the best field to pursue?

    And Lastly is there are there any other better things to do>
    Is there any quick job that I can get?
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  • There are many options before you. The choice should be yours based on your interest.
    You wasted 2 years without doing anything useful. It is a big mistake. The gone time will not come back. So without wasting any further time take a decision and go forward. The following are the options.
    1. As you have already completed your B.Com, you can think of getting a B.Ed degree. It is a two years course and chances of getting a teaching job will be high. So you can think of this option.
    2. As mentioned by you can think of doing ITI in a good trade which will give better chances to get a job in some or the other private organisation. But the pay scales will be less and growth will also be less.
    3. Immediately you can start applying for clerical jobs in various banks and government organisations. You can join in a good coaching institute and get the coaching and prepare well. You will get a job in these organisation. The pay scales and promotion careers are very encouraging in this field.
    4. You can try in any private organisation as an office assistant and try to put up some experience. It will help you in going for better jobs.
    5. Try to do some computer courses that will give you good chances to get a job in private organisations.
    6. There is a mention about CA, ICWA. You can do that even after 2 years gap also. But it is very time-consuming. But if you can finish that you will have very good chances to earn after putting up some service with a senior person.
    7. You can also try for a teaching post in any private school. But payment will be less and the workload will be more.
    8. Another option is to go for MBA and completing it with good rank from a good institute. Once you complete this you will get good jobs.
    Finally, the decision is yours. If I were in your position, I will try to get a seat in B.Ed and complete that and go for a government teacher post.

    always confident

  • From the question, I feel that you are very confused about career choice. You are thinking to join Government service by qualifying competitive examinations conducted by SSC (an why don't you try the examination conducted by other recruitment agencies?). This is a real tough job and requires very serious and focussed preparation for at least six months.

    On the other hand, ITI students can work as technicians in different industries. Are you game for it?

    Thirdly, becoming a CA or ICWA is also very tough and I know that the best students in Commerce stream try to become CA/ICWA.

    You have to take a firm decision and the decision may be taken very quickly as you have already wasted 2 years. So, you don't have much time.

    So take a decision on building your future career and seek guidance accordingly.

  • First of all I will suggest you to forget about the 2 years gap after B.Com. It was a bad spell and let it go as the bygone time. We can not retrieve the lost time in our life so let us now see the present and plan for future.

    You have already done B.Com. so instead of diverting to other streams, focus in your core area and go for some diploma in financial, accounting or commercial activity so that you can get a job in the industry.

    Some of these courses are -

    (1) Business Accounting and Taxation Course - This a course which can prepare you to apply for openings like Account Experts, Account Executive, Taxation Executive, Account Manager, Commercial Manager etc.

    (2) Cost accountancy Course - After this course one will learn how to prepare budget, do cost management, do performance evaluation and asset management within a company or organization. Cost accountants are required by all the organization and this course is useful for job point of view.

    (3) Risk and Insurance Management Course - After doing this course one can apply in insurance industry. It prepares the students to identify, analyze, and manage risks that are inherent in the operation of institutions. The students also learn about property, health and life insurance.

    (4) Diploma in Banking & Financial Services - This course is basically designed to help students to understand the professional side of the banking and finance and helps in securing a job in the finance and banking industry.

    The above mentioned courses are available in many educational institutes in one form or other and are good from job point of view.

    Though your core area is commerce but if you have an apprehension that you may not perform well in this line, due to your academic deficiencies best known to you, then please note that you may have difficulty in pursuing other streams also as hard work and serious efforts are required in each and every stream in this world.

    Theoretically, there are various streams like B.Ed., Competitive exams of national and state level, Banking services, Railways, Postal services, PSUs, Private companies, Transport sector etc but there is no point in wandering from one to another. Whatever appears to you feasible and within your capability stick to that with determination and focussed approach.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The time already wasted is not to be thought so seriously at this juncture but think of the options which can be taken up for your job prospects. I am enlisting a few choices and hope you may appreciate the same.
    1) There are lot of demands of commerce graduates in Higher Schools where the teachers are engaged to impart commerce - education to the interested pupils. To get a post in Government High School, you need to acquire a B.Ed degree from a recognised university.
    2) If interested for the Management - course, prepare for CAT so as to get seat in IMM. Choosing the stream of Finance - management or Human - resources will land you job in multinationals.
    3) You can prepare for the competitive tests so as to be absorbed as Probationary offices of the private such as ICICI, Axis - Bank, HDFC etc apart from Nationlised - banks. With your better preparation with the guidance of the renowned institute, you can crack the test and enter into the Banking jobs as executives.
    4) look out for the advertisement of the jobs appearing in the Newspaper where there are vacancies of lot of clerical jobs in Railways, LIC, state - governments, private - firms etc where you can apply and can get a chance upon your satisfactory performance in the interviews.
    5) Prepare for the CA examination. This calls for the total devotion to achieve success in the said examination. Of course, assistance from professional institute will help you to get success in the final examination.
    6) Think of preparation for the UPSC examination so that you are ultimately selected as IPS or IAS. Develop your skill in English - speaking, keep in touch with the news of latest developments happening in around our country apart from international events. Prepare the course module as per guidance of an established institute. Remember that the rate of success in this examination is abysmally low and hence guidance of a professional institute may help in achieving success.

  • You have not mentioned your score of B.Com. There are many places where applying itself will require 50% marks in one's graduation.

    Did you have liking and aptitude for commerce stream or you have just done that as it came along your way. This is important to know because if it is not your cup of tea then there is no use to pursue it or the associated streams.

    In that case, teaching can be an easier option but you will have to complete B.Ed. for that. You can very well try the competition exams leading to various types of subordinate services though they are very tough as there is large rush for them.

    One option is you can join some small job in industry or private companies without much bothering for the emoluments and then trying your choice courses in evening classes or correspondence mode. Now a days many qualified people are stuck with small jobs till they get a suitable opening somewhere else. By joining a small job you get to know the real practical world around you and gain faster experience which is really very helpful for further plans in the life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • First of all, forget that there was a gap of 2 years you finished your B.Com and here are the answers to your questions:

    I want a job along with above exam preparation so which job should I pursue?

    Like science students commerce students also have lots of job options and there are :

    Accountant, store in charge, stockbroker, tax consultant, banker, lecturer, teacher, layer, insurance or financial consultant, administrative job, human resource and many more but you will have to prepare well for the interviews you give to get selected for the posts in the companies.

    Secondly, should I do another course like CA, ICWA considering the 2 years gap period where I have literally done nothing and will I be successful?

    Yes, you can prepare for them but to get them clear you need to work very hard. Remember it takes years for people to become CA.

    Thirdly should I do ITI and is it useful and if it is what is the best field to pursue?

    No, I won't suggest you do ITI as you will get a very low salaried job by doing it. People who do ITI have options to get work in private companies but they get a very low salary for that.

    And Lastly is there are there any other better things to do.

    I have already answered your this query. Additionally, I will suggest you start your own business as that will be better.


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  • You should have done masters in last 2 years. Now plan to complete masters first. If you are good in study then only try for CA since you must know percentage people clear exam every year. There are not many jobs except clerical work for B.Com. but look for jobs in local news papers of employment and appear there. Also give banking exam to be in competition. Best is to look for government job opportunities as it only need graduation. Don't spend time on ITI, It is late now to d ITI and earning in there would be less than banking job. Many insurance companies also hire for commerce people for sales. That is also good option to start with.

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