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    Botany related questions based on Algae

    Studying Botany and stuck up in the topic of algae? Want detailed information about various types of algae? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Can give me note on the life cycle of nostoc , vivid, Chlamydomonas, coleochaete, oedogonium, volvox, vaucheria, chara.
    Can you send me the pdf of the note?
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  • I found a book called "Textbook of algae" written by O.P.Sharma. I searched for the topic you asked and found it there. You can get that book on Google books. But you will have to buy it since there is no ebook available. You can still read the whole book online using google books. If you don't want to then take screenshots.
    But there is another book called "Structure and reproduction of algae" by Felix Eugen on that will serve your purpose.

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  • Text books and other reference books written on Algae are available online and after reading their review and summary given there one can decide which one to buy. Some of them are meant for students and researchers alike and are a bit costly.

    Some of these books are -

    A Textbook on Algae - by Springer
    Textbook of Algae - by O. P. Sharma
    Algae - by Linda E. Graham
    Algae: Anatomy, Biochemistry and Biotechnology - by Laura Barsanti & Paolo Gualtieri

    Meanwhile for basic concepts you can download a free ebook in pdf format - 'Concepts of Botany Algae' from the site where you can click to menu 'biology books' and then submenu 'botany books'.

    As regards to making notes do not simply copy from the text books but consult it from 2-3 sources and make them in your own language and understanding. If you follow this you will have better scoring.

    Another important thing is your notes should be exhaustive and balanced and should not cover only a few aspect. For example you have to give the habitat of the particular algae - the environment where it grows: is it river or lake or marine. What it extracts from the host on which it thrives and what it delivers back. What are the main chemical reactions these algae are capable to carry out out say like photosynthesis. What are their nutritional or medical values, if any.

    So going by this way you will be able to structure your notes in best of scoring mode.

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  • A general classification of algae is into nine broad taxonomic groups. They are called Divisions. They are called.
    1. Chlorophycophyta
    2. Xanthophycophyta
    3. Bacillariophycophyta
    4. Phaeophycophyta
    5. Rhodophycophyta
    6. Chrysophycophyta
    7. Euglenophycophyta
    8. Cryptophycophyta
    9. Pyrrophycophyta.
    The first five Divisions are distinctly plant-like organisms. The remaining but the others have some animal-like characters.
    For further details, you can refer the following links.

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