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    Confused whether to choose B.Tech or B.Sc

    Confused of choosing Science and Engineering? Have a look at this ISC page to clear off your doubt and our experts would give you the better suggestions for a proper career planning.

    I am going to complete my 12th standard in 2 months. I love science. I want to become a Scientist in Machine learning and AI.

    This is where the problem comes. Some say, "Choose B.Sc-M.Sc-P.hd" and some say, "Choose B.Tech-M.Tech-P.hd"

    Becoming a scientist in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is my dream.

    I don't know what to choose! Help me out!
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  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are emerging as a prosperous and challenging areas in the field of science and engineering.

    It is good that you have a passion for this area and you want to make it as your career. For such a pursuit in ones life the science stream as well as the engineering stream look alike but there are some subtle variations based on which I will recommend you to go through the engineering mode.

    One of the main reasons for this is increasing use of advanced software algorithms in these areas and sky is only the limit. So it will be beneficial if one does ones engineering degree in computer science and later can specialise in AI or related areas while pursuing the M.Tech etc.

    As you may be aware that a large number of students today are lining up for the upcoming opportunities in the area of science and technology and due to this there will be and in fact is, a cut throat competition everywhere to excel and progress ahead in the desired path.

    It is therefore required that the efforts and hard work to the commensurate levels are to be done with a focus in the area where you have an aptitude to excel. Do not only confine yourself to the syllabus in your engineering course but you have to keep your eyes open up to the top world class journals and periodicals in this specialised branch so that you can keep updated with what is going on in the industry and how to take mileage out of that in your studies or research work in the longer run. In essence, what I am advising is a full time commitment to your aspirations and ambitions.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This should be one of your path,
    B.Tech in Instrumentation Engineering -> M.Tech in Robotics Engineering -> Ph.D.
    Analyzes your study in 12th score because engineering is all about math. So many students quit in between. If you are feel comfortable for in B.Sc. then prefer that route.

    Life Is Beautiful

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