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    Confusion about GST number assigned to the company and individuals

    How could we differentiate the allocation of GST No. between individuals and a company? have a look at this ISC page to know more about it from our Experts.

    I want to know from the expert about the GST registration number. Is the GST registration number is the same for the firm and the individual person who is the sole proprietor of the firm. Can an individual get GST registration number? What are the basic rules for the GST?
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  • GST registration number is a very interesting format devised by the tax authorities. It has a total of 15 digits/ letters in it and in between the PAN card of the individual or the company is assimilated.

    Let us see the details of these 15 digits/ letters in a GST number -

    The first two are for the state code. For example the state code for Maharashtra is 27 so any GST number registered here will start from 27. Another example is Earlier Andhra Pradesh has GST code as 28 but after the formation of Telangana (which is given the code 36), the new Andhra Pradesh is now assigned the code as 37. State code is important in GST system because it tells the source state and the state where supply is delivered accordingly either CGST and SGST will be charged or IGST alone will be charged. This is the IGST thing which comes often in the news that it is to be divided between the centre and state timely.

    After this the next 10 places are for the PAN number of the individual or the company as the case may be. You may be aware that PAN number is 10 digit long.

    The next place (13th) is for entity code. Suppose a company which is already registered in a state for a particular business wants to register for another business in the same state then the entity code will be made 2 from the earlier 1 so it will give a quick idea about how many different businesses a company is doing in a state.

    After this the next two places (14th and 15th) are for check digits to be exercised by the tax department for default and checksum values. Anyway we have not to bother about them time being.

    Knowledge is power.

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