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    Which is better a resale row house or new flat in tower?

    Confused between buying resale row house or a new flat in a tower? Looking out for information regarding the pros and cons of both? Check out this page and get answers form our experts here.

    Nowadays there are almost same price of resale row house and New flats. Recently came across a flat of 1250 sq.ft with price of 1.3 cr and resale row house of 1500 sq. ft with price of 1.4 cr. Now what is best deal in this? Resale or new home? Also buying resale row house what things are should be careful about?
    Note row house is in township of other 200 row houses.
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  • Row house is an independent house with a common compound wall with the neighbours. It is an independent house. The land cost will be more for an independent house. The resale value of these houses will be high and we will get prices.
    The resale value of Flats is not as high as in independent houses. The land on your name will be less. Many facilities are to be shared by all the residents in that campus.
    Both are having some advantages and disadvantages.
    A Flat will be safer and you will have more neighbours and life will be like a life in quarters. The common area maintenance and other common issues will be there. The residents should have a better understanding of co-residents. Privacy will be less in these flats.
    An independent house will be completely yours and you can manage as you like. There are no common matters with anybody. We need not compromise for any issues. We can go as per our capability and interest. But safety is an issue here. You can't lock the building and go out for tours and other places.
    So all depends on the interest of the individual.
    Initially, I have purchased flat and later on, I purchased a row house and shifted to the new house. I feel a life in the independent house is much better. But we have to make some arrangements to take care of our house when we go out of the station,

    always confident

  • The choice has more to depend on one's likes, dislikes and choices.
    Row houses are usually not high rises and have o vertical rises, with more than two floors. So an average flat will generally have minimum two portions or more touching in common with another flat. They are the ceiling/foor, side walls etc. Some people do not like having more common portions. So many flat builders advertise as minimum common walls or nil common walls. Such constructions will be more costly as they have to use more space.
    But row houses can have mostly maximum two sides common, but that can still give a feel of 'enclosed' or 'sandwiched'. But given all other parameters like same area, cost, locality etc being almost same, I would personally prefer a row house. This is because; in flats there is always a possibility of toilets/bathroom leaking. Similarly the utilities like drains etc depend upon the use style of other flat residents and we have to bear the brunt of it one way or other ( Of course nowadays the residents are aware and know about community living and inter-dependence)

    In flats as the ground is shared by all the vertical growth, the 'per flat undivided land share' is very minimal in comparison with a row house of similar usable area. In some row house constructions, sometimes the house owner has the ownership of land also. In that case it is definitely more preferable than a flat, as the land value goes rising at a fast pace.

    Unlike ina row house or flat, living in an independent house has the one plus point-that is we are independent. But in that case we have to face single handed everything and find solutions. In flats or (even in certain row house community living) there are other residents who are all, jointly managing the affairs.

    Whether you buy a flat or row house in resale, you have to ensure that the documents of title for the seller are without any problem. The construction has got all statutory permissions, and there is no due to any government bodies, the land title is clear and unencumbered. You have to make sure that there are no cracks and leaks and the seller has not 'hidden' any seepage marks etc. Then you have to ensure about water and drainage facilities.
    If the row house has independent ownership of land, if the walls of each house are practically separable for needs of any maintenance or reconstruction, if there is permission and freedom to do re-constructions, the buying a ro house is far better than buying a flat. If the row house is inside a gated colony, then there is no concern of privacy and security also.

  • Many people come across this situation in their life and of course it is a personal likes and dislikes which are instrumental for such decisions.

    The row house is just like an independent bungalow where one can have undisturbed and peaceful life as compared to the hassles of a flat in a tower. One can enjoy the gardening and horticultural hobby if one has a passion for it. Those who like pets can manage them in this independent house. The rooftop is a big facility in a row house and can be used for multiple useful purposes. If required additional rooms can be annexed on the back or additional rooms can be erected on the top. Children can also play in the front or the sides of the house and need not to go to the park or open spaces near the tower. Row house has some space for parking in its side where one small car can easily be placed. So there are many plus points in a row house.

    If the row house is old, one should check its integrity as there are ample chances that it might have gone structurally weak during the passage of the time and for renovating it some substantial expenditure will be required and that is also to be discounted while taking a decision for going to buy it. Generally people buy old row house with an intention of dismantling it and building a multi-storeyed house.

    On the other hand a flat in the tower is not as open as the row house and some people will feel like in a cage while living there. From security and community living point of view it is a good choice as the compact construction of the tower gives it added advantage of being safe and secure. There may be some difficulty in parking of the vehicle as the available slots are generally exhausted on first come first serve basis. The flat will generally be cheaper than the row house and it has a quick resale option as one has to wait for the row house selling till a prospective buyer is available.

    So there are pros and cons for both the options and one has to use one's prudence to make a correct decision.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are a few points to be considered prior to taking up a decision of purchasing a row house. The points are have been listed below.
    1) First of all , consider the locality if the basic facilities like grocery, health - centre, markets and schools of an appropriate standard are available in the vicinity, the purchase of such a house would be worth - while.
    2) Consider the point when the row house was constructed since with the progress of the time, the structure weakens and the life of the same can be assessed by an architect.
    3) look out the papers connected with the house carefully and it would be still better to have a consultation with the lawyer.
    4) Row - house provides better safety, comfortable life - style and maintenance of secracy where as such aspects are hardly visible in the flates except the first point where safety angle seems to be much higher because of deployment of security personnels.
    5) In case, you want to move somewhere during vacation, you need to deploy someone taking care of your posessions lying in the house.
    6) Resale - price of the row house is always higher than that of flats.
    Now a few points goes in favour of flates - occupation.
    1) On price front, the purchase price of a new flats should be cheaper than the row ones.
    2) You will get neighbours of your choice if you are interested for it.
    3) Better safety - arrangement due to security personnels.
    4) One need not bother unnecessarily in relation to cleaniness, sewerage, plumbing, electrical - faults or supply of water in the flats since there is a committee to look after all these aspects for which the occupants of the flats have to pay minor fee allocated for this purpose.

  • According to me the row house is best than an apartment. There is a sale value in later stage at least for the land in case of row house.
    Demerits of An Apartment:
    1. In apartment, you are the owner of a vacuum as all sides are common to neighbors.
    2. You cannot do any modification once you occupied in case of apartments.
    3. The hefty maintenance charges everybody forget in case of apartment.
    4. For even parking a cycle in front of your house has to be got approved.
    5. You can use your open terrace only with the permission of Association and co owners

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